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The Guide to a Perfect Neopian Holiday

by michelle_ou123


Every now and then, a busy Neopian needs a holiday. Be it to escape the hustle and bustle of Neopia Central or to get away from the ever-changing numbers at the Neopian stock market, we could all do with a few weeks (or days) away from our everyday lives. The only problem is, there are so many wonderful places in Neopia, how can we decide where to go? Would it be better to play beach volleyball and laze on a beach in Mystery Island or experience the fright of our lives camping in the Haunted Woods? Well, this quick quiz will determine the perfect holiday for you and highlight all the wonderful attractions of your most desirable destination!

1. Your owner has just received a Fountain Faerie Quest! What colour would you chose to be painted?

a. Pink or Faerie, anything pretty really

b. Whatever looks evil enough...

c. Island

d. Halloween

e. Sorry, too busy figuring out the ratio between the price of the quest and the reward...

2. Your neofriends would describe you as

a. Dress-up princess


c. Sporty

d. Spooky

e. Intelligent and a workaholic

3. You are most proud of:

a. Your Beauty contest trophies

b. Your evil plan for Neopian Domination

c. Your Altador Cup Trophies

d. Being everyone's worst nightmare

e. Topping the class in every subject at neoschool

4. A typical Sunday afternoon is spent:

a. Trying out new outfits at Uni's clothing

b. Recruiting meepits to stir trouble

c. Playing various sports such as beach volleyball and yooyuball

d. Scaring the wits out of your neofriends... Now you wonder why you no longer have any...

e. Expanding your knowledge in various forms

5. Your Neopian Idol is:

a. Queen Fyora

b. Sloth

c. Lilo Blumaroo

d. Idol? Why worship someone when you can scare them instead?

e. King Hagan

6. Your owner decides to let you pick your very own petpet! You choose:

a. An angelpuss - so adorable -hugs-

b. A meepit - your partner in Neopia domination

c. A Yooyu - perfect for yooyuball practise

d. A ghostkerchief - perfect for frightening people

e. A white weewoo - you heard they were extremely intelligent

7. Your most treasured possession is:

a. Your entire wardrobe

b. Your original blueprint for Neopia domination

c. Your Mynci Beach Volleyball avatar

d. Your name you earnt from scaring people

e. Your Book Club Honorary Member Badge

That's all for now. Quick, quick, tally up your results!

Mostly A

Your Destination - Faerieland

You love all things pretty and pink, so why not head off to Faerieland where you can enjoy these pretty marvels firsthand! Spending the day cheering on your favourite Poogle at Poogle Racing or finding out 'What faerie are you' with the personality quiz would be your ideal day! Be sure to check out the faerie fashions too! If you can find the Hidden Tower, you can splurge some of your neopoints on a pretty royal paint brush. Or just drool at the the expensive items if you're too poor. Visit the Healing Springs to heal your injuries or get a nice health boost from the water faerie. The faeries are always in need of a hand, why not help them out a bit on a Faerie Quest? The rewards will make it worth your while! Speaking of jobs, check out the employment agency (though who actually wants to WORK on holidays?!) and to end the day with a random act of kindness, give the Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity a visit and you might even get a pleasant surprise! :)

Mostly B

Your Destination - Virtupets Space station

Your next plan for Neopia Domination is just waiting to be launched; all it needs is a bit of fine tuning, so the perfect place for you to holiday is the Space Station! I'm sure Sloth would love to hear your idea. Who knows? He might even ask you join the team! While you're there, don't forget watch Sloth pwn the Space Faerie (or at least try to)! Why not play Typing Terror or visit the Lever of DOOM (you may leave slightly poorer, though -shifty eyes-)! Of course no Virtupets Space Station holiday would be complete without a visit to the Virtupets Cafe.

Mostly C

Your Destination: Mystery Island

You are always up for a good game and Mystery Island is the only place where you can soak up the sun and play beach volleyball or even yooyuball at the same time! Once you've beaten the locals you can head off to the beach for a good swim. While you're there, go on a tiki tour or try your luck with Tombola! If you're up for an adventure, try climbing Techo Mountain or visit the Lost City of Geraptiku? Don't forget to pick up an awesome souvenir or your very own petpet from the Rock Pool! If you're lucky enough to visit at the right time of year, you may even be able to celebrate the Gadgadsbogen festival and taste some exotic berries. To end a wonderful day, why not sit back and relax on the beach watching the sunset?

Mostly D

Your Destination: Haunted Woods

The perfect place for you would be a couple of nights camping in the Haunted Woods as you're probably the only person who isn't freaked out by its spooks. In fact, you'll probably feel more at home than on holiday, but you'll find plenty of inspiration for your next spook-fest when you come back! Make sure you check out the Deserted Fairground, and meet the Brain Tree and the Esophagor! Or maybe play a game of Test your Strength or Coconut Shy... no, I promise you they are not rigged. *cough* To end your SPOOKY holiday, why not get lost in the Castle of Eliv Thade? If you get out alive, you might even come home with an AVATAR! Oh, and last of all, don't forget to check out Spooky Petpets to get your very own spooky souvenir!

Mostly E

Your Destination: Brightvale

If you can bear missing a few days of work, then Brightvale is surely worth a visit. Known as the most knowledgeable place in Neopia, Brightvale is sure to enrich your mind to greater heights. You'll meet plenty of like-minded scholars who are more than willing to share their wisdom. While you're there, why not impress King Hagan himself with your wisdom. If you're smart enough, he might even award you with an avatar!! I'm sure that would make your friends turn green with envy. If that's not your thing, you could always try your luck by spinning the Wheel of Knowledge! Oh, and why not visit Brightvale Books or Brightvale Scrollery to stock up your own personal library full of Brightvale's treasures?

On a Final Note, wherever you decide to go, I hope you have fun and enjoy your stay to the very best. I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Get out there and enjoy what Neopia has to offer! Happy Traveling!

If you are reading this, it means we got into the Neopian Times!! -happy dance-

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