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How to Feed Those Pesky Meepits!

by kimmyfied


Also by depraving

Okay, we have to make this quick. The meepits know our location; they’re tracking us this very minute. The only way to survive is to give them juice, and lots of it.

Just kidding. ;)

A basic summary of Meepit Juice Break is, quite simply, feed as many meepits as you can before time runs out. It can be quite difficult, but really addicting once you get the hang of it. It PAINS me to see people playing on zen mode. That’s tons of meepits to feed, you know?

But the good news is, with some practice, and some help, you can master the game quite quickly. Hopefully, with these level tips, you can ace the game and feed all those hungry meepits.

Now the first level, you have to feed 5 meepits with each meepit having 60 second time limits. The colors in this level are basic red, blue, and yellow. I recommend spending almost ALL your time trying to use as many pipes as possible. If you are able to use all of them, you will receive a 50 point bonus! Aim for around 400 this level. This isn’t a necessity as you can make up points in later levels, but more of a goal to aim for.

For the second level you now have 2 meepits waiting to be juiced up. To complete this round, you need to feed 5 meepits total, each have 60 second time limits. The colors in this level are a bit trickier. You have red, blue, and yellow, like the last level, but you also now have pink, green, purple, and orange to worry about. If you guys don’t know what colors mix to create these colors, I’d recommend taking a break from meepit juice break, and going back to elementary school. :P But I’ll refresh your memory anyways. Blue and red create purple, yellow and blue create green, yellow and red create orange, and blue, red, and yellow create pink. If you can, feed 2 meepits that are asking for the same color at the same time, it can be more convenient that way. Again I’d recommend taking as much time as you can to use as many pipes as possible. Now from this point on, whenever you see that you have one meepit left to feed, feed ALL remaining meepits on the screen, no matter the color. Try to match it to one of the meepits left, though. Almost all of the tips I’ve explained for level 2 need to be applied for all the later levels. For this level, I’d aim for around 900 points.

Level 3, you’re still feeding 2 meepits at a time, but the round ends when you have fed 6 meepits total. You’re also going to have 10 seconds less time to feed the meepits, as this round you only have 50 seconds to feed each meepit. Again, take as much time as you can spare to connect as many pipes as possible. You might be wondering now about all those fruits. Aim for them if you can, if not, it’s no big deal; your most important objective of the game is to not let a meepit go hungry. If you took too much time trying to feed a meepit and you only have a few seconds left, feed it ANY color. You still get points, just not as much. Feed all remaining meepits on screen when you only have one left to feed to end the round. For level 3, I’d aim for around 1200 points.

Now level 4, you still have 2 meepits to feed at a time, feeding one more than last round with 7 total, and you still have 50 seconds to feed them. Use all previous tips from the earlier rounds to aim for around 1900 points.

For level 5, you’re still feeding 7 meepits total, but the big difference here is you’re now feeding 3, YES 3, meepits at a time. Don’t stress; you have 50 seconds for each meepit. You can do it! Still try to use as many pipes as possible, but from this round on, keep your eye on the time. If you seem to waste a lot of time going for pipes, scrap that plan and instead focus on feeding meepits. Their life is more important than pipes. Also, since you’re feeding 3 at a time this round, majority rules. If you have 3 meepits on the screen with 20 seconds or below time left, try and feed all 3 at once. If you have 2 colors that are blue, and one that is orange, try and feed all 3 with blue. Again, when you have one left for the round, feed all remaining meepits if possible. For this round, aim for around 2500 points.

Level 6 is a bit trickier. You’re still feeding 3 at a time, but now you only have 40 seconds per meepit. You need to feed 8 meepits to complete this level. From this level on, focus on your time. Always watch it, and again, if you’re running out of time, feed a meepit ANY color! Lives are most important! Again with the fruits, if they happen to lie in your path to feed the meepit, great, if not, they aren’t necessary to aim for. For this round, aim for around 3000 points.

Level 7, you should be able to get near or around the avatar score. You’re now feeding 9 meepits to complete the round, and an even shorter time limit of only 30 seconds! Time is most important. Feed as many meepits of the same color at the same time as you can, and of course, at the end of the round feed as many as you can when you only have one left. If you’re short on time, feed a meepit ANY color. This is the point in which I sometimes don’t try and feed pink meepits pink juice, as this is actually quite difficult to do sometimes. I usually try and feed them with another color that is easily available, such as a blue meepit or a red meepit. Basically, aim for anything above 3400 points.

Now I’m not going to go through the rest of the levels with tips, but I’ll summarize time limits and meepits you need to feed.

Level 8, you’re feeding 10 meepits to advance to the next level, with only 20 seconds per meepit.

Level 9, you’re feeding 12 meepits to advance to the next level, with only 10 SECONDS A MEEPIT!

And level 10, you feed 15 meepits and again with only 10 seconds a meepit.

If you can get to level 10, I’m completely jealous. For these last 3 levels, feed 3 meepits at a time no matter what the color is, you just don’t have the time to match them up.

My last and most important tip is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE. It helps A LOT.

I hope you readers took some information and tips from my guide to Meepit Juice Break. It drives me crazy when I see people playing on Zen Mode; I can only imagine how crazy they feel after feeding thousands meepits for 10 hours.

Oh no... I shouldn’t have insulted them... I think they’re listeni.........

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