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The REAL Reason Faerieland is Sinking

by djhanky222


FAERIELAND - At this point of writing, a calamity is taking place in Neopia. Something most Neopians will identify as the sinking of Faerieland!

Popular culture has had nearly every single person believe that it's falling due to certain magical beings being petrified. Although I can reveal this is COMPLETELY and UTTERLY false information!

From an eye-witness Faerieland local, who prefers to remain anonymous, comes the truth as to why this disaster is occurring. They have kindly provided the REAL reasons to the mysterious event:

1) According to our witness, mass tourism has put a heavy strain on the clouds themselves. The sheer weight ripping them apart! How thrilling!

2) The recent discovery of the land known as Moltara has induced a surge in demand for industrial machinery all over Neopia. All this exporting has increased the amount of pollution in Neopia's air, thus weakening the clouds more.

3) Our witness (also a budding astronomer) has noticed the orbit patterns of Kreludor have altered dramatically over the past few months. This is said to cause disturbances in the dynamics of how Faerieland stays afloat (although as an added comment, the method of Faerieland floating is only known by a very select group of faeries).

4) As the year nears an end, the weather naturally becomes colder and wetter. Faerieland releases 35% of its mass in water reserves in this period, so it is only natural for its height to waver lower slightly.

5) Jhudora's cloud is known for its green and purple fogs, but has anyone ever questioned how they come to be like this?

Every year Jhudora orders mass amounts of vile ingredients from all corners of Neopia in the attempt to create noxious fumes upon visitors (to make herself feel all powerful and stuff!). The most part of these ingredients are the EXACT opposite of what Faerieland is made of. When these components meet the fabric of the clouds themselves, a vicious frenzy occurs. The clouds, facing dozens of deadly elements, get dissolved by this process, thus weakening Faerieland.

6) Keeping on the note of polluting faeries, our eye-witness then speaks of the elusive Fountain Faerie.

A quote, taken out of context, for our witness's safety is as follows:

"Her water may look all pretty, but under every rose there is also a thorn."

Looking through archives of an undercover reporter's report, who interviewed the F.F. a few weeks before she was turned into stone, we can also provide more 'out-of-context' quotes (because they're much more interesting like that!) from the faerie herself.

"Being a faerie, people assume that I can just *poof* things out of mid-air, but it's not that simple... I take water from the Rainbow Pool... Stealing privileges from average Neopians... Inflating the cost of paint brushes, bu-"

She also mentioned stealing candy from babies, but our undercover reporter failed to take notes, so we are unauthorized to quote, in or out of context. *shifty eyes*

Back on point, she herself is pouring hundreds of thousands of liters of magical liquid into Faerieland, further weighing it down.

7) Taking all these into account, Faerieland will have already sunk a considerable amount. Being so low, the general heat that Neopia emits will further liquidize Faerieland's diminishing clouds.

8) The Wheel of Excitement's recent renovation included a hike in price per spin. With all this extra income, extra weight has been added to the city in the sky. It may have been a NP sink, but that wasn't the only sink it was...

9) Queen Fyora had supposedly built her own personal healing springs, in a secret chamber in her elusive Hidden Tower, not long before she was turned to stone. All that income from high-priced items may not be going to such a good cause after all. *tsk, tsk*

10) Our eye-witness also added that a higher frequency of Darigan Citadel citizens had been visiting Faerieland in recent months. They hinted towards the fact that they may be somewhat involved...

11) Pies are one of the densest desserts ever to exist in Neopia. Shortcrust pastry, a filling of countless berries, perhaps some cream... And these are faerie pies, so they're magically fuller. When something so sweet, heavy (and innocent) is turned to stone, an occurrence so devastating happens that we cannot reveal. Well, alright, we will!

When one of those pies turn to stone, all that weight is multiplied ten fold!

If a pie's contents weigh two thirds of the pie's average area, then what weight would the pie be? We asked the Lenny Conundrum Wizard and he gave the following answer:

"2.87 pounds (the answer was the sum of certain conundrum answers, divided by 14!)."

That's a lot of weight, isn't it? To make matters worse, Fyora wanted to make this year's food special. She donated ten everlasting apples to the pie maker. Ten of those pies contain an ingredient that will never disappear! But what happens when something that can regenerate itself turns to stone? We'll tell you what happens:

As the apple is in a situation where its overflowing magical capabilities can no longer be used, it uses them differently. It doubles its mass every ten minutes.

Just one pie would now weigh more than Faerieland itself. And there are ten of these pies... Faerieland will just sink quicker and quicker, until the pies are so heavy that even Neopia won't be able to hold them!

Our witness has stressed the point that the pies must be given priority over the faeries for this reason alone!

A team of scientists have come to the conclusion that Faerieland will crash either next Friday or... some other time. :)

Thanks for reading. Hopefully now you will understand the truth as to why Faerieland is sinking!

*Any evidence that outweighs, disproves or obliterates evidence portrayed in this article will be ignored, taunted and discredited by any participants and contributors of said article.

**Situations and interviews in this article may never have happened.

***Facts, People, Evidence and/or Contributors may never have happened/existed.

Have a wonderful day!

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