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Top Ten Gifts List Countdown

by amalia_x


Also by golden_power3

Seeking a gift for a very special person or a great Neofriend and can’t make up your mind as to what to buy? Worry no more! Two experts have compiled a list of the top ten gifts which will be sure to make anyone’s day, and save you from any unnecessary agonies. With these gifts, you cannot go wrong – be it for a special day or to surprise someone. The items in the list cover various price ranges, suitable for everyone. So, without further ado... We bring you the Top Ten Gifts List Countdown!

10. Candy Bouquet

Everyone loves candy, and everyone loves getting flowers as presents – so this is a two-in-one combo! The flowers are sweet and come in various fun flavours – including Melowhirl and Roseatte – and the leaves are also edible! Anyone with a sweet tooth will fall in love with the flower lollipops in the wink of an eye. They come in a glass vase shaped as a heart, which makes the whole gift even more adorable. Beware, though, for the heart-shaped vase is prone to break if handled without care!

9. Silver Heart Charm Bracelet

Now you can not only give someone your heart once (metaphorically), but three times! This lovely bracelet in silver will speak for you. It is adjustable to different wrist sizes and will guarantee a great smile from whoever receives it, with its chiming sounds when moved. It might be true that most girls prefer gold, but there is always one who will be completely mesmerized by this beautiful piece of jewellery. It is not a cheap gift, however, and not the best one yet – keep reading!

8. Dark Chocolate Hearts

This one is for chocolate lovers, with hand-made dark chocolate shaped into hearts individually. The texture of the hearts is smooth and they are absolutely delicious. If you want to show you care, this is the way to go – nothing can look more meticulous and time-consuming than artisanal heart chocolates fitted in a hand-painted pink box with white stylized hearts on it. The box with chocolates weighs one pound and is therefore quite efficient to transport. You would not want to walk a long distance with it, however, or ship them to places like the Lost Desert or Mystery Island, since that could cause the chocolates to melt and turn to muddy goo.

7. Ruby Heart Pendant

The veracity in the name of this item is uncertain – could it really be a ruby, that big? The cheap prices make it even more disputable, but its sellers guarantee that it really is made from pure silver and large accurately-cut rubies. Real or not, the heart-shaped ruby will look beautiful on just about anyone. The silver chain readily reflects any light that shines upon it, bringing out the bling of this pendant even more. The bright red colour to the ruby will draw in whoever it is you are gifting, and make them very glad to get this is a gift.

6. Heart Shaped Box of Toffee

Some people don’t like candy, and some don’t enjoy chocolate all that much, but we don’t think we’ve ever heard of anyone who didn’t appreciate toffees! This gorgeous red box is wrapped beautifully with a pink satin ribbon for an even prettier finishing touch! This is the ultimate gift of delicacy, for someone you care about very much, for the toffees taste amazing too. Their softness and sweetness will show whoever you give them to that you are really good at finding the perfect gift and have chosen it carefully. Keep your eye on the expiration dates, though! These are sophisticated and might not last as long as you hope they would!

5. Golden Heart Necklace

This necklace earns fifth place on our countdown for possessing the most important characteristics of a great piece of jewellery: it is simple, sleek and swanky. The stylish golden pendant on its own is enough to make it worthy of mention, but the whole design makes it a great piece. Anyone with a good taste for accessories will surely love being given one of those as a present, and see that you, too, know a thing or two about jewellery. As it is made in pure gold, it will not rust or cause allergies, so enjoy!

4. Silver Heart Box of Chocolates

This nicely-confectioned box is shaped like a heart, and features an adorable Aisha on the front. And if that is still not cute enough for whoever it is you are trying to surprise, the square chocolate bonbons inside are absolutely delicious – they come in white and milk chocolate, all with a creamy inner filling. These succulent treats are sure to make anyone beg for more! Just be careful if you’re placing it inside another container for transport – you wouldn’t want to spoil those bonbons!

3. Bottle of Love

Sometimes, the best gifts one can get are those which serve only as souvenirs, as they cannot be used or worn away – they will be there forever. Sometimes, too, these souvenirs are entirely useless, but have an enormous emotional value. If you want to send someone something that they will keep forever, and which will mean the world to them, get them this beautiful glass bottle filled up with hundreds of red paper hearts. You might also want to write cute little messages into each one of the hearts, but it might take a good number of hours. Show someone special that you really do care with a great number of hearts – and even if the glass does break eventually, the paper hearts cannot be disfigured so easily!

2. Gold Valentines Ring

This dainty ring has the perfect combination of gold and diamonds, merged in its exclusive intricate design. Not only will it look graceful and delicate upon anyone’s finger, it will cause quite some jealousy among their friends! This is the right gift if you want to show someone they really are special – special enough to own such a perfect piece of jewelry, which is sure to make them extremely satisfied – and may also prove to be an opportunity to show off your great taste for jewellery. Though it might not be very cheap, its price is certainly fair for the quality of this accessory, which might as well be amongst the finest in Neopia. And surely, you would like to give something special to someone even more special, correct?

1. Three Red Roses

It is said that three red roses stand for the words “I love you”. If you really do like someone very much, and wish them well, this might be the best idea for a gift. Is there anything more romantic than three beautiful red roses? We think not. So be sure to save this as a gift for the most awe-inspiring person you know! Be sure to protect whoever it is you are gifting from the roses thorns, however.

Alternatively, if you would rather use NeoCash for a similar gift, we would like to suggest Gift of a Single Rose. A single rose can be used to signify devotion or admiration. The Gift of a Single Rose, is, however, a retired NeoCash item, and therefore you will probably have to trade other NeoCash items for it if you don’t have it already. Good luck finding someone who will be willing to part with such a beautiful gift!

Whatever gift you decide to buy for that person you’ve been thinking of, be sure that your intention is what is the most important – don’t forget to send them a neomail along with the gift telling them how much you appreciate their friendship! Thank you for reading through our countdown list and enjoy gifting!

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