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Around the World... Kiko Lake

by twifan_cherry


Hello, fellow Neopians! Today I am writing my review of one of the least appreciated lands in Neopia. Kiko Lake. How many of you underestimate its quiet beauty and its serene atmosphere? Hundreds, maybe thousands, of owners, pets, petpets, and even petpetpets underappreciate it. So, to try and show Neopia its full value, I am reviewing this charming place and hoping that Neopians around the world will see that there is more to Kiko Lake than meets the eye.

When I first arrived, I was utterly captivated by the beach that runs all the way around the lake itself. Little did I know that it was only the tip of the iceberg. Many of the villagers came to greet me, and I felt welcomed by everyone. They were eager to help me to experience Kiko Lake at its fullest, so were happy to lead me to their biggest attraction, the world famous Glass Bottom Boat Tour. I was just as happy to oblige them, as I had been looking forward to the tour with excitement.

The boat left at 10 am exactly, and I was pleased that it wasn't a minute late. I was pressed by the villagers to sit at the front, along with the tour guide and an Aisha named Ashley, who had visited Kiko Lake every holiday since she was born, so was very experienced in the ways of the town. The boat started to move and I was given a great deal of information about the lake not just from the tour guide, but from Ashley as well.

I was stunned, absolutely stunned, by the beautiful underwater village of Kiko Lake. The picturesque houses, the lovely gardens abundant in coral and seaweed, the marvellous high street filled with the quirky little shops... Everything was simply magnificent.

I turned to Ashley and enthusiastically asked if I could take a few pictures with the camera I had brought along. I was hoping to snap a few shots of the streets, but was unsure if it was appropriate, if the townspeople would mind. Ashley simply laughed and told me that the townspeople loved Neopets taking pictures, as it makes them feel good to have there town admired by so many. I was grateful and took out my camera.

After taking so many photos that I feared for my camera battery, I sat back and relaxed, watching the waves. Before I knew it we had stopped. As soon as we had got off the boat, the almost overly kind villagers urged me to purchase some diving equipment and join them in a dive to the bottom of the lake, but I resisted their keen entreaties. I had not much time left and I needed to visit some of the shops on the shore for my review. (Besides, I had been longing to try the renowned Kiko Lake Rock Sticks from the sweet shop.)

There were only two shops on the shore, so I decided I would go into both. I visited the sweet shop 'Kiko Lake Treats' first, because after the boat ride I was feeling distinctly hungry. The shopkeeper was friendly, and let me take as long as I like choosing food and believe me, I took a while. There were so many delectable foods that had I not been short on time, I would have spent all day just browsing around the shop. After much deliberation, I chose a Seaweed favoured stick of rock and a Bubblegum Kiko Drink to wash it down. The Shopkeeper told me that he sold "the best food in all of Neopia - without a doubt! " And after tasting my food, I believed him.

My next, and last, stop in Kiko Lake was the Carpentry. I wanted to buy a souvenir for my neohome, something that would really sum up the magic of this day. In the end, I just couldn't resist the seashell mirror. It reminded me of the wonderful things I had caught glimpses of in the underwater shops as I had drifted along in the boat.

Clutching my mirror, I stepped outside the shop and took one last look at the amazing place. Kiko Lake is underrated indeed. Not once have I heard someone talk of the friendliness of the villagers, the beauty of the water, the generally happy atmosphere of the whole place. I am proud to say I've been to such a mind-blowing place. From the very first moment that I had entered the village I had been completely oblivious to the rest of the world, unable to think about the bustle of the other lands. It was quiet, it was peaceful, and the one thing that really caught my notice was that every single one of the residents was just so incredibly content, as if they could wish for nothing more than to watch as Neopians from all over came to simply look at their magical city.

I really hope that all those cynics out there who say that Kiko Lake is boring, too small, without potential, that you will now have realized that it is more than that. It is not boring if you pay attention to the detail. Its smallness only adds to its charming appearance. And if there is one thing that Kiko Lake has, it is potential. If people would just notice its potential, the town could become one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Neopia. And if you find it hard to believe one Neopian, look at all the others who love the town. Ashley the Aisha for instance, who visits Kiko Lake every holiday and will continue to go at every possible opportunity, would be truly devastated if anything were to hurt her beloved town. I myself would be honestly affected if anything or anyone were to ruin the sensational town, which after only visiting it once has made such an impression on me that I can hardly wait to visit again.

I wonder where I'll be travelling next...

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