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Top 13 Halloween Avatars!

by xoxkar


Ah, the tenth month of the year has now arrived. And we all know what that means; that's right, it means Halloween is just around the corner! Halloween is a favorite for many, especially those from Haunted Woods. Halloween brings trick-or-treating, jack-o-lanterns, delectable candy, costumes, and all things evil! With Halloween soon approaching, it's time to start choosing costumes, stocking up on yummy candy for those candy crazed trick-or-treaters who will be knocking on your door, decorating your Neohome with all your favorite decorations, and last but not least, showing off a wonderful Halloween themed avatar!

You know it's time to celebrate Halloween when the jack-o-lanterns are being lit and sat outside on doorsteps in the crisp cool nights. When you hear the witches cackling, and the moans from the ghastly ghouls, and when dark spooky shadows can be seen creeping from the corners with ghosts floating through the sky, you just know Halloween has now arrived.

So, to honor Halloween, I have dedicated this article to 13 spooktastic Halloween avatars! These avatars are perfect for Halloween as they are spooky, evil, and colorful. So it's time to pick out your favorite Halloween themed avatar and get started on a spooktastic font!

PiƱatas & Candy!

Trick-or-treating is a big part of Halloween, so for those who love dressing up in their favorite costume and knocking on doors on Halloween night with hopes of candy, this avatar is perfect for you! This avatar features the one and only mischievous Pant Devil in a gigantic pile of delicious Halloween Candy! When you use this avatar, everyone will know you love your trick and treats; who knows, you might even receive a treat or two!


Are you a fan of the evil and wicked? If so, this MSPP avatar is a great choice! This spooktastic avatar features the Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie. Just looking at his evil gleaming eyes will send some shivers down your spine!

Mutant Graveyard of Doom II

The words mutant, graveyard, and doom just scream Halloween! This wonderful animated avatar is a great choice for those who have it! This avatar features a mutant Kacheek, a jack-o-lantern trick-or-treat bag, mysterious fog, and of course, a horrifying graveyard!

Freaked Korbat

This avatar is one many admire, and if you happen to have it, why not show it off? The spooky red Korbat that is featured in this avatar is wearing a menacing smile! The colors on this avatar, black and red, are perfect for making frightful fonts!


Aw, what a cute spooky avatar! This avatar is perfect for those Neopians who are not quite as brave, as this avatar is spooky, yet adorable! The Zomutt in this avatar has deep green beady eyes, sharp pointed horns, and a studded diamond collar.

Mynci - Halloween

This creepy Mynci Halloween avatar is a great choice if you happen to be a fan of Myncies and evil! Beware, when using this avatar, you might just scare someone! This is a perfect avatar for those who want to create a spooky Halloween font; just be sure not to turn your back on this avatar!

Lenny - Wicked

Are you a fan of Lennies and witches? If so, this is the avatar for you! This avatar shows a wicked Halloween Lenny who is in the midst of cooking up some mysterious vile potion in their bubbling cauldron. I wouldn't try the potion if I were you!

Count von Roo's Deadly Dice

Halloween wouldn't be complete without Count von Roo! Why you ask? Well, it just so happens that Halloween is Count von Roo's favorite day of the whole year! It's the one day when he will be awake the entire day, he will even allow you to visit him if you wish! So why not pay him a visit to say hello, and show him your support by wearing this avatar! This avatar features him in his favorite place, his coffin! Just look at those sharp fangs. I'd be careful not to anger him if I were you.


Whether you call it a Werelupe, or a Halloween Lupe, this avatar definitely features one of the most evil creatures that is found lurking in the Haunted Woods on Halloween night. I for one wouldn't want to be standing too close to this Lupe! This deranged Lupe has glowing blood red eyes, and the most vicious looking teeth. You are truly brave if you use this avatar!

Stamp Collector - Haunted Woods

This dark haunting avatar may be rare and elusive, but if you happen to have it in your collection, you had better use it! This horrifying spooky avatar features the Brain Tree from Haunted Woods, looking more evil than ever! Haunted Woods is the source for all things evil, so what better way to get in the Halloween spirit than using this avatar?

Edna - Cackle!

It wouldn't be Halloween without witches, so why not show your support for Edna by using her avatar? This avatar is also great for those who are dressing as Edna this Halloween season. Edna is often in her tower that is located in the Haunted Woods; she spends her days mixing up the most vile smelling potions. Your friends will envy you when you use this avatar!

I *heart* Sloth

Do you happen to be a fan of Sloth? If so, this avatar is perfect for you! We all know Sloth is one of Neopia's most evil villains, as his goal is to take over Neopia. So, what could be better than using this evil and dark avatar? Even Sloth loves Halloween, so you can show your love for Sloth and Halloween when using this avatar!

Evil Coconut

Now, this is one scary looking avatar! This avatar features a coconut, but not just any ordinary coconut, however. This evil coconut has blood red flames burning in its eyes, and is wearing the most malicious smile. Who said only pumpkins are evil? This avatar certainly proves that coconuts can easily be just as scary!

I hope you enjoyed my article, and I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween season that is filled with tricks and treats!

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