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Paint Brush Polls: Royal Edition!

by kallykat_03


*Guards line up in two rows, facing each other. Crowds gather behind them, jostling for a peek at the lavishly-dressed figures gliding down the scarlet path between the guards. The well-manicured celebrities of the Neopets world pause for a photo while the crowds chant their names, then saunter easily into the theatre where an elevated, carpeted runway has been constructed just for the occasion. One by one, the well-to-do take their places in plush chairs behind the curtain, their entourages rushing to accommodate their every whim while they wait for the awards ceremony to begin.*

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the grandest red carpet event of the year! For the first and only time, the crème de la crème of Neopia will be walking the runway as we present your top 10 female and top 10 male picks (out of 41 for each gender) for Royal pet. That’s right, these pets were voted on by over 200 users just like you. Royal pets--not only are they rare and generally reside in the homes of the wealthy and elite, but many of them can still be found frequenting high-class hangouts in their traditional, unconverted forms. Due to some unforeseen circumstances (meepits may or may not have been involved), this latest “Paint Brush Polls” has been a long time coming, but we are proud to be here now with this two-part Royal pet parade.

We will begin the evening with the top 10 Royal Girl pets--ladies first, after all. These pretty princesses might be high-maintenance, but they’re high-fashion as well, and they love the limelight. So take your seat, and get ready to be wowed. Without further ado, I present our first winner...

#10--Aisha (445 points)

The Royal Girl Aisha charms onlookers with her blushing pink coat, but don’t let that sweet shade fool you--she has a fiery temper to match her fiery locks! She insists on a pure gold initial to hang on her silk, scarlet collar. Her embroidered, indigo ensemble is always well-pressed no matter if it’s worn as the traditional full-skirted, flowing-sleeved gown or a simpler modern dress with attached cloak. Her slippers ensure that her sensitive paws never have to tread upon the dirty ground, and her look is topped off by a classic cone-shaped princess hat dyed to match her gown to a tee.

User Comment: “The dress is really pretty. I wish I had one of those.” --musicalnobody

#9--Shoyru (515 points)

Our runway show continues with the galactic princess, the fantastical Shoyru. Her gorgeous attire is sure to turn heads as she flies by on her way to make an appearance at an invite-only event, her long blue and purple robes and jacket fluttering behind her and the sunlight glinting off the gold wing guards with every flap. Her bright red hue is proof that this princess doesn’t mind standing out in a crowd, and her unique pale purple face markings help highlight her fiery eyes. The crowning piece in her wardrobe is the bejeweled golden helmet she wears in place of the customary tiara. She’s definitely a trend-setter, not a trend-follower.

User Comment: “I believe this pet has one of my favorite color schemes of them all. The red and purple with a hint of gold go really well together, and she looks so playful and naïve!” --psychopsam

#8--Cybunny (565 points)

The Royal Girl Cybunny, on the other hand, doesn’t need to get creative in order to get attention. Her simple tiara is anything but boring when perched on her royal pate--it’s set off perfectly by her snow-white fur and pretty pink eyes. Her dreamy gown flows seamlessly into her soft mane, and the purple pads on her paws compliment the gold and lavender hues of her attire. Even without gaudy gems, she’s a maiden that can’t be missed!

User Comment: “The first thing that I like is that the white fur is simple, letting you focus on the details. I especially like that the mane matches so well with the dress, it almost seems a part of it.” --chipmunks_rule

#7--Kacheek (660 points)

As the one of the newest members of Neopia’s royal court, the Royal Girl Kacheek has only one version of her look to offer, but that hasn’t stopped her from rising up the ranks to make it into our top ten. Her Shenkuu-inspired ensemble is a fairly unique take on the fair lady look of your average princess. Her ornamented golden crown includes a lovely bloom and a bit of greenery for a fresh feel. The blossom, of course, matches her royal robes, which fade from a deep rose color near her feet to the pale pink v-neck collar that sets off her blue-green face. The pale vertical stripe and crimson sash add interest to her robe, as do the understated emeralds at her waist and neckline.

User Comment: “The Kacheek looks super kawaii! It’s adorable!” --phoenixofmoon

#6--Elephante (730 points)

Large and in charge (and hailing from somewhere near the Lost Desert?), the Elephante is the next Royal Girl to score with voters. Her embellished gown is dark pink with a purple sash and trimmed in every royal pet’s favorite color: gold. It includes a hood out of which she can gaze down on her adoring subjects and a jeweled headpiece to glitter between her emerald eyes. Her light blue skin is also adorned with gold on her ears and arms. The nails on her hands are manicured and painted, as are those on her feet despite the fact that they are covered by purple, satin shoes. So what if no one can see them? The ensemble just wouldn’t be complete without a day spa and a pedicure, right?

User Comment: “Amazing! The colors, the detail... Although she’s not the stereotypical princess, she seems to be the wisest in the land!” --fish_puddle

#5--Draik (840 points)

Straight out of the Lost Desert, the Royal Girl Draik wanted an outfit in which she could feel comfortable and free as she soared high above other pets under the desert sun. Needless to say, she got what she wanted. Instead of a dress, this princess wears pants! They are still silky purple and trimmed in gold (along with her top), but they’re pants nonetheless. She is also richly-adorned with two golden bracelets, two golden tail rings, three gold and turquoise earrings, and a gold and turquoise tiara. Her dark hair contrasts splendidly with her light blue eyes and pale pink underbelly and wings.

User Comment: “The fact that she’s wearing pants instead of a dress, and also that she dons a mischievous-looking smile, just gives you the impression that she’s the type that says, ‘Sure my daddy’s the king... it doesn’t mean I always have to listen to him.’” --steelseatimber

#4--Peophin (930 points)

Another elite lady who arrived after customization and became an instant favorite among users is the Royal Girl Peophin. This princess is the embodiment of grace and elegance, swimming effortlessly through the watery depths with her regal, gold-trimmed, white cape flowing behind her. Her baby blue coat and silvery mane are soothing to the eyes. But what makes this outfit are the fabulous accessories--earrings, bracelets, tail band, necklace, and of course the signature Peophin face mask all crafted from precious gold with turquoise and aquamarine stones inlaid. With gold hoof polish to boot, there’s no mistaking her for a commoner!

User Comments: “The gold bangles make that sea blue SHINE!!” --xazoo

“With her gold-adorned cape and her wonderful jewelry, plus the gentle, sage look in her eyes, it’s hard not to vote for her. Who needs those stuffy dresses anyway?” --onewiththesea

#3--Kougra (960 points)

The next pet to win a fandom is the Royal Girl Kougra. There are two attributes which make this lavender-and-blonde beauty’s look a royal success--first is her noble demeanor (her violet eyes exude unconcerned confidence), and second is her opulent wardrobe. A regal purple cape trimmed in the finest fur drapes her body while a ruby-and-gold crown with purple satin lining crowns her imperial crown! Her jewelry consists of a segmented golden necklace with a large inlaid ruby and two golden bracelets adorned with rubies, sapphires, and amethysts, for good measure.

User Comments: “I LOVE the crown and matching coat, and the eyes are perfection!! Other royals just got PWNED!” --vivviancaleb

“So classy!” --liouchan

#2--Flotsam (1005 points)

Do Neopian royalty ever get tired of gold jewelry? Evidently not! The Royal Girl Flotsam is another pet who likes to show off her brilliant golden bracelets, tail ring, necklace, and tiara. What’s special about her bling is the unique shape of her fin-fitted tiara and necklace pendant (both of which dazzle with beautiful blue gems). But this princess goes beyond embellishing her look with ornaments. Her tail fin displays subtle white markings--proof that she’s the real deal, not just some common pet in fancy clothes! In an amazing feat of fashion, she mixes contrasting colors--baby blue skin, pale pink underbelly, and green fur-trimmed coat--and manages to make it work swimmingly. And we forget those huge deep blue eyes. Batting them at any prince is sure to have him doing her bidding before you can say fetch-me-my-Maraquan-meowclops!

User Comments: “Something about the knowing look in the eyes and the delicate pattern on the tail made me choose this pet.” --withitworld

“I love that underwater look, and the coat? Awesome.” --loopafruit

“They’re so elegant! X3” --meriem_0o

#1--Kyrii (1050 points)

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? A blurry shape in the looking glass slowly takes form, and the Royal Girl Kyrii is the belle of this ball! In a full ball gown of wintery blue hues with scallop details, this ice queen poses coyly at the end of the runway. No need for a crowning--she’s brought her own pale gold tiara, a three-pointed vision nestled in her lovely, flowing, turquoise locks. She accessorizes with elegant, long, white gloves, a white fur collar (worn separately for a modern feel or with a long, dark turquoise cape for a traditional look), and a stunning choker in pale gold with dangling sapphires. No wonder she’s stolen her fans’ hearts with this perfectly planned ensemble. Icy blue eyes look out from a pale turquoise face over an adoring crowd as she listens to her loyal subjects shout her praises.

User Comments: “This pet is so beautiful, it’s not even funny. The length and color of her hair complement the dress perfectly.” --kanddlevine2

“Look how beautiful she is, with her long wavy hair and her charming smile.” --jcjennie

“I really like the dress because it’s so fancy it tells you that she’s some kind of royalty.” --koopseeky

“The stunning ice queen. Her contented smile says it all.” --croija

As the award-winning princesses make their final curtsies, there’s another cluster of crowned-heads waiting backstage. Make sure to keep an eye out for the conclusion of this regal evening next week. And during the intermission, why not stop by Serbris’s petpage to find out how you can participate in the next Paint Brush Polls? Thanks to everyone who voted on their favorite pretty princess, and we’ll see you again soon!

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