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Paint Brush Polls: Royal Edition! (part 2)

by kallykat_03


*Guards line up in two rows, facing each other. Crowds gather behind them, jostling for a peek at the lavishly-dressed figures gliding down the scarlet path between the guards. The well-manicured celebrities of the Neopets world pause for a photo while the crowds chant their names, then saunter easily into the theatre where an elevated, carpeted runway has been constructed just for the occasion. One by one, the well-to-do take their places in plush chairs behind the curtain, their entourages rushing to accommodate their every whim while they wait for the awards ceremony to begin.*

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the grandest red carpet event of the year! For the first and only time, the crème de la crème of Neopia will be walking the runway as we present your top 10 female and top 10 male picks (out of 41 for each gender) for Royal pet. That’s right, these pets were voted on by over 200 users just like you. Royal pets--not only are they rare and generally reside in the homes of the wealthy and elite, but many of them can still be found frequenting high-class hangouts in their traditional, unconverted forms. Due to some unforeseen circumstances (meepits may or may not have been involved), this latest “Paint Brush Polls” has been a long time coming, but we are proud to be here now with this two-part Royal pet parade.

No fairy tale would be complete without the dashing and daring knight-in-shining-armor to sweep the princess off her paws so this week we will present the top 10 Royal Boy pets. They’re Neopia’s finest, bravest, and noblest--the princes of pets. And even if they’re not in armor, their royal robes shine all the same. Take your seat--it’s time for our first winner...

#10--Gelert (480 points)

This handsome, young fellow is the Royal Boy Gelert, a favorite among the ladies of the court, no doubt. He definitely doesn’t mind drawing attention with a showy personality to match his flamboyant color scheme. His magnificent royal jacket and pantaloons are crafted in pink and blue silks and trimmed in gold and pink-spotted white fur. Yet, it’s the bright green hue and jet-black hair that really prove he’s not afraid of the limelight. And just in case anyone happens to miss him from across the countryside, his bejeweled golden coronet stands up taller than King Skarl’s crown--now that’s something to brag about!

User Comment: “I just love his outfit. And he does have one of the biggest crowns.” --marieseyah

#9--Krawk (520 points)

The Krawk has two features which are favored by Royal Boy pets. The first is the sceptre--molded from solid gold and encrusted in jewels (rubies in this case), of course. His was custom-made to match his handsome, gold-belted, fur-trimmed, red royal robes and ruby-and-gold crown. The second favored feature he sports is the brown goatee that clings faithfully to his golden chin. That’s right, bushy eyebrows, dashing goatees, manly moustaches, or full-out beards, it doesn’t matter—these princely nobles adore facial hair!

User Comment: “His beard and his staff make him look very regal and powerful.” --mattdavies360

#8--Kyrii (555 points)

Speaking of facial hair, take a look at the stunning hue of the goatee on the Royal Boy Kyrii. Not every male pet can pull off that plum color like he does--from his dark purple hair to the paler purple of his coat to his belted violet trousers, he’s the vision of valiant. The brown of his eyes is echoed in his thick leather gloves and boots (practical yet fashionable necessities for rescuing damsels). His cranberry and indigo tunic can be worn with or without the pale cape depending on whether one prefers a traditional or modern approach to his look, but the cranberry-lined gold crown with white fur trim is a definite must.

User Comment: “The long purple hair flowing gloriously down his back captivates me.” --demon_god

#7--Cybunny (590 points)

The white-furred Royal Boy Cybunny has chosen to forego the crown and play the part of a courtier, but make no mistake, he’s just as blue-blooded as the rest of his peers! Why would he disguise his majesty? Perhaps he desires to mark himself as more humble than his ostentatious cohorts... or perhaps he secretly wishes he was born to some other role in a life, like a bard. He obviously enjoys indulging his creative side when it comes to music--just look at the golden horn he carries. It gleams brighter than the gold trim on his tunic; although, it is obviously made to match as it displays a flag of the same colors that dominate his outfit. His blue and red cap, paler blue and red mane, red shirt, and blue undershirt prove his loyalty to Meridell (not to mention the Meridellian shield emblazoned on his chest) and add to his disguise as a member of another’s court instead of a ruler of his own.

User Comment: “I have nothing to say about this one, except he is absolutely adorable. X]” --coup_degrace

#6--Draik (605 points)

Our next monarch, the Royal Boy Draik, hails from the distant land of the Lost Desert. Unlike the previous pet, he has no problem flaunting his wealthy lifestyle, and he does so with gold. His deep green vest and trousers are trimmed in it, his arm bands, tail guard, whisker casings, and necklace are fashioned from it, and even his headpiece (while not a customary crown) is framed by it. The only fashion accessories he possibly prefers over gold are emeralds, which he wears on both his necklace and his head. His gold and green ensemble is set against the blue shades of his skin and his cool cyan eyes.

User Comment: “His jeweled headpiece and clothing look fantastic, along with the gold on his tail. He’s one of the best royal pets by far.” --berrys33

#5--Uni (670 points)

The Royal Boy Uni might look like a gallant steed, but I wouldn’t recommend trying to climb on his back for a ride. With his sturdy golden wing guards and deadly-sharp gold horn, this prince is both a stylish aristocrat in the court and a dangerous foe in battle. Like our seventh place gentleman, he proudly parades the blue and red hues and shield of Meridell (trimmed in gold, of course). His coat is a brilliant white, his mane is cropped in a fashionable hairstyle, and his royal blue eyes match the frill on his robe. This is one knight who knows how to score big both in the joust and on the runway.

User Comment: “Royal Boy Unis are so cool! They’re really creative, and I like the swirls on their wings.” --samsterb

#4--Lupe (680 points)

While he may not participate in many jousts, the Royal Boy Lupe has presided over plenty of tournaments as ruler and judge. Lupes are natural leaders (just look at Altador), and his wisdom is apparent on first sight. His stately crown holds multiple sapphires and rubies, his jewel-encrusted brooch is delicate and genteel, and his dark blue robe is trimmed in white fur. But this confident monarch doesn’t need to overdo it on the gold to prove his nobility, which is why his scarlet tunic features a silver collar, sash, and trim. However, the most important contribution to his sagacious look has nothing to do with clothing or ornaments--with his wintery white moustache, beard, and eyebrows, it’s the facial fur that really speaks to his maturity and wisdom.

User Comments: “I like the mantle and the crown very much.” --kiliasty

“This pet is wise and experienced, with facial hair that is unrivaled.” --reggieman721

#3--Shoyru (690 points)

The fantastical Royal Boy Shoyru takes the third highest place in our procession of princes. He may not have a beard, but he does carry a sceptre (and topped with an impressive jewel at that). Like the princess of his species, his face displays unique markings (purple on green in this case), his wings are shielded by golden wing covers, and his helmet-like crown is fashioned from gold and gemstones. His feet are enclosed in dainty satin slippers. Other elements of his ensemble include a dark indigo robe, jeweled choker, and blue-violet jacket edged in blue and cyan trim. He’s anything but ordinary, that’s for sure!

User Comments: “The gold helmet on his purple-green head adds a look of ancient royalty...” –clydesdalejen

“I love the helmet!” --emiwocky34

#2--Zafara (715 points)

What cranium cover do you wear to draw attention when gold and jewels lose their luster? One word: feather! And a long yellow feather is exactly what the Royal Boy Zafara has chosen to cap his cap. Between the cap and his matching violet cape with gold chain, there isn’t a more debonair lord to be found in all of Neopia. His long-sleeved, lavender jacket is fastened with golden clasps, and his royal blue trousers are perfectly fitted to his azure form. The finishing touch to his elegant look is a pair of leather boots--perfect for strutting right over the competition!

User Comments: “I love the purple cape and the feathered hat--classic!!!” --little_lady_goddess

“No doubt my favorite pet ever. When I first joined, I took one look at the Royal Boy Zafara, and I knew I had to have it. Not only is he innocent... but the purple on his outfit is so rich, and the cape is so flowing. It’s almost as if he’s a naïve child and a wise adult at the same time. Such a little paradox he is. Love it.” --psychopsam

“...He seems like he has come straight from a faerie tale.” --chipmunks_rule

#1--Kougra (765 points)

A deep roar tears through the air, and a hush falls over the crowd as Neopia’s favorite Royal Boy takes center stage, the floor trembling with each massive pawstep. This is a Kougra with style, attitude, and strength--not to mention a full head of hair. His mane might be his most prominent feature, but his wardrobe isn’t far behind. His puffy-sleeved, ruffle-trimmed tunic and fur-fringed cape are worn in the very popular Meridellian color palette of red and blue. The trendy Meridell shield symbol is worn as a ruby-sapphire-and-gold pendant on a scarlet satin cord around his substantial neck. His regal crown is crafted from crimson silk, white fur, and pure gold. An imposing and impressive figure in both his modern and traditional forms, this noble pet leaves no doubt as to who deserves to be called Neopia’s king of beasts!

User Comments: “He is so regal with his full mane.” --jcjennie

“This Kougra knows who’s boss, but he’s also a cuddly kitty! With that soft mane and royal red cape and crown, who can resist giving him a big hug?!” --brownbabybear

“...Love the rugged golden fur. Great colors!” --ladyofthedragons

“Truly the King of Neopets.” --skysmom1168

What a fabulous evening here at the Paint Brush Polls runway! Your fashion sense has no doubt been enriched by spending your time in the presence of such luxuriously-attired aristocrats. A noble thanks goes out to everyone who participated by voting and commenting. As the crowd breaks up and exits the building, don’t forget to stop by Serbris’s petpage to lend a hand with the next article.

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