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Toddlers' Treats: A Guide To Feeding Your Baby Neopet

by mrs_cherish


With nine types of jarred baby food currently available in Neopia, ranging from healthy Avocado Baby Food to the delicious treat of Lemon Meringue Baby Food, feeding your baby Neopet a varied, healthy diet must be simple, right?

Unfortunately not, as many exasperated baby owners now know all too well.

At three meals a day, that's twenty one meals in just one week. Nine choices don't provide very much variation at all, really.

And that's assuming your baby even likes every flavour. I know I'm not the only baby owner out there who can't get my baby to swallow a single spoonful of Chokato Baby Food without it being angrily spat back in my face.

I'm sure we'd be pretty grumpy if we had to eat the same thing over and over again, too. So it really is no wonder that many of us face a huge toddler tantrum every meal time.

But fear not, baby owners of Neopia!

Time to wipe that expelled baby food out of your eyes and wave goodbye to the same old boring meals.

I've taken my beloved baby Usul on a culinary tour of Neopia, sampling food from every land in a bid to find more tasty options for our toothless tots. Here's a list of some of the interesting toddler tidbits we found!

Azzle Sauce

Category: Tropical Food

Approximate Price: 900 NP

Description: With its fruity but unusual exotic taste, this is the perfect thing to offer to a baby that is often bored with their dinner.

Often used as a condiment, the texture of this sauce is so smooth that even the youngest of babies should have no trouble chewing this tropical delight.

Score: 7/10

Three Layer Hummus

Category: Altadorian Food

Approximate Price: 1000 NP

Description: This delicious dish is great for babies that like a little variety in each meal. My baby loved digging down into the bowl to discover the new flavours further down. Healthy, tasty and fun.

Score: 9/10

Asparagus Yogurt

Category: Gross Food

Approximate Price: 5 NP

Description: Eugh! My little Neopet actually seemed to like the taste of this, but then again he also likes to eat dirt. However, it gave him a terrible tummy ache that lasted the rest of the day, so I really wouldn't recommend giving this to your baby.

Score: 2/10

Plain ol Rice Bowl

Category: Exotic Food

Approximate Price: 400 NP

Description: After that Asparagus Yogurt, my baby needed a little something to calm his tummy, and this plain rice was just the ticket. He did find it a little bland and tasteless, but it is certainly a good, safe choice for a tot with a delicate tummy.

Score: 6/10

Organic Grapefruit Yogurt

Category: Healthy Food

Approximate Price: 1000 NP

Description: Now this is a much better way to eat yogurt! Just one of the delicious and healthy varieties of yogurt available from the Health Food Shop. This was my baby's favourite flavour; he really enjoyed the light zing of the grapefruit.

Also available in Organic Melon, Strawberry and Plain.

Score: 8/10

Bowl of Mushy Peas

Category: Food

Approximate Price: 2500 NP

Description: This might not appeal to all babies, but if yours seems more partial to Avocado or Pumpkin Baby Food than the sweeter alternatives, this Bowl of Mushy Peas is a safe bet for your little veggie-lover.

These peas are usually served piping hot, so please be cautious and be sure to allow them to cool before feeding them to your baby.

Score: 6/10

Milk Shaved Ice

Category: Snow Food

Approximate Price: 6800 NP

Description: The familiar milk flavour makes this shaved ice a sure-fire success with little ones. Guaranteed to cool them down on a hot day, but be wary of greedy babies giving themselves a brain-freeze!

Score: 5/10

Turnip Gruel

Category: Medieval Food

Approximate Price: 850 NP

Description: This thin porridge from Meridell doesn't look at all appetising, but to my surprise, my baby Usul really seemed to enjoy it.

However, it does contain chewy turnip lumps, and so might not be suitable for very young babies that have yet to get their first tooth.

Score: 7/10

Thick Creamy Porridge

Category: Medieval Food

Approximate Price: 1000 NP

Description: A good alternative to Turnip Gruel, this has a thicker but smoother texture, and is suitable for babies of all ages. However, my baby found it very bland.

Score: 5/10

Chocolate Eclair Paste

Category: Space Food

Approximate Price: 900 NP

Description: This food in a tube was a lot of fun! My baby enjoyed squeezing this gooey paste out of the tube himself and, of course, he loved the chocolate eclair flavour (who doesn't?). It's very messy, though, so if you're particularly house-proud, you might want to feed your baby this one outside.

Score: 8/10

French Onion Soup

Category: Healthy Food

Approximate Price: VERY EXPENSIVE!

Description: Do you get the feeling that your little darling would better appreciate the finer things in life?

Then set your little connoisseur on the path to the Gourmet Club elite with this delicious soup. His first gourmet meal will be an experience he'll never forget... although you might want to carefully consider the size of your bank account first. Exquisitely tasty, but not worth the price, in my opinion.

Score: 6/10

Brain Stew

Category: Spooky Food

Approximate Price: 39000 NP

Description: I bought this on the advice of a Halloween Korbat... and I shan't be taking his advice again. My little Neopet took one look at this gruesome feast and burst into tears, and wouldn't stop crying until I took it away. What a waste of Neopoints!

Score: 1/10

Pear Jelly

Category: Jelly Food

Approximate Price: 5 NP

Description: With a sweet but mild pear flavour, this fruity jelly makes a great treat, although it isn't very healthy, so I wouldn't advise giving it to your baby as a meal on a regular basis.

We bought this for a very reasonable price in the Neopian Marketplace. I wonder where it came from originally?

Score: 5/10

Pink Mashed Potatoes

Category: Faerie Food

Approximate Price: 250 NP

Description: This Faerie Food was an instant hit with my little one. The unusual pink colours and pretty sparkles attracted his attention immediately, and his little face lit up as soon as he tasted the light, fluffy mash. With its unusually sweet taste, this dish looks and tastes more like a sweet treat than the nutritious meal it really is. My little one wolfed down the whole lot!

Score: 10/10

These are just a few of the foods that my baby Neopet really enjoyed on our excursion, and I hope we've given you some ideas for how to expand your own infant's culinary horizons.

Remember, it doesn't have to be specially made for babies, as long as it's soft and easy to eat.

There are hundreds of foods out there in Neopia for you and your tot to discover, just stay away from those Gross Foods or they might end up with a poorly little tummy!

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