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A Dash of Good Neopian Karma is What We Need!

by led_zeppelin_rock



Firstly I'd like to say...

Good Karma is a brilliant thing. If that didn't get your attention, the rest of this short article will!

Drama in Neopia!

...Many Safety Deposit Boxes are getting close to weighing tonnes! Chocked full of items which we hardly look at, and will likely never use! There is always another Neopian out there who needs these items more than what we do.

Now, these Safety Deposit Boxes may be made of the highest quality metals to protect our items, but new studies have shown that contrary to popular belief, metal can expand, and is doing so, causing our Safety Deposit Boxes to stretch, bend and stretch, almost to the point of breakage! Eeeek! This is causing a real debacle for Neopian Scientists... What to do, what to do?! Not even the crew in Moltara can think of a solution to this terrible issue. Finneus is lost for ideas... Many great minds have given their verdict, and it's not looking good... :-/

Well, I believe I have the solution! Little, modest me!

After much pondering, deliberation, frustration, and a few of Hubert's Hot Dogs, my mind finally released forth a winning solution which we are all capable of...

What I would like to see, and have wanted to for years, is a Karma system based around donation numbers. I believe this is a great way to showcase and celebrate players' goodwill, and desire for the retention of item value in our brilliant game. Also a great way to clear out those unwanted, or not needed items which are causing great distress for those who care for our Safety Deposit Boxes.

Giving and receiving is already a prominent part of game play. But let's make a big, positive deal of those who do it frequently to better the plight of others.

I believe that the healthy donation of items needs to be celebrated. Sure, it is great to have a stock of 15 Petpet Lab Maps in your Safety Deposit box, but if you wish not to sell them, or to use them for their intended purpose, they are only sitting there gathering dust! Imagine another player, or a Neofriend who would love one of these to help them along in the game. Donation + A deserving recipient = Good Karma. We like it. :)

We can all donate items! There are a lot of new players who have a great supply of Rockfish in their Inventory, and simply do not know what to do with them... What a waste of space! Why not donate to somebody else, and increase your good karma! Who knows, your neighbor may be collecting these for some odd collection, well, each to their own and all... Why not help him along? You don't need them, and I certainly don't want them either!

The Forever Empty Meridell Rubbish Dump: Every time I pop over for a visit, it is empty. I believe that many players are hanging on to their items, regardless of use, value or... anything else, instead of giving them to others. You'd think the recession prevalent in that place over yonder, called "The World" has spread over to us Neopians, much like the plague!

What is the use of the Money Tree, the Second Hand Shoppe, and the Meridell Rubbish Dump if we are not going to use these beautiful places to their full purpose? If we don't use them, they may eventually disappear... :(

Karma: What is it?

Karma is something good that comes to you, for doing something good for somebody else.

Tell me more: How will this work, and why should I wish to support this idea?

Initially, it requires a bit of 'arm twisting' for those who understand the finer details of Neopia (cough cough... TNT!) to create a Karma based system relative to how many donations we make. This could be number or percentage based, and it all depends on how many items we donate on a regular basis. If we really want to have some fun with this, TNT may even increase the number of "Something Has Happened... !" events to those with high karma. Even more reason to keep the economy moving, and the rest of us donating! Yay!

Secondly, this benefits each and every active Neopian as it encourages players to keep playing, increase their opportunities of SHH's or random events, and boost their player stats.

I think this is also a great additive to our User Pages. You can always tell a nice person by their good karma!

Also, a happy pet loves a generous user. Good karma may also reflect on our pet's happiness, yes?

Donations, and Me:

As a daily player who is still finding her feet, I choose to donate as much as I can afford to as I believe it is vital to donate and circulate items to keep the value of such items steady. However, there are those out there who donate an awful lot more than I do, and are in a position to. I believe that these dedicated players who are in a position to donate readily, should be celebrated for their goodwill. I believe that a karma based system is a fantastic way to do this.

This is only a tiny idea at the moment, for a tiny addition to our already vast playing system; however, I believe it is the missing link that is needed to keep players active, and to fill the grey area between gaining items, and then donating them. Let us assist in keeping the Neopian economy steady, and keep the value of our fantastic items which TNT have put so much work into creating and keeping.

Let us celebrate ourselves, others, our generosity, and give to those who deserve it most. Good karma - It helps you sleep at night!

Author's note: I invite conversation regarding my points in this article. Please feel free to message me with your ideas, opinions, and more! Please remember that this is only one person's opinion which hopefully reflects that of others. If you disagree with this, please keep it nice, and mature. :)

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