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How to Be Your Owner's Favourite! Pt. 2

by zinkidy_dink


Why hello there! This is the second installment of the “How to be your owner’s favourite!” series. Today, I will be going into more detail to help you become your owner’s favourite. Just follow the step by step guides and hopefully you’ll absorb and soak up all the tips and put them into practice. Good luck, fellow Neopians!


I assume most of you have siblings, be that the awesome older brother or the bratty younger sister. If you don’t have brothers or sisters, you are terribly lucky and may stop reading this article this instant; turn the page of the Neopian Times and read another equally fascinating article.

So, siblings, eh? We have all had our fair share of fights and disputes, but your siblings are there for life (unless they are taken to the dreaded.... POUND! /screams). So, I guess we are stuck with our brothers and sisters then. Obviously, having siblings opens up a variety of complications we need to overcome, so this article is split down into several subcategories:

  • A) The cool older brother situation

There is no denying just how amazing it is to have a cool older brother. Not only can he teach you tricks on his skateboard, but more importantly, he’ll look out for you and protect you. So it is best to stay on the good side of him. Yet still, this is a guide on how to be your owner’s favourite, not how to be your older brother’s favourite...

Older brothers tend to play the hero of family; they love to do gallant things and act fearless and brave. However, dig a little deeper and you’ll find their one weakness. Sometimes it’s spyders or blechies and other times, it’s Sloth or the Pant Devil. So, let’s take this scenario.

Your brother is really popular; he’s always meeting up with his friends and you just admire him so much. You have to find a way of scaring him, so that he screams like a Garooda being picked up. So, dig deep Neopian, and find your brother’s deepest fear! In this situation, let’s say he’s afraid of... Spyders. Spyders are relatively cheap and there are lots of them about, so finding one shouldn’t be too difficult. Carefully, sneak into your brother’s room, place the spyder on his bed and creep out without being caught. Once he enters the room, sees the spyder and starts shrieking, run as fast as you can to his room. Check the room to make sure your owner is there before scooping up the spyder into your arms. Your brother will look like an utter wimp and you will look as valiant as the Battle Faerie. Not only will your brother respect you more, but your owner will see this brave act helping you inch closer to being the favourite.

  • B) The vain older sister situation

Having a fashionista in the family is not a bad thing, at least she’ll make sure you are looking great all the time, pointing out your fashion faux pas and styling you up to look super trendy and incredible. Yet, you constantly catch her staring into her mirror, checking her makeup and brushing her hair all the time. You’ve never seen her without her lipstick on and frankly, she needs to spend more time with you, rather than her vanity. So, what’s the one thing she loves more than her lipstick? That’s right, her compact mirror... And would happen if she “lost” her mirror? It’s time to take a leaf out of the Pant Devil’s diary. Tiptoe into her room, pinch her mirror and sneak back out. Do this as subtly as possible; if you get caught, you will be in BIG trouble.

So, now you have your sister’s compact mirror, wait until she discovers it’s missing. She will most likely be bawling her eyes out and once her crying gets so intense, enter her bedroom with the mirror in tow.

Congratulations, you look like a hero for finding your sister’s missing compact! Maybe she’ll even stop dressing you up...

  • C) The younger sibling situation

As much as I hate to say this, there is really nothing you can do with annoying younger siblings. Yes, they will cry, they will scream and they will throw things, but you’ve got to learn how to put up with it. Unlike the previous situations, you cannot sneakily frighten your older brother, or steal your sister’s make up; you just have to be patient.

Here are some words of wisdom, please note this down. There is no easy way of being an older sibling. Be nice and play nice, because your little brothers and sisters will look up to you as a role model.

However, I do have some helpful tips for you:

1. Play dolls with your little sister (even if you really hate it),

2. Make mud pies with your little brother (even if you find it disgusting!),

3. Help them with their homework,

4. Keep an eye out for them,

5. Tuck them into bed at night.

These are not necessities, but if you follow these rules, you can’t really go wrong. Your owner will see just how caring you are to them and perhaps will reward you for your kindness.

Siblings can be hard to deal with, but to every cloud there is a silver lining. The silver lining being that although they can be a pain, they are entertaining, funny and there is always someone to shift the blame to!

Just remember, it takes work to be the favourite, do not expect this to be an overnight process. Although I can show you shortcuts, this road to being the favourite is a long one and if you work hard, it’ll all pay off.

So, good luck! Follow my simple easy tips and you shall definitely be on your way to becoming your owner’s favourite.

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