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Cakes for Neopets 11th Birthday!

by xoxkar


With Neopets's 11th Birthday soon approaching on the 15th of November, I thought it would seem fitting to dedicate this article to some of the most delectable cakes that you can buy to enjoy Neopets's birthday! Instead of just ordinary birthday cakes, each of these 18 cakes has been made specially for a certain species. So why not pick the cake with your favorite Neopet species? They are mouthwatering and delicious!

If you are hosting a celebration, having a cake or two is an absolute must. You must also have the proper decorations to set the birthday theme! Checklist: Bright, festive birthday balloons have been blown and tied to their appropriate spots, a colorful birthday banner is draped across the wall, confetti is dusted across the table, you have your birthday goodie bags ready, and a delicious meal has been prepared, with a carefully chosen delectable cake to end the night.

Banana Meerca Mini Cake

This Banana Meerca Mini Cake has been baked to perfection, the cake has a sweet caramel aroma! A layer of thick, bright banana icing has been poured on top for a unique taste! For added decoration, colorful candy neggs are placed on the icing, along with some festive sprinkles on the tail!

Baby Scorchio Milk Cake

A outstandingly delicious milk cake that has been carefully shaped like a baby Scorchio. This festive cake is decorated with pieces of fresh baked waffle cone, and two ripe juicy strawberries, along with three vibrant flaming candles!

Caramel Usul Cake

A gigantic caramel cake with pieces of fresh toasted almonds and white chocolate bits mixed into the cake mix. This delectable cake has thick, creamy milk chocolate drizzled on. As a finishing touch, this cake is placed on a base covered with fresh ummagine icing.

Elephante Layer Cake

This scrumptious cake is an absolute delight! This cake has three delicious layers; strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate! Even layer has a layer of cream cheese frosting to stick the cakes together. This cake is great served with Neapolitan ice cream!

Iced Chomby Fruit Cake

If you are a fan of fruit cake, then you can't go wrong with this Chomby Fruit Cake. This cake consists of two delicious layers of lemon flavored sponge cake, a thick strawberry icing, and then decorated with sweet icing! A carefully shaped Chomby is also added to this cake, made entirely from marzipan! To make this cake a bit healthier, some fresh fruit and nuts are also added.

Kyrii Ice Cream Cake

This marvelous cake will please everyone! Two delicious vanilla cakes are covered with rich vanilla ice cream, along with two crunchy fresh baked wafers that are used for ears, and a whole load of whipped cream has been carefully scooped onto this cake! As a finishing touch, fresh bright red cherries are also used as a decoration.

Lenny Day Strawberry Cheesecake

If you prefer cheesecake to a traditional cake, this strawberry cheesecake is right for you. This heavenly cheesecake has three layers of deliciousness! The cheesecake has been smothered with fresh strawberry icing, and a dollop of whipped cream with a whole strawberry is added for a finishing touch.

Orange Krawk Cake

This Orange Krawk Cake has a delicious blend of orange, and spice. This festive cake is made from two cream cheese orange spice cakes, and a refreshing flavourful orange frosting! To make this cake even more realistic, orange marzipan was used to shape a Krawk like tail!

Snowberry Poogle Cake

This cake is great for serving when your friends are about, as three delicious vanilla cakes are used to make this treat! This cake has been covered with snowberry icing and fresh picked snowberries. Two pieces of milk chocolate have been carved for the ears as well. This will truly satisfy your taste buds!

Tagobo Gelert Cake

This wonderful chocolate cake has two types of delicious icings! A chocolate buttercream icing is used in the middle of the cake, and then a blend of Tagobo and creamy vanilla icing is used for the top! This cake uses edible candy eyes, and a chocolate chunk to help it resemble a Gelert!

Strawberry Zafara Cake

This is one fruity cake! This Zafara cake has two layers of delicious fluffy strawberry infused sponge cakes, a layer of sweet strawberry icing, and then grape colored icing made from strawberries and grape juice! A small dollop of whipped cream has also been added.

Strawberry Tonu Foot Shortcake

Even though this cake looks unusual, the taste will blow your mind! This fluffy sponge-like shortcake is shaped like a Tonu's foot, then decorated with a drizzle of strawberry icing, and whole strawberries for the toes!

Vanilla Kau Cream Cake

Two thick vanilla cookies that are baked until crunchy on the outside, and light and fluffy on the inside. These delicious cookies are filled with the freshest cream infused with vanilla, made from real Kau Kau Farm Milk.

Vanilla Jetsam Mousse Cake

If you haven't tried a mouse cake, now is your chance! This unique cupcake sized cake is a great treat for all those Jetsam fans. A large vanilla cupcake is baked, then fresh vanilla icing is dolloped on top, with a handful of colorful sprinkles. This cake even includes a festive orange candle for you to blow out!

Sparkling Draik Cake

This savory Sparkling Draik Cake is a must have for any celebration. A soft, light, and fluffy chocolate sponge cake is shaped like a Draik's head, with two pieces of sculpted chocolate for its ears. An edible glittery blueberry icing is spread on the cake, with two fresh picked strawberries for its eyes giving it a delightful taste.

Orange Chia Cake

This divine orange Chia loaf cake is sure to be a hit. This cake is made from fresh picked oranges, which gives it a refreshing flavor! This cake has a orange flavored sponge texture, then it's drizzled in orange icing, and lovely orange bits, and slices as a finishing touch.

Lemon Eyrie Cake

Who doesn't love a good lemon cake? This fresh baked caramel flavored sponge cake is carefully sculpted to resemble an Eyrie. A heavy layer of lemon icing is poured on the top, and then is drizzled with sprinkles to make it even more festive!

Happy 11th birthday, Neopets!

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