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Jhudora: The True Story

by wiseowl1


"Jhudora," called out Malexa. "For today's quest I want you to get me an Ice Scorchstone."

     "But they only sell them in the Hidden Tower!" said Jhudora. "How am I to afford one?" Jhudora was a Dark Faerie with little money to spend.

     "Who ever said that you had to pay for it?" Malexa grinned evilly. Malexa was a Dark Faerie who runs Malexa's Quests. It is run in Faerieland right above the Healing Springs.

     "Please don't tell me that you're asking me to steal the item from the Hidden Tower!" said Jhudora, eyes wide with terror. Malexa nodded. "I could never! I'll be banned from Faerieland forever! That is if Fyora doesn't kill me first!"

     "Listen, do you want to get your prize or not?" questioned Malexa.

     "I do!" responded Jhudora. "But I would never steal from our Queen!" Malexa rolled her eyes.

     "Okay, you know what? Fyora doesn't deserve to be Queen," stated Malexa. Fyora gasped at the comment, afraid of what Malexa might say next. "You know what I'm asking of you. I know you do. You must destroy Fyora!"

     "Sure…" replied Jhudora. She walked out of the room. I would never do anything to harm my Queen, she thought passionately. I should go consult with her. She would know what to do. Jhudora started to run towards the Hidden Tower.


     "Oh yes, go consult with your Queen," said Malexa who had been watching Jhudora through her Crystal Ball. "I'll be waiting." Malexa disappeared in a puff of dark purple smoke.


     "Excuse me miss, but where are you heading to in such a rush?" asked a Police Chia.

     "To find Fyora," responded Jhudora simply. The Chia looked at her as if to continue. Jhudora sighed. "Sir, I'd love to stay and chat, but this is extremely urgent! I must tell Fyora this!"

     "I'm sorry, but that can't be done." Jhudora looked fretful.

     "And why is that?"

     "She went to a council meeting in Terror Mountain. I think she said in the Ice Caves."

     "Thank you," said Jhudora.

     "You're quite welcome…" replied the Chia. Once Jhudora had left the Chia started to laugh. The Chia morphed into Malexa. "The Ice Caves. Humph. By the time she's gotten through the icy torment she'll realize that Fyora has been in her castle all of the time. Of course she'll only realize this if she's still alive." Malexa started laughing.


     Meanwhile Jhudora was trying to find someone to take her to Terror Mountain, but she had no luck.

     "Never!" responded a Gelert when she asked if he could take her. "You're a Dark Faerie! I never do anything for Dark Faeries!" Jhudora frowned and walked away.

     "Is there anyone who would be willing to take me to Terror Mountain?" she asked loudly. A small Aisha looked up straight into her eyes.

     "Well, I suppose I could take you," replied the Aisha. She smiled at Jhudora and Jhudora returned it. "Oh, my name is Zeida by the way. And you are?"

     "Jhudora," she replied.

     "Jhudora… pretty name. Anyway, let me show you the boat. Follow me."


     Malexa sneered. "Okay, so maybe Jhudora did find someone willing to take her to Terror Mountain. There is still no way that she could possibly get to the Ice Caves though. It's impossible!"


     "Wow!" exclaimed Jhudora. "This is an awesome boat!"

     "Thank you," said Zeida. She smiled. "I did the paint job myself." The boat was painted a beautiful shade of dark purple, and across the side it said The Faerie Haven in a lighter shade of purple.

     They stepped into the boat, and Zeida picked up the paddles and pushed off from the ground. The paddles were the same shade of light purple as the writing on the side.

     "Zeida, how did you get the boat to glide so nicely?" asked Jhudora.

     "Actually my sister, Frisa, built the boat. I just painted it," Zeida replied smiling. "I wish I knew how she did it though. My past few boats were nothing like this. No gliding at all."

     "Wow," said Jhudora. She smiled and looked up at the sky. "Ooh, what a pretty sunset! At Faerieland they look nothing like this."

     "Yeah, I think it must have something to do with the reflection off the sea. In Faerieland you can't see it unless you look off the top of the Hidden Tower." Then you can see a bit of it."

     Oh, Fyora! I almost forgot why I was going to Terror Mountain! Jhudora thought. I wonder if I should tell Zeida why… Well, maybe later.

     "There's Terror Mountain," said Zeida. Jhudora stood up for a better view. "Isn't it beautiful?"

     "It's so pretty," replied Jhudora.

     "So, where are you heading in Terror Mountain?" questioned Zeida.

     "Oh, the Ice Caves."

     "Let me guess. Malexa?" Jhudora nodded. "Go figure. I hate her quests. She makes you get some of the hardest things."

     "Yeah, I know what you mean."

     "You know what? I think that you'd be better in her position," began Zeida. Jhudora looked at her queerly, and she continued. "Think about it. Jhudora's Quests. It has a nice flare to it."

     "It does, but I would call it Jhudora's Cloud. Sounds better, don't you think?" questioned Jhudora.

     "Oh, why yes! It's very groovy!" responded Zeida. They both laughed, and then Zeida paddled her way into the harbour. The two of them hopped out, and Zeida tied the boat to the deck.

     "So, this is Terror Mountain," said Jhudora.

     "Yeah. Hey, do you want some company to the Ice Caves?" asked Zeida.

     "Uh, sure," replied Jhudora. This will be something that Malexa won't be anticipating upon, thought Jhudora. Plus I don't think that she'd attack me around someone else. This will work! This must work.


     "No!" exclaimed Malexa. "She can't have someone helping her! That might lead Jhudora to tell the Aisha about why she needed to come, and then the Aisha might tell her that Fyora has been in the Hidden Tower all this time! Oh great." Malexa stamped her foot down on the ground. "Everything might be ruined! I can't let my plan fail! Scratch that; I won't let my plan fail. She'll regret ever making that move."


     The two of them started up the path to the Ice Caves. Jhudora and Zeida talked some, and then Zeida asked the question that Jhudora knew had to come.

     "So… Exactly what do you need from the Ice Caves?" questioned Zeida. Jhudora drew in a deep breath.

     "Okay, see I need to find Fyora to tell her something, and some Chia from the police force told me that she was here at some council meeting," replied Jhudora.

     "But she isn't…" said Zeida.


     "She isn't here. Just a few minutes before I said that I'd take you to Terror Mountain I was up at the Hidden Tower talking to Fyora."

     "Malexa!" exclaimed Jhudora suddenly. Zeida looked at her queerly, so she continued. "I think that the Chia that told me that Fyora was here was really Malexa, but she had morphed into it so I'd think that Fyora was here!"

     "Of course! That makes sense," replied Zeida. "So, are we going to head back to Faerieland?" Jhudora smirked and then nodded. "Then let's go!" Swiftly the two of them rushed back to the boat, and they headed back to Faerieland.

     A few hours later they arrived back at Faerieland. "Quick, to the Hidden Tower!" said Jhudora after Zeida had tied the boat to the docks. On the way there they met a nasty surprise.

     "Nice to see you again Jhudora," said Malexa. Malexa and three other minions of hers were lined up in front of them.

     "Oh my Meepit," said Jhudora. She turned to her side and whispered, "Zeida, what are we going to do?"

     "I wish I knew…" replied Zeida. "I have an Asparagus Dagger in my back pack but I left that in the boat.

     "So, what are you going to do about this?" asked Malexa. She and her minions laughed. Suddenly there was a flash of purple light.

     "That will be your last laugh Malexa!"

     "Fyora???" said Jhudora.

      "That's me," she replied smiling. She turned back to Malexa and her smile faded. "So, you don't think that I deserve to be Queen?" asked Fyora.

      "No I don't," replied Malexa bluntly. Fyora raised her staff.

      "Malexa, I hereby banish you from the kingdom of Faerieland!" she called out. Malexa's eyes widened. "Leave now, and never come back!"

      There was another flash of purple light, and Malexa and her minions disappeared. "Fyora?" asked Zeida.


     "Where did you put them?"

     "Jelly World!" responded Fyora, grinning.

     "But that doesn't exist… does it?" asked Jhudora. They laughed, and then Fyora invited them for a cup of borovan at the Hidden Tower.


     "So, Jhudora," began Fyora. "I was wondering if you'd like to take over Malexa's old job. It would be well paid."

     "Hmm… Sure, but can we rename it Jhudora's Cloud?" asked Jhudora. Fyora nodded. "I'm in!"

The End

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