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Top Ten Things to Do on Neopets's Birthday

by skizzabella


Here we are again, coming up on Neopets’s Birthday (November 15th). This year will mark 11 years that this site has been public! A ton of things have changed over the years. I think the best way to spend this day is to remember things from the beginning of site as well as some of the new features. These are ten things I really recommend doing, in no particular order. Following this list will be sure to get you in a festive mood for Neopets’s Birthday and jump start your celebrations. *Throws confetti at your face* -That helps too, right?

1. Feed your pets some old food. Wait! Neopets food doesn’t go bad, at least I don’t think so. Items like a green apple, grapes and bread have been around since the very beginning. If you are in the mood for a feast, try a Super Sub. Back when Neopets first started, pets were happy with regular food. Now, if the name only has one word, most pets turn up their nose at it. Now they would rather eat things like Barnacle Bills Belt Busting Burger or Tasty Bag of Mutant Grundo Marshmallows. Note: Make sure you don’t feed your Kyrii an apple, though, or they will get sick.

2. Take a trip to the Game Graveyard. I recommend the game, Techo Says. Not only was it one of the first games to go to the Game Graveyard, *sad face* but it is fun to compare it with the new version. Another favorite of mine is Bumper Cars. It is kind of like Ugga Smash but... older. Note: you won’t earn neopoints for the games in the Game Graveyard.

3. Visit Mystery Island or Faerieland. Why? Because you can! It is so easy to get there now. All you need to do is go to the explore page and click on the land. You used to need a special token to get in. Or if you were lucky, you could get the random event where Queen Fyora would summon you to Faerieland. I still get this random event sometimes. Note: At the moment, Faerieland is under some sort of spell or something so most of it isn’t accessible.

4. Play the old school Scorchy Slots. It costs 5 neopoints each time to play and you can win prizes such as more neopoints, bottled faeries and map pieces! Ka-ching! I usually go with only a certain amount of neopoints out so I don’t blow it all since I have really bad luck. Note: This game is for players who are 13 or older.

5. Play with an old toy. You would be surprised how much fun Neopets can have with those old, dusty toys in the back of your safety deposit box. Some of the first toys were Jingly Bells, Neonip Critter and Bouncy Balls. Unfortunately, these items all have new art so you can’t get the full ‘old-school’ feeling from them. Nevertheless, these items are sure to bring a smile to your pet’s face. You may notice that your pet enjoys them as much as some of those new fangled toys we have nowadays. *shakes my cane at them*

6. Read a book. A classic book such as My First Book is sure to please your pet. Besides, reading books makes your pet smarter! You can also pick up an old Drawing Pencil and Colouring Book for hours of coloring fun! Unfortunately, now most books disappear when you read them. You used to be able to read the same books over and over again. Now, if your account is over a certain age (at least 49 months or older) you have a small chance to have a book not disappear when you read it to your pet. However, you will still find that your pet will refuse to re-read it.

7. Dress up your pet. It wasn’t until Year 9 that we were able to customize our pets. Try on some of the original wearable items like the Starry Red Background or the Neocash item, Sparkling Faerie Dress. Now some really old items have become wearable like the Bear, Jazzmosis Hat or Bow Tie. It is amazing how unique you can make your pet with just a few clothing items. Enjoy hours of customization fun that we didn’t have years ago.

8. Play a game of Kacheek Seek. Kacheeks used to be called Badeeks so this game was originally Badeek Seek. Try one of the new maps like Illusen’s Glade after playing one of the original maps. There is even a secret avatar you can win randomly while playing.

9. Browse the old news. It's funny to see things like, “You can now adopt FOUR PETS!!!!” or “The Neopian Times starts today.” You can also see some pictures of some of the original neopets and also see the old names they were called. Like this one, “A new pet has been added... the Polypup! It's like a puppy, but it's pointy!” That was when the Gelert was first released. On the same note, the old Neopian Times archives are sure to keep you occupied for hours.

10. Finally, browse the site. Yeah, I know you do that all the time, but on Neopets’s birthday you get a special side bar. Rumor has it that you have a higher chance at random events with that sidebar! So browse away! Look around at some of the things you have personally seen changed. Even little things like the new look for the bank manager are a big change. Also visit the New Features page for the birthday avatar if you don’t already have it. –ONLY on November 15th!

Enjoy the festivities and reminisce about the old days this November 15th. Besides, in another 11 years, people will be talking about all the things that were happening this year. “Remember when the faeries turned to stone?” “Remember when Apple bobbing started?” “Don’t forget when The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity turned into a daily activity.” You can sit back in your rocking chair and reminisce all over again.

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