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An All-Around Guide To Stamps!

by moocowalex


Stamp Collecting. These two words can instill a wide variety of emotions in oneself, whether it be wonder, passion, or even terror. Some more frugal Neopians may question why anyone would spend thousands and sometimes even millions of precious Neopoints on these silly little things. There are a plethora of reasons why you should spend some of your bank’s interest on stamps that are not immediately obvious. With this guide, you will finally realize the many benefits that stamps have!

Making A Profit

There are two main ways of getting Neopoints from stamps: restocking and reselling. They may sound similar, but each requires a very different skill set in order to be successful.

Restocking is rather simple. Wait for new items to appear in shops (in this case, shops that stock stamps, coins, shells, or charms), click on the one you want to buy, haggle, then click the Neopet in the image below. If the item is still in stock by the time you have done that, congratulations! You are now the owner of your very own stamp! The next step is to search the item in the Shop Wizard to check its worth! Hopefully the JubJub will say “I did not find anything. :( Please try again and I will search elsewhere!” This means that you have an item that is worth more than 100,000 Neopoints! Wow!! Go search for the item on the Trading Post to see how much of a fortune you made!

The next way to earn huge piles of Neopoints is to resell stamps. There are many stamps that were given out exclusively as prizes for the Lenny Conundrum or other contests that will never be given out again, and these are worth millions! If you can get your hands on one of these and hold onto it while the price skyrockets because of lack of supply, you will be one happy camper! You can also search for good deals in the Shop Wizard, Trading Post, and Auction House. If you find a cheap stamp, buy it, and then sell it at a higher price to make a quick profit, ka-ching!!

One more very rare way of earning hundreds of thousands of Neopoints is when stamps are randomly retired, or only given out in an event. Recently the “Mystery Island Aishas Stamp” was retired along with fourteen other items, and once the word spread that the stamp was retired, the prices skyrocketed from a few hundred Neopoints all the way to over 100,000 Neopoints, meaning they were no longer available on the Shop Wizard! You must be quick to catch things like that, but if you do, your bank will notice a significant increase over time. The “Wheel of Excitement Stamp” is currently (although at the time this is published, it will most likely already be retired as well!!) being given out in the “Save the Wheels” event when you donate between 750,000 and 999,999 Neopoints. This stamp will most likely never be given out again, and so it is in your best interest to stock up on as many of them as you can, as the price will likely rise as the years go on.

A New Trophy

I absolutely LOVE adding shiny new trophies on my lookup, and this is definitely one of my goals! In order to get a Stamp Collector trophy, you must have one of the best and most-complete in all of Neopia! Last month on the first of the month, it took about 460 stamps to get a bronze trophy... You may think to yourself, “460 STAMPS?!? Just for a stinking BRONZE trophy?” But don’t worry, if you stick with Stamp Collecting for a very long time, 460 stamps doesn’t seem nearly as much! I have been collecting for about a year now and already have almost 400! Just keep at it, and you will surely STAMP out the competition!! Hahahaha... No? ... Anyway, moving on.

Extra Tip: Another incentive for a trophy is that every day you earn a gold, silver, or bronze trophy, you also earn 750, 500, and 250 Neopoints, respectively! If you are in the gold position for a whole month, you will earn more than 20k, by doing absolutely nothing!!

The Avatars

You may have been casually chatting on the boards one day, minding your own business when BAM!!! You see it. An awe-inspiring stamp avatar with the word “Collector” below it. Using a stamp avatar on the Neoboards can gain you instant respect, because of the rarity of them. There are a total of six stamp avatars you can obtain: Mystery Island, Virtupets, Tyrannia, Haunted Woods, Snowy Valley, and Lost Desert. To get one, simply complete the corresponding album with all twenty five stamps. Although there are a total of six stamp avatars to collect, every single one requires millions and millions of Neopoints. Sadly, each album has at least one of the ultra-rare retired stamps that were mentioned in the “Profit” section, making them near-impossible to get and especially as more and more of these retired stamps are being put into albums. However, there are many of these stamps sitting in users’ galleries, but they are likely going to rot there for all eternity, never feeling the pleasure of being in an album... how sad. Don’t do that to your stamps; make them happy!

Bragging Rights

The previous section goes hand in hand with this one, bragging rights!!! Although a stamp avatar will instantly get you noticed, if you don’t quite have the funds to get those rare avatars like me, the next best thing is to have a high number of stamps, hopefully above 300. Although it may take quite some time and a whole lot of Neopoints in order to have a sufficiently filled album, you will definitely start to feel a sense of accomplishment when your album begins to have more stamps than lonely white spaces, or when you finally hunt down that single stamp you’ve been hunting for ages.

Having Fun!!!

And last, but definitely not least, have FUN!!! If you are simply not having fun stamp collecting, you will most likely become discouraged and not be able to have any of these things I mentioned above. If you are having fun and you stick with it, they will come naturally!

I hope this guide helped you realize all the great things that can come from collecting stamps! If you read all the way through until now, I award you my STAMP of approval! Er, still? ... Gah. Hopefully you have more success in Stamp Collecting then I do in getting a laugh, good luck and remember to always have fun!

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