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Witchy Ways to Celebrate All Hallow's Eve

by saphireblue3


During All Hallow's Eve, more popularly known as Halloween, cackling and wearing dark costumes is heartily encouraged. Witches, spell-casters, swamp hags, and magicians alike, rejoice: 'Tis the season to be spooky, and all of Neopia is celebrating the day when the ghouls, creeps and monsters come out to play. On the scariest night of the year, witches will feel right at home with the rest of Neopia. How exactly do those of a witchy persuasion celebrate this extraordinary event? Look no further than this article!

Trick-Or-Treat as a Witch

If you intend to celebrate All Hallow's Eve in witchy style, the best way to do so is to look the part! (Please note that this step only applies if a witch robe is NOT your everyday choice of garb. Real witches need take no notes, as you are likely dressed like this already. However, please do not be discouraged from trick-or-treating.)

Embrace your magical side and put on your pointed witch's hat! Male Neopets may prefer to don a wizard's hat. Other accessories for your witch costume may include a long-sleeved robe, magic wand, sceptre or staff, cauldron candy bag, or broomstick. Witch costumes can be enchanting, chilling, and even magnificent, so have fun with it. Your costume will be the envy of other trick-or-treaters!

You can certainly draw inspiration from various famous Neopian witches in order to have a recognizable costume.

- For a Kauvara costume, yellow stars on your robe and hat are a must. Kauvara is, of course, a Kau, so incorporating horns onto your hat will make this look complete.

- Edna wears a stereotypical black witch outfit without much flair - But do not be seen without her signature green ears, a few warts, and a sour expression.

- Sophie costume-goers will want to decorate their hat and robe with scruffy-looking patches and vines. Fingerless gloves and a flowing green wig will make this costume truly complete.

- Boys may prefer to dress as the Lenny Conundrum Wizard. For this costume, a tall pointed wizard's hat is required, and do not forget the small star wand that he carries around. Having a few riddles prepared will put you in character.

Hand Out Frightening Treats

If leaving your Neohome to go Trick-Or-Treating is not your thing, you can still share the holiday fright with your neighbours! Stay in and hand out treats to all the candy-seeking brats that knock on your door. Following the witch tradition of striking fear into the hearts of children, most of the items below are culinary pranks disguised as innocent sweets. (A note for swamp hags: For your own well-being, please resist the urge to lure trick-or-treaters inside your home and eat them. Candy-stuffed children are full of empty calories and virtually devoid of dietary fibre.)

Cookie Hats: A tasty and harmless treat to show your magical sense of hospitality. However, if you are looking to frighten trick-or-treaters, these are a rather boring option.

Appetising Caramel Apple: What self-respecting witch would neglect to hand out caramel candy apples on All Hallow's Eve? Of course, a regular caramel apple is no fun at all - The Aboogala topping is perfect for sending Arachnaphobics screaming off of your front porch.

Brain Candy Mix: These are a cackle! Kiddies will reach to grab a handful of candy, and get a squishy bit of brain between their fingers instead. Despite their gruesome appearance and slimy texture, they are actually quite sweet and delectable - it's just that nobody wants to try them.

Spoooky Muffin: "Hmm, there is something most peculiar about this muffin. Just looking at it is making me queasy." Whatever you do, don't reveal the secret ingredient. Otherwise nobody will bother to eat it!

Brew A Potion

Either for practical purposes, or to serve to your dinner guests, what better way to celebrate in witchy style than try your hand at brewing potions? Surprise your friends and family with these exciting and exotic recipes straight from the Haunted Woods. Please note that an actual cauldron is not required for the recipes below; any large pot will do!

Sophies Bowl of Stew

Calls for: Octorna Tentacle, Blueberry Fish Pop, Twirly Fruit, and Woo Woo Grub. Feel free to incorporate whatever swamp flora and fauna is in season. Simmer the stew for about an hour, stirring almost constantly. If you can ignore the smell long enough to get a spoonful in your mouth, you'll notice the finished product has an authentic swampy flavour!

Mortog Stew

Calls for: The innards of five freshly-exploded Mortogs. Simmer the guts for approximately two hours until they thicken into a hearty soup. It is up to you if you wish to skim the slime layer off the top of the mixture before serving.

Ednas Spooky Brew

An excellent excuse to pull all of those questionable old food items out of your Safety Deposit Box. Freak your dinner guests out with a few "surprise" ingredients - Anything goes. Let it simmer for three to four hours on low in order for the flavours to really meld. Don't forget to garnish each bowl with a pickled eyeballs. Simply charming!

Scary Soup

Calls for: Pumpkin and two Fire Motes. Stir together well, and allow the pumpkin to boil down into a thinned mush. No heating on the stove is required as the motes will cook the pumpkin by themselves. Beware: This soup is extremely spicy and hot!

Brain Stew

Calls for: Four cups of fresh brain. (However you decide to collect the brains is up to you; however, it is essential that the brain is fresh, and not pickled or otherwise preserved.) Simmer the brain in a broth consisting of its own slime, and whatever leftover goo you happen to have laying about. Tomato sauce will do in a pinch. You may serve this chilled or hot.

Ghastly Stew

An excellent dish for anyone who loves the taste of ectoplasm! Visit your local graveyard and summon a few wandering souls. Once you have them contained within flasks, take them home and simply pour them into your cauldron set on high heat. After the souls have been heated sufficiently, spoon into bowls and serve! If you can get the ghosts to stay on the ladle, of course.

Decorate Your Neohome

If you want to welcome guests and trick-or-treaters to your abode with true witchy style, you've gotta provide authentic Halloween ambience. Your Neohome will quickly become the scariest "haunted house" in the neighborhood if you follow these simple (and generally affordable) suggestions.

Carved Pumpkins: These little fellows will look wonderfully grumpy in almost any porch setting. For optimal effect, you should place several pumpkins on your lawn and front porch in order to light the path and welcome guests with a sneer. The creepier the faces they are pulling, the better.

Candles: In general, witches do not use electric lighting (especially during scary dark nights), so various candles and lanterns are essential to any witchy Neohome. Candlelight may be dim, but don't underestimate it's atmospheric qualities. Candles may also add a pleasant scent to the home, ranging from seasonal spice to a stench reminiscent of earwax. There are many spooky-themed candles to select from, so have fun with it!

Spyder Web Mat: Cobwebs are a must for any Neohome decorated for Halloween. Instead of a doormat that says "Welcome", why not get a creepy crawly doormat that speaks for itself? Please be aware that debris and dust get trapped in this doormat very easily.

Dead Tree: The yard is not to be neglected when you spruce up your Neohome for Halloween. This tree's haunting gaze will send shivers down the spine of any would-be trick-or-treaters, making it a truly chilling addition to your garden.

Spooky Toilet: Nothing screams hospitality like a toilet that could take a bite out of your behind.

Spyder Lights: There's nothing quite like lighting up the porch or sitting room with a lovely green glow. Hundreds of beady little red eyes truly add to the atmosphere!

I hope these tips help your Neopian Halloween celebration become spookier and "witchier" than ever. Have a Happy Halloween!

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