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How to Be Your Owner's Favourite! Pt. 1

by zinkidy_dink


We’ve all seen articles on how to be good owners, but for all you neopets out there, from Buzzes to Kikos, to Quiggles to Draiks, this article will help you become a better neopet! Being a better neopet may mean rewards and gifts. Following this step by step guide will help you get some brownie points as you worm your way into your owner’s heart. So, take your time reading this article, Neopians, for all the tips and tricks to become your owner’s favourite!


Do look after your petpet

There comes a time when your owner will want to buy you a petpet. Let me get this straight; a petpet is for life and not just for Christmas, so it’s up to you to take care of your petpet.

If your owner gives you the option to choose a petpet yourself, be sure to ask for a budget too. A super expensive petpet may look snazzy, but it will cost lots and I can assure you, they are more likely to be high maintenance, meaning lots and lots of pampering. Opt for a low maintenance petpet; less time pampering means more time playing!

Think sensibly about what species you’d like. Take into account what species you are, since mismatching neopet and petpet looks kind of... odd. Many petpet shops now offer a bonding session before a purchase, so feel free to meet some of the petpets before you buy. If you bond instantly, then you will have no trouble in choosing a petpet!

It’s all very exciting when you get your very own petpet. Having a petpet is a privilege; not every neopet gets one, so count yourself lucky! First things first, naming your petpet. Think very carefully; don’t you know how embarrassing it is to have exactly the same petpet with the exact same name as someone else? Also, calling your petpet the obvious is a definite no-no, so be imaginative and creative, follow those rules and you can’t really go wrong!

So now that you’ve named your petpet, I guess it’s time for the obvious chores that come with having a petpet. Making sure that it is clean is very important. Making your owner clean up after your petpet’s muddy footprints will definitely not get you any brownie points, so ensure you give your petpet a nice wash every day. Nobody likes a stinky Spardel, right?

Oh, and don’t forget to feed it too; that’s pretty important. Take note of their favourite foods and foods that they can’t eat (e.g. everyone knows that a floud shouldn’t eat carrots) because a happy petpet makes everyone happy!

Vacation should be fun!

Don’t deny it; every neopet loves their fair share of exploring. If you have been lucky enough to be taken on holiday, you will know just how much fun it is to discover new things. However, sometimes, your fascinations may get carried away and before you know it, your owner has walked off and you’re left alone and lost.

There’s nothing scarier than being stranded in a foreign land, so make sure you stick close to your owner. They will not be pleased if you get lost and will have to spend a lot of precious holiday time searching for you; everyone will be annoyed at you for ruining their holiday, and believe me, that’s no fun.

Sometimes, it’s hard to resist investigating the amazing exotic wonders whilst on vacation. If your curiosity gets the better of you and you simply can’t stop yourself from wandering off, make sure you tell your owner where you are going. I can’t guarantee that your owner will let you explore yourself, but here are some good tips in persuading them....

  • Suggest a meeting point and a time to ensure you won’t get lost.
  • Make a sibling tag along with you. Safety in numbers, right?
  • Opt for a tour guide; chances of getting lost are minimal if you have a guide!

Speaking of vacations, it’s important to remember that a vacation should be a time for relaxation and fun, not stress and panic, so to have a minimum amount of fuss, make sure you don’t overpack or underpack. Both can be disastrous, so ensure you pack the right amount, with enough room in your suitcase to take home your souvenirs!

If you’re travelling somewhere sunny, don’t forget the all important sun tan lotion. Your owner will not be pleased if you get burnt and moan for the whole vacation, so avoiding those nasty burns is vital for having an enjoyable holiday. For extra protection, a sun hat is recommended. I suggest the deluxe sun hat for maximum shelter from the sun.

It’s still important to wear a hat if you’re visiting somewhere cold too. Wrap up warm in a thick coat, scarf and mittens to enjoy the snow without getting too cold.

Wherever your destination, holidays are for having fun. Follow the tips I have gone through in this section to ensure that you have a pleasant time on vacation!

Singing in the shower?!

Oh, what’s the horrible noise? Who is strangling the kadoaties? Oh, wait. That’s you. Singing in the shower...

Unless you’re a trained professional singer, shower singing is definitely crossed off the list if you want to be your owner’s favourite. We’ve all tried “singing” our favourite songs by the likes of 2 Gallon Hatz and Chomby and the Fungus Balls, but it almost always ends up as tuneless shouting. Despite your dreams of becoming the next pop star, adamant that your singing is fantastic, let me break it down for you. YOU CAN’T SING. Sorry to ruin your hopes, but nobody wants to hear that racket coming from the tub every time it’s bath time. So, that’s option one, stop singing in the shower.

The second, less popular and more expensive option is enrolling in singing classes and purchasing song books (I recommend: Learning To Sing Notes and Faerie Music Sing-Along). You may have to nag your owner to fund your classes, so this option is only for neopets who DESPERATELY want to become singers. Once you have began learning to sing in tune, selection of bath time songs is critical. The fact is, nobody wants to listen to old school tunes (they are so last year!), and so make sure you’re singing along to the coolest new songs and the trendiest bands.

So, some of you love bath time enough to actually “sing” during your allocated bathroom slot, whilst some of you absolutely HATE bath time. We all know how essential bath time is, so skipping your turn in the bath tub is unacceptable. The worst offenders tend to be Skeiths; many Skeiths actually claim that they are too big to fit into their bath tubs. Washing is necessary if you want to be the favourite. I mean, your owner won’t want to be greeted by a rotten stench every time they reach in to hug you, right? Besides, bath time doesn’t have to be hard work. Here’s a quick list of things crucial for an enjoyable bath time.

  • A nice smelling bubble bath. There is a vast range from honey flavoured to pea scented! Try out different products to find your favourite.
  • A bath time toy helps pass the time. Rubber Ducks are the ultimate classic bath time toys, but you can always purchase something else, such as Goldy Bath Toy (which comes in four different colours to suit you).
  • A sweet-scented shampoo is a must. Much like the bubble baths, there are many varieties of shampoos, so you will have to test different types to discover your favourite.

Whether you have a shower or a bath, both options should make sure that you are clean and smell nice. Hygiene is a definite thumbs-up if you seek to be your owner’s favourite.

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