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Tales From Number Five: The Three Faeries - Part One

by rider_galbatorix


Master Vex allowed his gaze to wander around his boring cabin. There was absolutely nothing of interest; the walls were bare. The only small window gave the extremely gloomy view of the Citadel.

     Slowly, his boredom turned into irritation. It had been years since the war against Meridell. Why couldn't Lord Darigan just give the order to free the prisoners? It wasn't like they were doing any harm, just consuming the Citadel's resources and his time.

     Truly, it was boring. So boring, not even Cellblock could hold his interest. There had to be something, something new, something that could hold his interest. Then, as his gaze drifted across the barren landscape, an idea struck him. At first, it seemed absurd, an impossible idea. So, he refined it until it became plausible. Hastily, he called out to his guards, Galgarrath and Haskol.

      * * * *

     Galgarrath moodily walked down the corridor. Master Vex could be impossible sometimes. It was one thing to allow the prisoners to play games, but this next idea was absolutely absurd. Still, as a guard he obeyed his master.

     Like usual, he slammed open the door. Better to scare off those pesky prisoners. He gave himself a moment to take in and enjoy the fear on their faces, and spoke.

     "Master Vex has discontinued Cellblock until further notice. From now on, you will all think up stories that you will then relate to Master Vex. Should it please him, you will be allowed to leave." Galgarrath left, he knew that the last line was a lie; Master Vex wouldn't release the prisoners ever. But it was better that they have some incentive to think up the stories.

      * * * *

     Meanwhile, Haskol flew down to the gates of the prison and placed a sign that read:

     Cellblock will now be discontinued. If this has caused any inconvenience, then we really don't care.

     Before he could fly back up, a Neopian appeared and read the sign. Then, he said, "But I haven't gotten the trophy yet, or the avatar."

     "Didn't you read the sign? I don't care." The Neopian looked like he was going to say something else, but then Haskol hissed at him and he became quiet and walked away. Then, Haskol flew back up to the prison.

      * * * *

     Master Vex barely had to wait at all; within five minutes Galgarrath came in and said, "Number Five says he's got a story you might like."

     "That crazy old Gelert?"

     "Actually, sir Number Five is a Lupe."

     "Whatever. Now, it better not be more nonsense about Jelly World."

     "I told him that, Sir. He says he's sure you'll like it."

     "I better."

     So, Master Vex, with his other two guards (better to look imposing), went to the Lupe's cell.

     Then, all of them went into the Lupe's cage. Number Five glanced at the three for a few seconds. Suddenly, he shouted, "JELLY WORLD EXISTS!"

     "No it doesn't," Haskol said.

     "No, I tell you, Jelly World is as nonexistent as White Weewoos."

     "Which means it's pretty nonexistent. Now, the reason you called us better not be about this Jelly World nonsense, or you will truly suffer." Master Vex said the last words with menace. Number Five gulped; he knew just what punishments Vex was capable of giving.

     Number Five opened his mouth, but paused. He decided it was better not to continue rambling about Jelly World, and continue with his story.

     "So, our tale takes place a long time ago, in Faerieland, with a young water faerie named Elizabeth, who currently is the one who runs the Healing Springs. It is known as the Tale of the Three Faeries, for it involves the back story of one of the most important faeries of all time: The Healing Springs Faerie, Illusen and Jhudora." The three gave no sign for the Lupe to stop, so he continued.

     Elizabeth was just lazily lying on the cloud. It was not unusual for her; she generally lay on that cloud all day long. She used to just stare at the blue sky above, below and around her. Perhaps that was the reason she had failed. She had failed her final examination, and now had been expelled.

     It was certainly an eye-opener for her; it was widely known within the academy that she wasn't very good at magic. Still, during the last few days she had started to turn a new leaf; she began working hard. She turned in all of her assignments on time (even though most of the answers were wrong, she was still handing them in on time), and started reading a lot more.

     Still, it wasn't enough for her to pass. In the end, she had done a lot better than her previous tests, but the results were still too bad for a pass. That was the last straw in the strict academy; she had been thrown out.

     Now, there was no chance of her becoming a fully-fledged faerie now. She had always dreamed of becoming famous, becoming like the Soup Faerie. But now there was nothing to do now. Just then, a neomail arrived for her. It read:

     The Academy has decided against expelling you; it has appeared you have been doing better. We have decided to give you one more chance. There will be a retest on Wednesday. Make sure to come at 12 o'clock sharp. The test will be from the books Healing Koi and Gelert Remedies.

     Elizabeth stared at the neomail blankly; she could hardly believe it. Yet, there it was, the seal of the Royal Academy for Faeries.

     Brimming with joy, she swam and started preparing. Normally, she would have gone for a swim, but the test was more important.

     She wondered what books she should read, and then went over to the bookstore. She saw the Library Faerie, working hard as usual. Elizabeth always liked the Library Faerie. So, she said hi and told her about it.

     "Well, we just finished out our only stock, but I think we have some copies of Healing Koi and Gelert Remedies, and remember to read them thoroughly. Also, don't forget to check the Water Faerie Healing Guide. It's the most basic book there is; questions just might come from it," said the Library Faerie. She collected the books and presented them to Elizabeth. "The cost is two thousand, five hundred neopoints."

     "But I have only two thousand." Elizabeth said. The Library Faerie looked at her, and decided to give it to her for that much. Elizabeth thanked her and went to prepare.

     Two days later, the day of the test came. Elizabeth had tried her best. She spent all day and night memorizing each and every word in those books; she made sure she knew them perfectly and could answer any question that they threw at her.

     On the day of the test, she was nervous, but a bit more confident than before. That confidence vanished as she looked at the test paper.

     Q. Describe the reagents used in making a basic healing potion.

     Q. Why must Mushroom Essence be added last in a Relaxing Concoction?

     For one thing, none of these things had been mentioned in the two books. This wasn't right; it wasn't right at all.

     Elizabeth just tried to do her best, and when she had asked the examiner, a Light Faerie who was probably two thousand years old, the Light Faerie asked, "What's the matter?"

     "Barely any of these questions come from the list I was informed of."

     "You do realize that this is a test of what you've learned in the University, not one of a few random books."


     "Keep quiet, or you will be expelled."

     Elizabeth just sat down and did it as best as she could.

     The results came within twenty minutes. She had failed.

     So, she went and asked the in-charges of the Academy if she would be able to study there; after all, the paper had been set up wrong. However, they refused, saying the test would happen only one time. Elizabeth gave up.

     She would now never be like the famous faeries, the Battle Faerie, the Library Faerie or the Soup Faerie.

     Sure, if she hadn't worked at all, she might have thought that she deserved it. But, after working so hard, to fail, the sorrow was unbearable.

     She started swimming in her favorite stream, trying to stop thinking about her failure. However, the more she tried, the more her mind went on about how all of her hard work had gone to waste. She quickly became angry. Whenever a faerie gets angry, magic always starts to pour out of them. The water around her began to move rapidly; streams of it shot out of the water. One struck a boulder on the cloud, which promptly fell down.

     There was a distinct sound as the boulder hit something, and a cry of pain. Elizabeth froze, rooted to the spot. She had just hit someone.

     Then, Queen Fyora appeared. She was magnificently dressed, but the dress was cut in some places and she was bruised and looking very angrily at Elizabeth. Then, the truth dawned on Elizabeth.

     She had hit Queen Fyora.

To be continued...

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