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A Neopian's Guide to Lutra Care

by meggierules2129


It was a fairly warm day in Mystery Island. I was lounging on the front porch of our neohome, flipping through an old issue of The Neopian Times, when my Tuskaninny, yk_Blitzen (commonly called “Blitz”), comes waddling up the slope to our house.

My son is a surfer – he loves gliding through Mystery Island’s shimmering turquoise water and attempting flips and twists on his board. Not to brag or anything, but he’s exceptionally talented, too. It was around 12:00 P.M. when I heard him approaching. I didn’t pay much attention, because he always returns from the beach at that time for lunch.

But Blitz got my attention by calling, “Mom! Mom! Guess what?”

My eyes locked themselves onto Blitz’s shoulders. Imagine my surprise when I saw a Lutra perched on his left shoulder, wiggling its thick blue tail and rubbing its cheek affectionately against my son’s.

“What... where... did you...?" I stammered, bewildered.

Blitz didn't own a petpet... certainly not one as pricey as a Lutra! Where did this creature come from?

“I found her!” Blitz cried cheerfully, stroking the petpet’s fur with his right paw. “Isn’t she cool?”

I got up out of my porch chair, set down the Neopian Times and planted my hands firmly on my hips.

“Blitzen, just because you find a petpet, doesn’t mean you get to keep it.”

Though, I had to admit, the Lutra was adorable. Her big, sky blue eyes blinked at me innocently and she was so fluffy, you could just bury your face in her fur and...

Snap out of it! I told myself. He’s taking advantage of you! All my pets know that petpets are my weaknesses... Blitz probably figured I’d let him keep the Lutra because she was so precious, and I’m so weak when it comes to cuteness.

Turns out he was right.

But trust me, I acted very responsibly! I had all my other pets help Blitz make “Found Lutra” posters to distribute around the island. I also neomailed the owner of the Rock Pool, asking whether or not they had any missing Lutras. Plus, I contacted the PPL, informing them that my pet had found a random Lutra in the ocean, bobbing up and down in the waves, and the petpet had followed him home.

But, to Blitz’s delight, no one claimed to be the owner of the Lutra. I wondered if maybe she was a wild one, not used to having an owner, but the PPL gave us permission to keep her. Blitz named her Kolari, and she soon became a lovable member of the family, very enthusiastic and friendly.

After only about two days of owning her, I realized something: I had no idea how to care for Lutras! After doing a bit (okay, a lot) of research, I decided to write this article for all the other Lutra owners in need of assistance or for those contemplating adopting one from the Rock Pool.

Below, I have categorized everything you need to know about Lutras into five sections. Hopefully, they will help you tend to your Lutra’s needs!

1.) Food... we all need it, even Lutras!

For the first few days of being an owner, Blitz was feeding Kolari leftovers of his own meals. Kolari enjoyed this immensely, but I assumed omelettes, tchea fruits, and banana milkshakes weren’t a part of her diet.

A Lutra’s diet is mainly fish. My advice is to visit the Ye Olde Fishing Vortex in the Maraquan Ruins to catch a fresh, tasty treat for your little critter. If you’ve had a bad fishing day and can’t reel in any fishy treats, don’t fret. Lutras also like nibbling on kelp or other grasses.

2.) The habitat is where it’s at!

Lutras are, obviously, aquatic creatures, meaning they need water for swimming to survive. However, Lutras do not have gills, so they are not able to breathe underwater. Finding a home where this petpet can have both land and water is tricky. Mystery Island, where Lutras originate from, is a perfect home. Maraqua is a nice habitat, too, but it would be a hassle for the petpets to have to swim all the way up to the shore for air and all the way back down to the bottom of the ocean where Maraqua is located. The poor Lutra would be so tired out by the end of the day! Kiko Lake, Krawk Island, and Lutari Island are good substitutes, too.

Lutras should avoid dry or waterless areas like the Lost Desert, Kreludor, or Virtupets Space Station. Although, if you have either a pool or pond in your yard, your Lutra will probably be fine, though they prefer warmer, tropical areas.

3.) Exercise and Play

TNT’s description of the Lutra is: “These curious little rascals love exploring and playing. They are great for pets that enjoy diving.” Hiding behind their adorable, innocent expression is a sharp, mischievous mind – believe me, I’m the one who had to clean up all our groceries off the floor of our kitchen because Kolari “accidently” knocked them over.

The most important thing you need to remember when caring for your Lutra is to keep them occupied. If they get bored, they will have to find something else to play with, something like your unedited story submission for the Neopian Times, your entry for the Beauty Contest, or even your Poetry Competition trophy. Trust me, they can and will destroy these things... or come close.

Lutras have slender bodies with muscular tails and webbed feet. Though not particularly fast, they are excellent swimmers and love being in the water as much as possible. Whenever Blitz goes to the beach to surf, Kolari always tags along, which is good, because sedentary Lutras are unhealthy Lutras.

I have found that Lutras like balls to bounce around and chase, pipe mazes to slide through, and your pets to follow. If your pet is playing a game, don’t be surprised when his or her Lutra decides they want to be involved!

4.) Zzzzz... Sleep!

In the wild, Lutras sleep either on land in dens, or by wrapping their tails around kelp in the sea so they don’t drift off while snoozing. Your Lutra will probably enjoy a cozy petpet bed, lined with Kelp. It sounds weird, but it makes them feel at home!

5.) (Cha-ching!) Pricing!

If you are interested in purchasing a Lutra from the Rock Pool, you are probably interested in the pricing of the petpet. Lutras are fairly expensive, for some Neopians, ranging from about 120,000 NP to 150,000 NP. They may put a dent in your wallet, but trust me; their cuddles are totally worth it!

So far, living with Kolari has given us quite a few laughs, and I hope your Lutra / future Lutra will bring you happiness, too. Not only are they adorable, but the little darlings are loyal, affectionate, and adventurous... perfect for your neopet on the go!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go replant those perfume mallows a certain someone just dug up... Blitz, give Kolari a bath, will you?

Hey, I never said being a Lutra owner would be easy.

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