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Feeding Time - Rocking Your Way To 'A Meepit! Run!'

by boscoemax


Alright, so you've tried time and again to get that coveted 'A Meepit! Run!' avatar, have you? Played for a long time on Meepit Juice Break to get it, but just can't see to get it in your clutches? Maybe you've gotten close, but fell short of an impatient meepit desiring juice. Well, read my guide here and maybe it'll help ya.

My name is boscoemax, an avatar collector and a gamer. I'm here to offer you help on your way to getting a high score in the game and an avatar. While I can't guarantee you'll get it on the first try, this guide may be useful for you over practice and time.

As you start the game, here's a quick thing for fun- click on the eye of the hiding green meepit on the front page of the game. Our beloved guy in the orange shirt will show up. Now that that bit of humor is over, start the game. When the pop-up before the game tells you your requirements to move on to the next stage, type in 'meepits' before you do anything. This will give you an extra life, so you start out with four lives instead of a mere three.

In the first couple of stages, you can take your time to try to get as many pipes as possible connected before you feed the meepit- but make sure you keep an eye on the meepit's timer! Get as many pipes connected as possible- and if you get ALL the pipes connected and feed the meepit before the timer goes out, you'll get a fifty point bonus along with the points for all the pipes and meepit being fed- and as a note, try to feed the meepit the color of juice it desires. If it gets a different color, you get only one point for each pipe you connect. However, for the correct color, two points per pipe. Might not seem like much, but it adds up.

As we move into rounds where you now have not one, but two thirsty meepits demanding juice, and less time to feed them, stop worrying at this point about getting the fifty point bonus. Just try to connect as many as possible like the above and get it to the meepit. And if you get two meepits of the same color or you're in a rush, connect their pipes so they both get juice at the same time. The point value of the pipes depends on the meepits you fed.

Here's how it works: in connected feeding, the individual meepits' points stack. If one meepit is given the correct juice, but at the same time, the other meepit wants a different color of juice, you'll get three points per pipe. If both are happy, four points per pipe. If neither are happy, two points per pipe. Simple, no?

Continuing on, keep using these steps. Once you get to three meepits, depending on the round and timer for each, you have a few things to do here. You can connect all three feeders and a system like the above will occur when you feed them for haste in feeding, or you can quickly feed each one at a time, but this one has its setbacks. While you're feeding that one meepit, the other two meepits have their timers continuing to drop. By the time you're done with the second meepit, the third one could have ten seconds more or less left to give it juice, and this could lead to a lost life! This can be easier to avoid if you feed two meepits or more at a time, then feed another. Do what works best for you.

Soon you'll find yourself with less and less time on the demanding little meepits' timers as the rounds go by. These are the critical stages you'll need to be quick on. At one point, if you don't feed a meepit within ten to twenty seconds, you'll lose a life! In these, in my opinion, the best way for you do make it through is: don't waste your time on how many pipes you connect, and just try to get them all fed at the same time if possible and with whatever color of juice- just so you don't lose a life. If in dire need with all meepits' timers dropping towards the bottom, instead of losing three lives, type 'juice-o-matic' at your fastest, and this will reset all the timers. But use it wisely- it can only be used once per game.

A smart tactic when this is all going on is pick one color that's the same as at least one of the meepits and feed all of them at the same time, so you'll at least have one happy meepit to add to your score. Eventually if you keep at feeding them, that score should reach the avatar point. But don't get too cocky. An occasional look toward the score is all you need- if you spend all your time staring at the score, you're likely to accidentally ignore some meepits. And keep with your tactics. Be patient, and it'll all pay off in the end.

Once you have that score, go ahead and send it as you desire or keep going for as many points as you can get. That spiffy (if not somewhat creepy) avatar is now yours. As an ending note, I tell you all this: I used these steps myself, and it still took me two weeks to finally snatch the avatar. This and many other game avatars take patience above all to get them. We all have our own ways that help us. This was just mine, and it helped me. Just keep trying, and you'll find with practice, this game will become easier and easier.

I thank you all for reading this guide of mine. I'd like to thank multiple guides I've read that eventually led to me adding them all together into my own way of doing it. Maybe this way will work for you, too. All I can wish you is good luck, have fun, and get that avatar!

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