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The Fantastical Pet Naming Guide

by daddyslttlegurl


***It's true, this guide is fantastical!***

We all love our Neopets, regardless of their names. Still, I'm sure most pets would prefer not to be named fluffykittenbaby_2035 or george27859. I mean, how would you like it if your parents had strung a bunch of numbers after your name?

And now, people are referring to pets as WN. What does that even mean?

WN stands for well named and refers to the name of a pet. Different users say slightly different things, but most can agree on what they would consider well named. Here are what some users consider WN:

"Anything that is at least somewhat pronounceable without any numbers or underscores. Should be no more that 12ish letters." -shinning123

"Capital first letter, relatively short, no numbers or underscores." -texasmodel

"I think a WN pet has to have Capitalized first letter, short name, no underscores and no numbers." -ylime2232

"Pronounceable. Length of name doesn't matter. No real words or words that are misspelled in hopes of being accidentally recognized as real words." -annemaries

"First letter must be capitalized. Must be easily pronounced, and if not, have multiple pronunciations available. Name should be unique and relate to the creator's style, and suit the pet's statistics (as in their planned color and such)... with no underscores or numbers." -nuclear_onyx

Okay, so most Neopians agree that pet names shouldn't have numbers or underscores and should have the first letter capitalized. They're also saying that planning a name to match the colour you plan to paint the pet doesn't hurt, either.

So the next time you're thinking about creating a new Neopet, stop for a minute and find a nice name for your pet that they're sure to love. Here are four ways to get an amazing name for your future pet.

Option #1: Name Pages

There are many kind Neopians out there who have used their Neopet's petpage as a list of nice untaken names. Theses page often have very nice untaken pet names.You could ask the Help board for the links to some of these pages.

To start you off, agiftforlife's petpage and Olucie's petpage are full of untaken names.

Option #2:

You could also create a topic on the Help Boards asking for help naming a pet. I’m sure there will be some users who are glad to help you find the perfect Neopet name.

Wait a minute, you think the Help Chat is full of mean people? Most of the people on the Help board would be more than happy to take a break from answering HTML questions and customization problems to help you find a name.

Option #3: Change a Name

You can change one or two letters around from a name you like until you make your very own, unique pet name.

Let's say you want to make a Neopet named Ginelle, but the name is already taken. Here's one way you could go about getting an untaken* pet name from Ginelle: Change the last e to an a (Ginella) and then add an i to the end of the name to get Ginellai.

Do you want another example?

Delilah -> Deilyah

This could be done with any name and, as long as you have patience, you'll be able to find a nice name for your Neopet.

What? You don't think this works? Well, I made a Neopet named Verrala whose name I based off the real name Vera.

Option #4: Backwards Words

This is my favorite way of making Neopet names. You take a word and see what it looks like backwards. Even if the name is taken, it might give you an name you could change a little, like what I did above.

For example, the word plain is Nialp backwards, which happens to be untaken*. If you wanted to you could even add an i to make the name Nialip, so it looks a bit better.

Do you still not believe that these methods work? Are you calling me a liar and threatening to send your meepit army upon me? Or maybe you're just stubborn and need proof?

First off, calm down. There's no need to bring meepits into this. Also, my very first Neopet, who is no longer on my account, was named Iretsym. Iretsym is mystery backwards, but with an i instead of a y.

What did you say? You think all those names above are just from me getting lucky? Well, I'll show you! I could make untaken names in my sleep!

Here are some pronounceable untaken* names that are or are inspired from backwards words:

Clumsy -> Ysmulc -> Ismulc -> Ismulic

Whisper -> Repsihw -> Repsih -> Repsi -> Repsei

Empty -> Ytpme -> Itpme -> Itipime

Dusty -> Ytsud -> Itsud -> Itsude

Rapid -> Dipar -> Dippar

Cuddly -> Yldduc -> Yidduc

Switch -> Hcitws -> Hacitws -> Hactis -> Hacti -> Hactee

Uneven -> Nevenu

Curly -> Ylruc -> Ilruc -> Ilrec

Frail -> Liarf -> Liarrf -> Liarref ->Liarrei

Irate -> Etari -> Ettari -> Ettary

See? It’s easy!

The trick is to change a letter or two at a time. I can be used in place of y and vice-versa. A name could end with y, ie, or i and still be pronounced the same way. Ay, ei, or ai could be added quite nicely to the end of most names.

Semi-option: The Pound

Before you create another Neopet, look through the Neopian Pound. There are plenty of beautifully named pets waiting to be adopted by a nice user. Just take a few minutes to sort through the erm... less desirable names.

These are only a few ways to find a gorgeous name for your future Neopet. You can try out these tips or find a method of your own to start creating awesome names for your Neopets. And always remember to capitalize the first letter of your pet name! :)

*All of the names on here were untaken when this article was submitted, but they may be taken by the time you try to make a Neopet with one of these names. Sorry about that, but you should be able to use these tips to make your own name, anyway.

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