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A Beginner's Guide to Cleaning

by brittboo_x


A trip to the Money Tree here, a shopping spree there – sometimes there just isn’t enough room in your inventory, SDB (safety deposit box), gallery, and shop to keep everything you find! But don’t worry just yet. Here’s a guide to help you clean up and keep organized.

Before explaining what you should do with your items, let’s explore everywhere you can put your stuff.


This is the place that all of your items are sent before you sort through them. Here you can only fit fifty items. This is also where you can begin organizing all of your stuff. Keep in mind that you can only feed your pets food from your inventory.


The SDB is essential for storing all of your super-rare items that you aren’t sure what to do with yet. Safety deposit boxes are ideal for storing paintbrushes, petpets, rarely used items, etc.


A gallery is like a shop where no one buys anything, and just stops through to look. It’s the perfect place to show off collections. The size of your gallery is dependent upon how many Neopoints you spend on enlarging it.


Shops are simple – put items in there and price them. Then other users come around and take it all away for you. The best way to maintain a good shop is to restock frequently and check prices at the Shop Wizard. The size of your shop is dependent upon how many Neopoints you spend on enlarging it, like a gallery.


The closet holds all of your wearables that can be accessed by customizing your pets. Wearables are items of clothing that your pets can actually wear. Beware that some items of clothing sold all around Neopia aren’t necessarily wearables.


Storage sheds hold furniture for your V2 Neohome. The pieces can be then arranged in your home.

Now that you know where you can put all of your stuff, here are the different types of items you will encounter.

1. Throw-away-ables

These are the items that have (nearly) no value. Usually, these are found at the Second-Hand Shoppe, Money Tree, and Tombola as booby prizes. Fish, bottles of sand, low NP items, gross foods, trash, etc. are some examples of Throw-away-ables. If you have an item you might suspect is one, ask yourself these questions.

1. Is there any use for this item?

2. Is this item worth over 100 NP?

3. Would you give this item to a friend as a gift?

If you answer NO to these questions, you were right! This item is definitely a Throw-away-able. If it can be eaten (like the fish and gross foods), donate it! Users with no Neopoints can count on you for a soup-, omelette-, or jelly-free meal! The other items can be discarded. If you were to donate these items, users are only going to have the same problem as you!

2. Food items

Food items are basically anything edible. When determining if you should keep a food or not, think about the rarity. Check prices at the Shop Wizard – you may have come across something really rare! For foods you are planning on feeding to your pets, keep them in your inventory. Foods that have a good value can be sold in your shop, or if you are feeling particularly generous, donated. If you come across gross foods, these are also Throw-away-ables (see number 1), and can be donated to needy users.

3. Toys

Toys. They keep your pets so happy. In reality, however, twenty toys may seem a little too much. Cheaper toys can be donated or gifted to friends. For the nicer ones, turn to your shop or SDB. Don’t keep toys in your inventory, because they are so rarely used.

4. Grooming supplies

Making your pets pretty doesn’t mean you need to fill up all of your storage! Keep the really important stuff in the SDB, since it’s used rarely, and sell or donate the remainder. Also, you could give away beauty supplies to Neofriends!

5. Wearables

Plain and simple. Closet.

6. Furniture

This is simple. For the pieces you want to keep, put them in your Neohome. For V1 Neohomes, the furniture will have to be put in one item at a time. For V2 pieces, all of your items can be put in the Storage Shed and then arranged inside your home later. Any items of furniture you don’t want can be sold or donated.

If you find items in your inventory and SDB, etc. that you aren’t sure what to do with, explore the value of the object. Sometimes this can help decide if you want to sell or keep an item. Look it up on the Shop Wizard first. If it doesn’t come up, recheck your search or try on the Trading Post.

Staying organized doesn’t mean you need to throw everything away, however! Don’t forget there are some things you want to keep handy.

1. Jelly and Omelettes

Because you never know when you’re gonna get hungry! These are typically the cheapest and most efficient foodies because of the portion sizes. Remember, however, that your pets should not live off of jelly and omelettes ONLY, and that some other food should be eaten too!

2. A plushie or brush

This is the perfect solution for an unhappy pet! Having one of these on hand allows your pet to have fun or feel better about themselves.

3. Pant Devil attractor

Why? The Pant Devil is a little thief, and why shouldn’t we trick him into taking something cheap and unimportant?

There’s also a prevention plan for avoiding messes like this! Remember to sort through items in your inventory frequently and only keep really important items in your SDB. Keep the stuff you want to show off in your gallery, put all the clothes in your closet, all of the furniture in your storage shed, and sell everything you don’t want to discard or donate!

Next time you’re looking at a day-long mess to look through, remember this article to be your hero! It’ll help you sort through the crud and keep the gems. Have fun with your pig sty!

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