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A Letter Too Late

by barefootedcinderella


Dearest Queen Fyora,

     I am sorry. I am so, so, incredibly sorry for what I have done. I have betrayed you and abandoned my city in its desperate cry for help. But you must understand my respect for you has not swayed, and my love for Faerieland still bursts through the very corners of my heart.

     For thirty-seven years now I have been your most loyal and trusted servant. My family has been serving the royal family of Faerieland since the beginning of time. I am following in the footsteps of so many before me. We have been through countless Neopian wars, dozens of harsh economic struggles, and multiple natural disasters and yet remained as strong as the great Terror Mountain. But now the fate of all faeries has been threatened, and I must back down from my position.

     I admit, panicking and fleeing isn't quite the classiest way to leave you, and I have no pathetic excuses. I am ashamed of this deed I have done, and I cannot beg you enough to forgive me. Please, sweet Fyora, attend to my story, for if I leave enough hints I can only hope that justice will be served.

     It feels like so long ago, yet I know it wasn't more than two weeks. I was strolling around Shenkuu, it was a stunningly beautiful day. My last day in Shenkuu, in fact I was on my way to catch the ferry that would take me back to Faerieland. I had just left my beloved house and bid my family farewell. I had my many suitcases dragging around me, and they were anything but light. Under the hot sun, my burdens became too heavy to bear. With a grunt, I fell back-first on the cool grass, and my suitcases burst open.

     And at that very moment, I was surrounded by five of the darkest, most eerie creatures I had ever encountered in all of my fifty-six years. They were the darkest of black with a hint of purple, and they could take different forms. They seemed to be made of mist, like ghosts, only much more demonic. I was so frightened, Fyora, I lay on the grass trembling violently. They circled me, looming seven feet tall, taller than even the biggest Skeith. And when they got close to me, I could hear the faintest cries of loneliness, and I was overwhelmed with every sort of sad emotion. Images began to flash in my head: a tiny Gnorbu being bullied by bigger Neopets, a tearful Shoyru being left at the Pound while his owner talked to Dr. Death, a hungry Kadoatie waiting for food at the Kadoatery. They laughed at my weakness; it was power to them.

     "We know who you are," one hissed, bearing its black teeth.

     "Yesss, you cannot fool us, frail little Ruki!" another laughed.

     "Wh-what do you want from me? What are you?" It took me so much courage to sound so bold. They laughed, no doubt feeling my fear.

     "We want information, old one. And you are just the pet to give it to us." The tallest one poked my arm, the one that bears the tattoo, the tattoo I have boasted for so long. The tattoo that marks my loyal service to you, Queen Fyora. I feel so ashamed writing this.

     "Well you're not getting any! And you better move. I have a ferry to catch back to Faerieland!" My voice shook with anger. I tried to get up. My body collapsed. I was getting much weaker.

     "You're not going anywhere!" one snapped.

     "That's right, we'll let you go, no harm done, if you do as we say," the biggest one growled.

     "What do you want from me?" I asked.

     "What is the sacred password to get into the Queen's personal Battle Chamber?" one grilled me.

     "What could you possibly need in there?" I snorted. Everyone knows that is where we guard the darkest and most powerful Faerieland tools, things so mighty that even you cannot handle alone.

     "That is none of your business. We asked you a question." One shook its head.

     "Why should I give the password to you? You're going to bring harm to my majesty!"

     "Not going to spill the beans? Fine, then take her. We'll bring her to our master." The big one turned to the others, giving them the order. Then it turned back to me, and its face was too terrifying; I am afraid I cannot describe it. "Believe me, Ruki, you do not want to come face-to-face with our master. Our master is a thousand times more destructive than us! Our master has great plans, great plans indeed. Now, hand yourself over," it howled, nodding towards the ghoulish things. I screamed and covered my face as they came toward me.

     "Wait!" I shouted in desperation. They halted. "If you take me, what will happen to Fyora?" They looked around at each other.

     "She will perish either way. Our leader is strong. Much mightier than your wimpy purple Faerie. If you tell us, though, we will not harm you... or your family." My family? They had not mentioned anything of my family until then. Fyora, you know so well how much my family means to me. I cannot think of anything harming them; it is too painful.

     "And what of the citizens of Faerieland?" My voice was quivering.

     "They will be fine. Maybe. We know not of the complete details of the destruction that is to take place. Our master is wiser than to blab out every little aspect of the great plan," one answered, sighing. They obviously took so much pride in their leader. I felt a little empathy in that area, as I can relate.

     "And will the queen, my Queen Fyora... Will she die?" I whispered. I could feel my body becoming weaker and more vulnerable under the influence of these minions. They looked at one another; I'm guessing they were debating telling me the truth.

     "Just tell us the passssword, and everything will be alright..." one hissed, leaning close to me. The crying got louder, and I felt colder. Everything sad or awful or unjust in this world, all of that mashed up together, seeping through the skin, that's what this felt like, Fyora. It is the worst feeling in Neopia. I wish it upon none but the cruel ringleader of all this terror.

     "Alright, alright! It is..."

     I am so ashamed, I cannot write the rest. My paw is shaking, and silent tears are crawling down my cheeks as I write. Queen Fyora, I cannot begin to express how sorry I really am. I was selfish and vain and I did not know the toll would be this great. Every faerie is turned to stone, and it is all my fault. Fyora, dear Queen, I am so sorry...

     But I promise you, this story will not have an unfortunate ending. For when I was on the ferry heading back to Faerieland, I had another one of my visions. This time, it was of a great and fearless leader, a diamond in the rough, who is to save you. All of you, all the faeries and all of Faerieland. Do not lose hope yet, Queen, he is coming to save you as I write! A blue Ixi, followed by hundreds of Neopets, to change the doomed future. And it is this image that gives me hope still, as I lie in my bed every night and hope you will be alright.

     I hope he comes soon.

     Sincerely, Your not-so-faithful servant Pim

The End

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