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Hey! It's Tips for Gadgadsgame!

by hamzandrilez


Ever wanted a game avatar? You may look on the Neoboards and see so many people are using all the common ones, though they seem almost impossible for you to get yourself? Well, then, look no further! In just seven simple tips and suggestions, you'll learn this game and may even get a spiffy, uncommonly-used avatar in NO TIME! First off... Let's start with our basic controls!

Tip 1: In the game, the fruit falls down in trios. Three at a time, basically. The Left and Right arrows (naturally) on the keyboard move them from left to right- the Down arrow makes them fall even faster. You can use either the Up arrow or the Space Bar to rotate them either horizontally or vertically. Believe me, this comes in handy when you want to get a big fruit.

Tip 2: Now, if you're a newbie to this game, you may be wondering "what in the heck is a big fruit and how is it any different than a regular fruit?". Let me explain first- every fruit you get rid of is worth a point, and depending on how many you cluster, fruits of the same color will become even bigger and just one whole fruit. This is actually good, because it gives you lots of points when you eliminate them! Think of it like a table- if you line up fruits 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 and so on and so forth, then you'll get a bigger fruit. This only works with fruit of the same kind- you can't do this with a peach-colored fruit and a blue one together. Not only is it sort of cool to watch, but it's a key way to get enough points you may need for the avatar. Oh, and even if you can't line up the fruits so that they'll become bigger- I would highly recommend that you try and make sure you have fruits of the same color touching. That will bring us up to the next tip!

Tip 3: Sadly, this isn't quite like Tetris. For one thing, if you line up all of the fruit so it's in a horizontal line, all that's going to do is waste space. What you REALLY want to do is gather up the fruit and make it bigger and bigger, so when you have to eliminate it, then you'll get more points. How do you go by eliminating points, though? There are two ways to do so.

One of them is to use a Fruit Bomb. It appears randomly in your trio of fruit, and when it touches a fruit of the same color (like a purple fruit), then it gets rid of it. This is why I recommended that you line up fruits if there's no way to increase their size! The Fruit Bomb only eliminates the same type of fruit that it is TOUCHING. As I explained earlier, each fruit is a point, so you could get over fifteen points just by that simple method instead of wasting the bomb on just a line of about three.

The other way to eliminate is by using a Twirly Fruit, which is green and looks like a bomb almost. Whatever color it lands on, it will get rid of that color on the entire screen. So say it lands on a blue fruit, then there will not be any of that color left on the board. However, do not rely on this, because they tend to be more rare than Fruit Bombs. On to the next word of advice!

Tip 4: Now here is where we get into more of the game play. There is also a Fruit Elixir in the game, which if it lands on a certain color, it will change all of that same color on the screen into something entirely different. When you see one of these, make the elixir land on the least common color on the board, because then you'll get a color you will get more points off of in the long run. Hopefully, you won't have to disregard this because you'll be getting so many points you won't have to advance into higher levels, but this tip is still good to use even then.

Tip 5: At the beginning of the game, select a color to make into a big fruit and put it in a corner. Put everything you don't want on the other side, but don't stack them all in one line- distribute them in a way that they won't interfere with getting your bigger fruit, while at the same time don't make yourself lose the game. Some people recommend using the left corner of the screen to create bigger fruits with, but I tend to use the right side.

Tip 6: If you're doing well and getting into levels where it gets faster, survival is key. Try as hard as you can to make sure you're still racking up points, though don't panic and start stacking. That will get you nowhere. I would still try and make all of the same colors touch, so that when a Fruit Bomb comes, you can wipe those out and have more room, plus points, but the bigger fruits towards the end will just get in your way, so use those mostly in the beginning of the game to rack up initial points.

Tip 7: This works for me, but it may not for everyone. Play Tetris a bit before starting on Gadgadsgame, so you can get a feel of what the faster levels may be like and it will give you an edge on how to handle it. That may be difficult, because then some players may start lining up fruit in Gadgadsgame and expect the same results as the other, but it's worth a shot. The faster reaction time and reflexes you have, the better off you will most definitely be.

So there you have it! I used these all, and I certainly hope that they'll help you achieve your goal. Keep playing games, Neomail me if you have any further questions, and happy avatar hunting!

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