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by ved_coolguy


This is a guide for all of the fellow Neopians to get the shiny trophies for their cabinets to make their account look more beautiful.

Game Trophies

There are two types of game trophies you can earn. The easiest are the ones that require no competition with other players. They just require patience, skill and (sometimes) a little luck. These trophies are awarded when you complete certain levels (or the whole of) a game rather than beating another player's high score. Most of these games also don't require Flash or Shockwave, so are probably the best way to go if you're looking to earn some trophies but don't have the most technologically advanced computer. Just because the games are played solo doesn't mean that they're easy. Some require quite a bit of skill and others can take a long time to complete, but either way, you'll be satisfied and should be proud of yourself if you obtain one. Some examples of these easier trophies include Neoquest I and II, Cheat!, Snow Wars, Pyramids, and Cellblock. These games require a lot of time and you have to be patient.

The other type of game trophy you can get requires quite a bit more skill and will require a lot of practice. You can get high score trophies for most of the Flash games available on the site. To win one of these, you must score within the top 17 high scores, and remain in the top 17 until 12:01 AM NST the following day. The high score tables reset at 12:01AM NST at the beginning of each month; the first day is the easiest to get a trophy, especially in luck/chance games and games with a maximum possible score. You don't just get the trophy at one go, just keep on practicing until you reach there. And never give up!

Besides Flash games, there is also another way to compete with players on the site to win trophies. These come in the form of monthly tournaments where you'll have to face off against of a variety of different players. This will require quite a bit of dedication over the course of a month (or more, if you don't win the first time). There are only three games that participate in these kinds of monthly tournaments: Armada, Geos, and Kacheekers. The tournaments for these games are held on the 1st of every month.

There is also one other type of trophy that can only be categorized under games. It also involves competition and can get you an exclusive trophy. The Kadoatery is a unique game and requires patience, agility, and money. You have to be very quick in this game. In this game the kadoaties asks for different foods at different types (some are very cheap and some are very very expensive). To get the bronze trophy you have to feed 1 kad, to get the silver you have to feed 25 kads and to get the gold trophy you have to feed 75 kads.

Battledome Trophies

There aren't many trophies given out by the Battledome, but the few that are can be nice accomplishments to show off. They require your pets to have a great set of statistics as well as a good set of weapons. The first is a trophy for defeating Punchbag Bob. He's an easy opponent in that he doesn't attack your pet at all, but if you don't have a formidable set of weapons, then beating him could take you a long time. As long as you're patient and keep whittling away at his 5000 health, he'll eventually be defeated and you'll come away with a shiny trophy for your cabinet!

The other kind of Battledome trophy comes from the Defenders of Neopia. You are assigned to different missions and each one gets progressively harder. There are two series of the Defenders. The first one has a total of seventeen challengers to face. The newest series also gives you trophies (Defenders Of Neopia 2). Both will provide you with a separate trophy but once you have the two trophies, each challenger you defeat stacks on top of them. For example, if you defeat Mission Six of the first series, you will only have the Mission Six trophy, not all the sequential ones because it's a given that you defeated them.

Contest Trophies

There are a number of different contests on Neopets that require gaming skills, artistic talent, and/or good perception. They each have their own trophy and you can get multiples of each trophy. (This would show up as a x2, x3, etc on your profile.) A few of these contests include The Neopian Times, Better Than You, Art Gallery, or the Lenny Conundrum. (Many of thee contests take place weekly.)

Plot Trophies

These trophies can only be obtained through Neopets' plots. These are special occasions that usually happen once or twice a year that can involve solving a series of puzzle and/or defeating enemies in the Battledome. For example: AOTA, Altador Plot (still open), etc.

At the end of a plot, you're awarded with plot points to spend on various prizes as well as a trophy. There have been many plots in the past - keep an eye on New Features to see if one's coming up! There is one exception to the retired plot trophy rule: the Altador mini-plot. It is open indefinitely and will still earn you a trophy and prizes. A guide can be found here which details all the steps you need to take to complete the plot.

Site Event Trophies

A few other trophies are obtainable through Neopets' site events. These commonly take place annually (as distinct from plots, which only happen once) and the trophy designs are often similar from year to year. You can earn a different trophy for each site event each year, and your stats from that event can pop up when you click on the trophy in your profile. Notable site events include the Altador Cup, the Games Master Challenge and the Daily Dare.

Random Event Trophies

Well, there is only one trophy which can be classified into this category and that is the Sloth's Invasion Tax trophy. You get it through a random event by Sloth stealing your neopoints. He steals 20%, like if you have 1000 NP with you in hand, he could be stealing only 200 NP. The more you lose, the better are the chances for you to get the trophy.

Other Trophies

There are a few miscellaneous trophies that you can get that don't really fit into any category above. They include the Lucky Space Faerie Charm, which you can get by referring two or more people to Neopets Premium. You also automatically have the Lutari Talisman on your profile, which you can fill with different colored beads. In addition to those, you also have the NC Mall Album (which you must choose to enable), which shows all the purchases you've made in the NC Mall.

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