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by ghostkomorichu

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The Case of the Missing Eye: Part Two
I began my investigation of the Countess Lynerda's gallery, examining it carefully with my magnifying lens.

by patt788


Scarlet Shadow - A Thief's Uprising: Part Six
"Darkhand! Darkhand! Darkhand!" the thieves shouted. A few days back, Lord Riqon had disappeared. The only trace of him left was a letter that proclaimed Galem as Guild Master.

by kathleen_kate


Destructive Trinkets
Stop it, you beast!

by djudju22_8


Flowlight: Sun - Echoes of Pride: Part Five
The sharp shadows that were cast by that fearsome light were absolute; their inky blackness allowed nothing into them, and they were as sharp as if they were real.

by antiaircraft_3

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