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Holiday Humbug

by scorchio_girl55


It's that time of year again. The time of the Advent Calendar, lots of borovan, and holly jolly cheer... for most. If you're one of the many Neopians out there who become a humbug during the holidays then this guide is for you! Here are 8 easy steps to getting into the spirit of the holidays. After all, who wants to be the Grinch of Neopia?

Step 1: Festive Flavor

What's the easiest way to add holiday spice to your Neopia? Paint your pets Christmas, of course! Just about every species in Neopia can be painted Christmas (if your pet can't, please see step 2) and seeing their happy, bright, and shining faces every time you visit Neopia is just the way to perk you up. The best part is, if you decide to re-paint your pet after the holidays, many species have clothes that come with their Christmas looks so you can dress them up next year!

Step 2: Winter-fy

As you probably know, not every species can be painted Christmas, Lutari being a prime example. If you happen to own a pet that can't be painted, or like how your pet looks too much to repaint, TNT has done you a favor: customization! Be it a snowy background from Terror Mountain, a festive emergency water bucket, a holly tiara, mini christmas tree, or even a festive sombrero your pet can be the pillar of the holidays for your entire Neofamily; without having to buy a paintbrush! All of those items are a mixture of point and cash items so whichever you happen to have most of you'll be able to fulfill your holiday wishes easily.

Step 3: Little Friends

Is that still not enough to get you out of your Scrooge mood? How about getting a little friend for your newly painted pet? That's right, a cheerful petpet from Happy Valley is sure to help. From Felfs to Jinjahs, Raindorfs to Firs, these cuddly pals (though I'd advise not hugging the Firs too hard) will make festive companions to any Christmas pet, and are sure to get you in the spirit of the season!

Step 4: A Happy Hearth

What's better during the holidays than opening up the door to your neohome and seeing all your pets gathered around your Christmas tree? After adding a festive shade to your pets and their pets, the next step is to bring the holly-jolly to your home. TNT knows this and has supplied all sorts of decorations and trees to suit any home. Trees have been gathered from Moltara, Maraqua, Mystery Island, Terror Mountain, and many other worlds so you can keep the theme of your home through the holidays. They've even made a miniature tree for your petpets so no one in the family is left out.

Step 5: Over the River and Through the Woods

Yes, over the river and through the woods, but you won't be going to grandma's house; you'll be going to Happy Valley! Located in the valley beside Terror Mountain, this peaceful little town celebrates the holidays all year 'round, so if anyone knows how to get into the holiday spirit it's them. The snow covered shops, ice skating rink, and baby pets having snowball fights in the streets makes this place the epitome of a winter wonderland!

Step 6: Make an Igloo

What's most abundant in Happy Valley? Yep, that's right, snow! Snow has so many uses. It make ice cream, keeps food cold, makes cute accessories (so long as it doesn't melt), but most importantly it can make buildings! No, the cottages in Happy Valley aren't made of snow, but that doesn't mean you can't make yourself a little igloo. Don't know how to make an igloo? Well, you could always ask Mika and Carassa, the Chias with their famous garage sale held outside their igloo; I'm sure they'd be more than happy to assist other igloo-lovers. This building will come in handy in the next step!

Step 7: Snowball Fight

While you're in Terror Mountain, surrounded by mounds of snow, and after making your protective igloo, what's a better thing to do than have a snowball fight with your neofriends! You should immediately begin building up your armory once your igloo is finished. There are snowballs that are frozen, exploding, sticky, plushie, wet, poisonous, and even evil. Please note if you're planning on staying friends with those you are fighting, you may want to avoid snowballs that explode, can poison, or are made of pure evil. This author cannot be held accountable for any injuries those snowballs may cause. If you're planning on a all out snowball war invest in a few snowball wands, they create snowballs for you. Be wary, these are fragile. Once you've built up a respectable amount of ammunition, may the games begin! Win or lose, you'll have a fun time and feel festive while warming back up with a big mug of borovan.

Step 8: The Gift of Giving

If none of these helped you, why not try the classic way to get into the spirit: give a gift. Generosity is the whole point of this time of year. After all, the 25th is called the Day of Giving! Now when you give it doesn't have to be a Draik egg or plushie paint brush, something as small as a card and a 100 NP plushie will be worth much more if it comes from the heart. If you've already given your neofriends gifts, why not donate some food and books to the Money Tree? Surely it'll be put to a good use and perhaps a poor neopet will be fed because of you. Remember that when you give, you don't have to give anything that requires points. Volunteering at the soup kitchen, the pound, or even spending time helping newbies feel welcome are all worthy causes. Giving is better than receiving, and will give you the warm fuzzy feeling inside that is the holiday spirit!

Happy Neo-Holidays!

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