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Fortune Cookies

by redvelvte_cupcake


I woke up to my grey Kacheek, Oakerz’s sobs. I sighed as I rolled over in my bed, the blue and white arrangements in my room too bright. I was wearing pink shorts and a sleeveless pink T-shirt that said, KAUBANGA! with the picture of a white Kau jumping into a bed. I pushed myself up with a huge amount of effort, and began rummaging through my clothes. I finally decided on knee-length white shorts with a baby blue top. I took them to the bathroom with me to wash and get dressed. When I was all done, I tied my hair up in a high ponytail and went downstairs. Chaper, my plushie Yurble who was a memory keeper, was in front of the TV as usual, lounging on the couch and grinning at the comedy while Fyl, his robot helper, beeped furiously at him. Kuchote, my island Uni, was out for his morning run while his albat, Aliana was sleeping.

     Tandra, my spotted Gelert who owned a famous restaurant, was cooking alongside Oakerz.

     The sweet smell of pancakes reached my nose. Instinctively walking towards the kitchen, I saw a fresh batch of Cybunny Pancakes. I put some on my plate and began to dig in.

     ‘Had a nightmare again?’ I asked, knowing the answer.

     ‘Yes.’ Her voice cracked, and she started sniffling again as she flipped a pancake. Thankfully, her spirit, in the shape of a little colorful ghost, came zooming in, giggling and radiating off happiness.

     Oakerz was the only one who still went to school. Chaper had inherited his father’s job and Kuchote was as old as the earth. Tandra was 21 and owned his own restaurant. Oakerz, on the other hand, being only 14, still went to high school. She was dressed in an emerald green dress which was almost the exact same color as her large green eyes, which were the only bright feature in her pale face. Her red hair came down to her waist in curly locks, and she was wearing sandals. The dress was knee-length, as the school year was about to end, and she had finals. Now, she ate two pancakes herself, picked up her school bag and dashed out the door. I shouted a muffled ‘Bye!’ with my mouth stuffed with pancakes. Chaper snickered, and I glared at him as best as I could with my mouth full.

     When Oakerz returned, I announced we were going to Shenkuu. Kuchote wasn’t thrilled.

     ‘Yazmin, I do not want to go there,’ he said firmly, his blue eyes blazing under his long blond hair.

     ‘Aww, come on, Ku, Oak, Chaper, Tandra, please? It’ll be fun!’ I insisted, careful not to use a nickname for Chaper. He wasn’t fond of them.

     ‘Alright, I’m in,’ Chaper announced, and Oakerz nodded. Kuchote sighed and soundlessly went outside and called for a winged pet. Tandra stroked his tiny little beard mock thoughtfully while grinning.

     A faerie Kougra and a pirate Eyrie came down. I didn’t like the looks of the Eyrie, so Oakerz and I hopped on the friendly Kougra while Kuchote, Chaper, and Tandraky uneasily rode the Eyrie.

     I paid them both once we were at the gates of Shenkuu and walked in, smiling and nodding at the guards. We had a nice meal at Exotic Foods, and we walked out with our fortune cookies in our hands. I opened mine first.

     ‘‘You will meet a masked stranger who will want your items.’ Huh. Sounds like Niten Hiroru,’ I analyzed, then popped the cookie into my mouth. Everyone looked at Chaper expectantly.

     ‘’Be aware of the man with a beard.’’ He turned to look at Tandra, his eyes on his barely existent beard. ‘Well, Tandra, I knew you didn’t like me, but I think even for you murder is a bit melodramatic,’ he said, grinning. Tandra simply gave him an annoyed look, and opened his own.

     ‘’You will have great success.’ Well, of course I know that, come to think of it, why didn’t we go to my restaurant?’

     ‘Because we went there a million times!’ Chaper and I said together. Kuchote smiled and opened his.

     ‘’ Ideas are like children; there are none so wonderful as your own.’ I don’t find children that wonderful, actually,’ Kuchote said in a clear voice. Finally, it was Oakerz’s turn. I turned away while she opened hers to call a faerie Gelert and Wocky down to take us.

     ‘’Your life is bound to end soon,’’ Oakerz read, and I said, quickly,

     ‘It’s all rubbish, Oakerz, you can’t honestly believe any of it!’ She looked at me with tearful eyes.

     I more or less pushed her onto the Wocky and she hugged me the whole ride home, The three boys rolling their eyes behind us on the Gelert.

     ‘Riiight here. Yes, thank you. Here ya go.’ I handed them each 1,000 NP and opened the door.

     And screamed.

     For, right there, was Niten Hiroru examining one of my vases. Tandra growled instinctively, and he jumped on Niten with Kuchote. In the end, Kuchote, being my strongest pet by far, took him down. Tandra stood panting, his whole jacket ruined.

     ‘YOU SON OF A LUPE! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THIS THING COST ME?’ He pointed furiously at his ripped black jacket. Chaper put his hands over Oakerz’s ears for a long time as Tandra got very creative.

     Finally, when he resorted to heavy breathing, Chaper removed his hands for Oakerz’s ears, staring at Tandra.

     ‘It’s come true. The fortune. I’m going to DIE!’ Oakerz sobbed, and Tandra looked at Chaper murderously, as he was trying to hide his violent laughing with coughs, hanging on to the wall for support. Tandra barked and lunged at Chaper, and broke off a huge hunk of cotton.

     Fyl ran in then, and his tail extended about five feet, and he whipped Tandra out of the way, examining Chaper and in his own way knitting his arm back together.

     ‘That’s going to leave a scratch,’ Kuchote said.

     I was thinking it over. Both mine and Chaper’s fortunes had come true. I looked fearfully at Oakerz.

     Then, suddenly, unexpectedly, Oakerz laughed. She. Laughed.

     We all ogled at her, while she wiped, for once, tears of happiness from her eyes.

     ‘Oh ho!’ she managed to choke out, still laughing, clutching her stomach on all fours.

     ‘THE END! The end of my hate of Tandra! Ahaaaah!’ She kept on laughing. I didn’t know what she found so funny, even if the fortune wasn’t true, but I let her go on. I hadn’t seen those lips pull up in years.

     After a while, Oakerz stopped laughing. Tandra made a fancy dinner as an apology for being so wild, and Chaper was quiet, still in shock. We had called Judge Hog to take Niten, and he had given us quite a lot of neopoints. We divided the NP and decided to go on a Shopping Spree tomorrow and spend it all. After dinner everybody had a shower then we all got into pajamas. I brought a CD I had rented and after getting some microwave popcorn I turned the DVD on and I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up to a permanent marker mustache on my face and whipped cream on my nose.

     Now I’m going to go play games to earn NP. Haha, yeah right. Nah, I’ll go chat at the PC or something.

The End

I can't believe I got into the NT! Thank you for reading; this means a lot to me. (:

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