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Back-To-Neoschool Essentials

by jaeistic


The arrival of the Month of Gathering brings with it a wave of excitement: the new school year is about to begin! While your Neopets may wish to spend the rest of their summer sunbathing in Sakhmet or kayaking in Kiko Lake, it is important that they prepare for the upcoming year. As the Month of Hiding ends, back-to-school shopping may feel hectic and anxiety-ridden, and it may be hard to decide what you need. But without further ado, here is a list of essential Neoschool items your Neopet won’t want to do without.

1. Backpack

No Neopet is ready for class without a roomy and stylish backpack to store their books and other supplies. A Green Backpack is a basic and inexpensive option, but there are many others to fit you and your pet’s taste. Perhaps a Mipsy backpack for your Neoquest II fan or Pea Pod Backpack for your vegetable enthusiast?

2. Notebook

It must be rather difficult to pay attention in class without taking notes, but have no fear, a wide selection of notebooks are at hand. A Red Notebook is a common choice, but consider purchasing a few more eclectic options: Yellow Star Notebook, Rainbow Notebook, Pepper Chia Notebook...

3. Lunch Box

Speaking of food... erm food Chias... a Lunch Box is a must for lunchtime connoisseurs. A Top Security Lunch Box may be ideal for your Neopet if his or her food is frequently stolen, but perhaps an Illusen Lunch Box is more stylish in green and brown.

4. Calculator

Have calculator, will pass math class. (* success not guaranteed) Whether your Neopet is studying Aisha Algebra or Chia Calculus, a calculator may make the difference between a passing and failing grade. Consider a scrumptious-looking Peachpa Calculator or a more basic Blue Slorg Calculator.

5. Pencil

How else do you take notes on that shiny new notebook? A pen? BAH! Pencils are superior with their erasers and variety of selection. A Basic Pencil or a Mechanical Pencil should suffice, but a Flexible Pencil is more fun. Now to pick a pencil case... Mootix Pencil Case and Babaa Pencil Case are equally adorable options, but a Purple Pencil Case will do just fine. If your Neopet goes through their pencils rather quickly, consider purchasing a Chia Pencil Sharpener or an Aisha Pencil Sharpener.

6. Folder

Now that your Neopet is equipped with sharp note-taking skills and pencils, a folder is necessary to organize those papers. Jelly Folder and Doughnut Folder may be too distracting, and Dung Folder perhaps too smelly. Starry Folder is a safer option, but for your Haunted Woods fanatic, why not try a Ghostly Folder?

7. Stapler

How better to keep papers together than with a staple? Though perhaps slightly dangerous for your younger Neopets, it is always good to have a Red Stapler around. Other options include Cheesy Stapler, Quiggle Stapler, and Snuffly Stapler.

8. Scissors

Art classes often require paper-cutting, but scissors can be used in all sorts of (safe) ways. Silver Scissors are nice and basic, but Snow Scissors work just as well. (Mutated Scissors and Grey Scissors both look a little hard to use.)

9. Glue

You never know when you’ll need to glue something together. Glitter Glue is quite festive and comes in Red, Blue, Green, and Golden, but for those who want to do without the sparkle, Strong Forever Glue or Super Amazing Strong Glue are great deals.

10. Textbook

There’s really no way to pass a class you’re missing the textbook of... so please remember to buy the appropriate textbooks for your Neopet’s classes: Science or History or Language or Math.

11. Dictionary

Make sure you keep a dictionary at home for all those new words stumbled across in new textbooks. Quick Reference Dictionary is a good beginner’s dictionary, but an Unabridged Dictionary is, as in the description, what the professionals use.

12. Clipboard

A clipboard is an easy way to keep all your papers in order and in line. Fire Clipboard may burn your carefully penned notes, so perhaps a funky Disco Clipboard or a sweet-looking Faerie Clipboard will get the job done better. Of course, Pink, Blue, and Brown are also available.

13. Watch

Buy a watch to make sure your Neopet is never late to class! It’s considerably less convenient to carry around a clock, or to get a late slip, so don’t forget to purchase this necessity. More old-fashioned Neopets will enjoy a Cybunny Pocket Watch, but a Flotsam Spy Watch is more sleek, and a JubJub Coconut Watch more shiny.

14. Ruler

Don’t let your Neopet draw crooked lines ever again. Rulers make lines friendlier, and perhaps teachers will appreciate straighter lines. Sloth Ruler seems rather menacing, and Cheesy Ruler has enough holes to be useless, but a Stone Ruler is a dependable, eco-friendly option. Stone lasts a very long time, as seen in Tyrannia, so a ruler made of stone is very long-lasting indeed.

15. Eraser

In case the erasers on your pencils wear out... or if your pencils never came with erasers, don’t forget to buy a couple of these mistake-saving tools. A few options look good enough to eat: Pea, Doughnutfruit, Tchea, Tigersquash, Pickle, Biscuit... even Pepper Chia.

16. Back-to-School Outfit

The first day of Neoschool may be especially terrifying for your younger Neopets, so a brand-new outfit may help calm their nerves. Unis Clothing Shop in the Neopian Bazaar offers some of the finest clothing in Neopia and should be your first stop.

As you can see, Neoschool takes a lot of preparation. However, with these tools in hand... or hoof, your Neopet will have a less stressful beginning to the school year. Of course, don’t forget just one more thing: good attitude. You can’t buy it or trade for it in the Trading Post, but a good attitude is something no Neopet can go without. Keep a bright outlook while shopping, just as your Neopet should keep a bright outlook on learning. After all, that’s what Neoschool is all about, isn’t it?

(Note: more item options are available than just those listed.)

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