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The Usuki Singing Stars #2: A Surprise for Lola - Part Five

by downrightdude


“It’s Christmas!” Alan cheered as he burst open Patricia’s bedroom door. “It's Christmas, Pat! It’s Christmas! I want to go see if Santa ate his cookies and left me any presents.” Alan was eager to run down the stairs as fast as he could.

     Patricia just stood there in total shock. It really was Christmas. The day where Lola was supposed to be out of the Pound by now, and celebrating Christmas with her new family. Patricia felt like she failed. Her only mission was to find Lola a good family for Christmas, but sadly she didn’t find one. And now it was actually Christmas. She tried hard not to imagine poor Lola in the pound all alone, eating gruel and hugging Mr. Porkers tightly. She felt like a failure.

     After another glance at the sand sculpture she was holding, Patricia placed it on her bed and slowly walked downstairs. The distant aroma of pancake batter didn’t make her dash to the kitchen, like it always had before. Alan was happily eating his pancakes, which were covered with lots of sticky syrup. Patricia just sighed as her mother placed some pancakes on her plate.

     “Merry Christmas.” she smiled.

     “Merry Christmas,” Patricia replied. She knew she couldn’t stay gloomy all day. Perhaps Lola was already adopted? Believing that she really was adopted last night, Patricia ate her pancakes and drank her milk. When she finished, she and Alan went to their stockings. Patricia found a hair clip and a hundred neopoints in hers. Alan found neopoints and a toy whistle.

     After the stockings, they went over to the tree. Their mother smiled as Patricia handed her the gift she bought from the Gift Shop. Mother gasped as she held the faerie snow globe in her hands.

     “It’s lovely.” Mother smiled. “Thank you.”

     Patricia was glad their mother liked her gift. Alan was happy when he gave Patricia a piece of paper that he placed under the tree. The piece of paper was folded and it had a big red bow in top.

     “Merry Christmas, Pat,” Alan said happily as he gave his gift to Patricia. Patricia took the piece of paper and opened it. Alan had drawn a family portrait for his sister. He drew himself playing with Patricia while their mother planted flowers by their neohome. Patricia saw a few scribbles on the back, which Alan said read, “To Patricia; Love, Alan.”

     “Thank you so much, Alan,” Patricia said. Alan grinned as Patricia gave him her gift. Without even admiring the orange box, Alan ripped open the box and pulled out the Shoyru plushie inside. Pleased, the blue Shoyru hugged it in delight. He even named it Alan Jr.

     Patricia was pleased that her bother adored his gift, but she still felt a bit uneasy. She was remembering what Scary said about Christmases spent in the Pound. She tried not to picture poor Lola in the Pound: sitting all alone in her cold cell while she ate her semi-warm gruel. Mr. Porkers would be snuggling beside her for warmth. Was Lola really okay?

     “Here you go, Pat,” Mother said as she gave a wrapped gift to Patricia. Patricia hesitated, but thanked her mother. Alan got a polka-dotted box that had a few holes in it. But Alan didn’t notice them. When he unfolded the ribbon and opened the lid, he gasped as he heard a faint barking.

     “It’s a Puppyblew!” Alan exclaimed as a blue Puppyblew jumped out of the box and wagged his tail. Alan laughed with delight as he hugged his new petpet. “Santa got me a Puppyblew!” he cheered as he petted his Puppyblew- who was now called Marc.

     Patricia just stared at her gift. Her mother waited anxiously as the faerie Shoyru began to un-wrap her gift. Slowly and carefully, Patricia ripped off the pink wrapping paper and opened the box. She gasped.

     “The Usuki Singing Star’s Dream Stage, with real working lights and bonus CD!” Patricia gasped. She hugged her mother tightly and began to open the box, when suddenly she remembered when she first told Sparkles what she wanted. She had thought she was actually over wanting the play set, so why was she so excited to open it? Patricia, now feeling guilty, decided to clean out her conscience once and for all. Without second-thinking, Patricia ran to the front door, grabbed her coat and boots, and quickly ran out of the house. Mother was shocked, but Alan was still busy playing with Marc.

     Patricia ran and ran and ran. When she passed Scary’s and Sparkles’ house, she didn’t stop to wish them a Merry Christmas. She knew she had to run to the Pound as quickly as she could. When she reached the Pound, she dashed to the front desk.

     Dr. Death was reading a book about Christmas carols. When he saw Patricia walk in, he sighed and stopped reading. “What do you want?” he asked.

     “Is Lola here?” Patricia huffed. “I need to talk to her right now!”

     “Lola... Lola...” Dr. Death rolled the name on his tongue as he searched through his files. Patricia waited anxiously. She just wanted to make sure Lola was okay. “Oh yes, here it is.” Dr. Death said as he pulled out the file. He quickly flipped through the file. When he was done, he looked up at Patricia and said, “She’s not here.”

     “What,” Patricia gasped. “But she has to be here! She was only pounded last night.”

     “And she was adopted this morning,” Dr. Death explained. “Now, please go away. I have Christmas caroling practicing in a few hours.” To cheer Patricia up, Dr. Death handed her a candy cane. But Patricia refused.

     Lola’s really gone, Patricia thought as she left the Pound and walked home. She couldn’t believe it. She was also very mixed. She was thrilled that Lola was adopted on Christmas morning. What a wonderful Christmas surprise! But she was also partly sad. What if Lola is now living far away? Her real parents were probably in Brightvale by now. Did they miss Lola?


     “Thanks for coming, Pat!” Sparkle said cheerfully. It was now night time, and Sparkles decided to invite Patricia over to celebrate Christmas- and show each other what they got. Patricia gasped as soon as Sparkles opened the door: she was wearing the blue ball gown she wanted for Christmas!

     “Mother got it for me and wrapped it in a purple box,” Sparkles explained. “And this sparkling Bruce scarf was in that sparkly bag!”

     “But who gave you the scarf?” Patricia wondered. The scarf matched with Sparkles’ new gown perfectly.

     Sparkles pointed to Scary. “Secret Santa,” she replied. Patricia gasped. So Scary really did buy something for someone else!

     As the little party continued, Patricia told Sparkles about what happened in the Pound. Sparkles just stared at Patricia in disbelief. When Patricia mentioned the adoption, the doorbell rang. Scary went to the door and answered it.

     “It’s just you,” Scary sighed as she let the mysterious guest in.

     “Who's that?” Patricia asked.

     Sparkles shrugged. “Someone Scary invited.” But both girls gasped as they saw a Cybunny, who was wearing a golden gown, enter the living room. It was Lola! And she was holding Mr. Porkers, who was napping.

     “Lola!” Patricia and Sparkles gasped as they ran to their friend and hugged her. They were all so happy to see each other.

     “I missed you guys so much!” Lola exclaimed. “But there’s someone you should meet.” As if it was a cue, a big Cloud Bruce entered he living room. She had short, blue hair but she was jolly and very happy.

     “This is my new mother,” Lola explained. “She found me this morning. She said I was a real find, and she even paid five thousand neopoints to adopt me!”

     “It’s the least I can do.” The Bruce giggled. She handed everyone a Christmas cookie while she introduced herself as Ms. Butterworth.

     “She also said that we can stay here in Neopia Central!” Lola said in delight. “She’s been everywhere, from Shenkuu to Meridell. But she also says that home is where the heart is.”

     “So does this mean you’re going to be in Neoschool with us next year?” Sparkles asked. Lola nodded.

     Everyone was sighing with relief as Lola told her friends about her new neohome she was going to move into. Mr. Porkers woke up when Lola mentioned that she could keep Mr. Porkers, since Ms. Butterworth had a pet Warf. Sparkles clapped with delight. Scary just rolled her eyes.

     Patricia smiled at Lola and her new mother. Lola smiled back at Patricia, and so did her mother. Ms. Butterworth was more than just Lola’s new mother. She was also Lola’s, and Patricia’s, Christmas surprise.

The End

I would personally like to thank all of my fans for reading my stories this year! I hope your Christmas tomorrow will be bright and enjoyable, and may all of you have a super duper New Year! I’m looking forward to writing more adventures in 2011. See you then, and Merry Christmas!

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