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Best Vegetarian Foods In Neopia

by saphireblue3


"Vegetables? Yuck!" you may exclaim. The audience doth protest too much! Abandon the image of a plate of smelly brussel sprouts from your mind. If you are skeptical about the taste or quality of vegetarian foods, then please take a seat and continue reading. You may be surprised! There are virtually endless ways to enjoy plants in your diet, not only vegetables, but also fruit, grains, and legumes.

Some may not realize it, but there are many vegetarians living in Neopia! Illusen, a lover and guardian of Neopets and petpets, is a vegetarian; in fact, all of the items prepared for her special day are vegetarian. And so are Fyora's, both of which you can find samples of in this article. Chombies, Cybunnies, Ixi, Unis, Koi, Kaus, Quiggles, and Moehogs are often known to enjoy vegetarian foods, Chombies being the most well-known for it. Many veggie dishes have been prepared in honor of their species day. However, it is not limited to only a few Neopets; even Grarrls may have vegetarian items on their menu.

Vegetarian foods comes from all corners of Neopia. A large majority of healthy dishes may arrive to your Neohome from the Health Food Shop, where hundreds of vegetarian entrees are sold daily. However, one may also find delicacies hailing from Faerieland, Maraqua, Shenkuu, and Tyrannia.

So whether you are an adventurous eater, a lover of tasty foliage, trying to watch your figure, or just soft-hearted, this food list is for you! In no particular order, I present to you the best of the best vegetarian items in Neopia:

Kacheek Fruit Salad Sandwich

This wonderful yet strange dish combines fruit with sandwich! Between white bread, you can find sweet berries and fruits with tchea sauce on a bed of lettuce. Fresh, sweet, and enough to save for leftovers... The perfect food for fruit lovers and for those who like to eat dessert before dinner.

Whole Garden Fresh Pizza

This pizza is perfect treat for Unis, Kaus and others who love grazing. This is an excellent vegetarian treat, it is covered in delicious and flavorful pesto sauce and spinach. The defining feature of this pizza is certainly the tiny edible flowers.

Korbat Tofu

While some may shy away from dishes featuring tofu, there really is no need to. This cute little piece of tofu has been fried in a light coating of batter, crunchy on the outside yet soft and delicate on the inside. Then it is covered in a sweet mixture composed of mirin and soy sauce, and finally topped with chives and grated ginger. Endearing, healthy and delicious at the same time? You can't go wrong!

Vegetarian Fyora Day Taco

This tasty taco is prepared using magical vegetables and special ingredients only found in Faerieland. Prepared in celebration of Queen Fyora, this taco features a unique purple salsa served over beans, rice, lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes in a crunchy winged taco shell. Don't let this taco float out of your grasp!

Mighty Grarrl Burger

"This vegetarian burger is shaped just like a Grarrl's head." The king of all veggie burgers! In place of meat, this burger has a massive black bean and vegetable patty sculpted into the shape of a menacing face. It is packed full of protein and fiber, sure to satisfy any large appetite, even that of a hungry Grarrl.

Veggie Lasagne

A delicious vegetarian alternative to meat lasagna! Creamy b├ęchamel sauce, vegetable bolognese, tomato sauce, and a hearty helping of steamed spinach between layers of pasta. It is sure to delight pasta lovers and picky eaters alike.

Dargil Meat

This very strange fruit from Tyrannia may look like the drumstick of some strange animal, but it is not actually meat at all. Surrounding the blue flesh of the fruit is a rather hairy outer layer, which must be first peeled away in order to eat the inner layer. There is even has a bone-like stem that extends into the center of the fruit. Dargil Meat is widely regarded as an exquisite and rare treat, and is featured in gourmet dishes such as mince pie. Most people compare the texture to that of a very blue chicken.

Mighty Vegan Cheese Log

Yet another "mighty" item on our list. In place of cream cheese, the inner layer is a smooth blend of blanched almonds, chives and firm tofu, with a crunchy outer layer of chopped walnuts. This Christmas treat is savoury, creamy, and goes well with a cracker platter - but do not take its status as a appetizer lightly. Revered for its strength, it has been known to cause delight to taste buds, as well as unconsciousness.

Vegetarian Meat Pie

Another holiday favorite among vegetarians, this meat pie is very reminiscent of mince pie or meat pie. Even those who are not vegetarian are able to enjoy this as a main course, as the description reads, "you just can't believe there's no meat in it". The flaky and buttery pastry is filled with soft lentils, vegetables, and marinated tofu covered with hot vegetable gravy.

Cybunny Carrot Burger

Most vegetarian patties are made from rice, beans, tofu, or vegetable protein... But not this one! An interesting take on the vegetarian burger, this carrot patty is made almost entirely out of - you guessed it - carrots. It is a delicious low-fat treat for carrot-lovers and burger-lovers everywhere.

Savoury Grundo Veggieballs

These cute little heads from Grundo's Cafe are strange, but don't knock them before you try them. Salty, meaty and soft; each veggie ball on the plate has a slightly different flavor. If you don't mind the questionable ingredients (and perhaps some cafeteria leftovers), these are the perfect vegetarian option for anyone who finds themselves hungry in space.

Pate A La Kelp

A new take on traditional pate from the five-star chefs at Kelp restaurant. A delicious and smooth mixture of mushrooms, olive oil, almonds and walnuts, this underwater treat is garnished with fresh underwater vegetables such as seaweed.

Vegan Turkey Dinner

The "turkey" roast is made of seasoned tofu and seitan, slow-roasted with vegetables and a savory spice rub. Inside is a mushroom and wild rice stuffing. And of course no turkey dinner would be complete without a serving of sweet cranberry sauce! On special holiday occasions, this dish is a favorite of vegan and vegetarian pets across Neopia.

Spicy Tofu Satay

BBQ lovers rejoice! These lengths of extra-firm tofu have been seared to perfection on the barbie, and then coated in a burning-hot spicy sauce. With a strong smoky flavor and a chewy texture, these kabobs are high in protein and sure to satisfy large appetites. There is also a less spicy version available, simply called "Tofu Satay".

Vegetarian Pizza

This vegetarian pizza is perfect for parties, families and pets with large appetites, as a single pizza has up to six servings. This pizza is healthy, but certainly not unappetising! Topped with basil leaves, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes and onions, it is full of flavour. Even the crust is infused with spinach to give it a green colour.

Illusen Day Hot Dog

This 100% vegetarian hot dog was specially made to commemorate the soft-hearted guardian of the forest, Illusen. The hearty veggie sausage is surrounded by a bed of wild herbs and vegetables gathered from Illusen's glade, carefully nestled in a whole-wheat spinach bun. This one is for true veggie lovers.

With that said, I invite all my fellow Neopians to go forth and feast upon all of the delicious and healthy vegetable-laden treats that Neopia has in store! :)

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