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Meepits: Revealed!

by the_neo_king09


When most Neopians see a meepit, they will think of it as "cute" and will then attempt to interact with it. However, a select few Neopians, when confronted with a meepit, will run for their lives, which is the correct thing to do. Meepits are one of the three most dangerous threats in all of Neopia, the others being Dr. Frank Sloth and the marshmallows (See article Marshmallows Revealed!). But what makes meepits so much of a threat? There are many reasons.

But before I speak about why they are a threat, I should describe to you what a meepit is. It is a very rare petpet that lives all over Neopia, especially in the Haunted Woods. They weigh between 1 and 2.5 pounds, and appear to be rodents. Their main color is pink but they come in many others. The most unique thing about a meepit is its eyes. They are very big and appear to always be staring at you. They cost around three million neopoints because as I already said, they are extremely rare.

The first reason they are threatening is that Neopia is drastically unprepared for a meepit invasion. Because so few Neopians know of the meepit's true nature, almost no one is prepared for a full scale invasion. No one suspects a small meepit to be plotting Neopian domination. In addition, they have infiltrated many Neopians' neohomes under the guise of pets. If you have a meepit in your home, I hope that you are keeping it under complete supervision and learning its ways. If not, I urge you to do so, or remove the meepit from your neohome immediately.

Another important factor in meepit domination is all the meepit themed items. One example is the meepit chair. You sit in the meepit's mouth and are surrounded by razor sharp teeth. It doesn't take King Hagan to figure out what's coming up. That's right, the meepit chair eats neopets! Another important item is the jar of meepit eyes. Its description clearly reads "They're STILL watching!" It's true, they are watching, watching everything. Each jar of meepit eyes contains hidden cameras to keep all Neopians under constant surveillance. The final item I will describe is the meepit juice break marshmallow. As previously stated, marshmallows are one of the other leading threats to Neopia. If the meepits and the marshmallows worked together, Neopia would be doomed.

There are two games in Neopia that involve meepits, Meepit vs. Feepit, and Meepit Juice Break. In Meepit vs. Feepit, you play as a feepit and you fight against the meepit menace. A skilled player may be able to knock out five whole meepits in one game, but if someone doesn't know how to play, they could lower the feepit population! This is bad because feepits are actually on our side in the war on meepits. The other game, Juice Break, should be avoided at all costs. In this game, you feed the meepits their juppie juice. You may be given neopoints for playing now, but if you get too good, the meepits will kidnap you and force you to supply real juppie juice. That's right. The meepits created the game to find potential juppie juice collectors.

Meepits come in many different colors, and every color of meepit has a different power. The faerie meepits can fly so an aerial attack is possible. So, especially in Faerieland keep your eyes to the sky, and if you see a flying meepit, get out of there! Robot meepits are loaded with loads of advanced weaponry, so they are incredibly dangerous. Ghost meepits can go through walls, turn invisible, and while they may be unable to hurt you directly, they can still scare your neopets badly. Red meepits are slightly bigger than your average meepit, and are therefore slightly stronger. If you must fight either a normal meepit or a red meepit, choose the normal one. The last meepit I will talk about is the fire meepit. Their tail and their ears are on fire, so if you anger one, it may burn down your neohome.

If you are confronted with a meepit, there are a few things you should do. If it has not noticed you yet, try to get away without drawing attention to yourself. If a meepit sees you screaming, "Everyone! Get away from that meepit! They're evil!" it is very likely that it will attack you. If a meepit has noticed you, the best thing to do is act friendly. No physical contact is necessary; in fact, it is not recommended. Avoid using words like "cute" or "adorable". Some meepits may find these terms offensive, and will then attack. If you wish to compliment a meepit, use a word like tough or brawny. If a meepit is in your neohome and you can't get it to leave, first, decide if this meepit is evil or just trying to live peacefully with you. If you decide it is evil, you should contact the Defenders of Neopia and stay with a friend for a few days.

Neopians are largely outnumbered by meepits, but meepits do have some fatal flaws. Their small size makes them vulnerable to being locked in a cage, but if they see the cage they will run so keep it hidden. Also, keep a whistle on hand. They have sensitive ears, so meepits will stay away from you if you are armed with one. But, just to be safe, keep a powerful weapon on hand as well. Please know that not all meepits are evil. Some meepits just wish to live peacefully with Neopians. Some friendly meepits may even infiltrate evil meepit bases to help gather information.

Thank you for reading this article. When the meepits make their move, I hope you remember reading this. Before I finish this article, I would like to thank my sources, Signs of the Meepits, Beware the Meepits, and 10 Things that will help Meepits take over Neopia. Many Neopians are doing everything they can to prevent that day from ever happening, but in case it does happen, be prepared.

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