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Top 11 Things to Do When It Is Your Neopet's Birthday

by iriskuppen


You’re celebrating the birthday of your very first pet, time to have a great party! These days are special and should be memorable for both you and your Neopet... You created something that should look like a cake, bought a cake from a user shop, bought balloons and everything else for a party... You want it to be extra special; it's only once a year of course! But what if you’re out of ideas? Well, this guide will try to help you out!

Note: Most of these ideas will require you to have at least some NP; NC is not required. A good idea is to save up your neopoints, rather than spending them as soon as you get them! If you save them up every day, you can get something special for your pet on its special day... This will be extra necessary as you have more than one pet, or even have pets on side accounts as well! Remember that all pets should get equal treatments, no matter their colour!

1. Get your pet something they always wanted! Did they want this special petpet which is really expensive? Save up the whole year and give it to them on their special day; I am certain they will love it!

Recommended ideas: paint pet, paint petpet, get petpetpet, get your pet new clothes or a new brother or sister from the pound.

2. Get your pet something YOU always wanted! You want to paint your pet Faerie? Go for it! A pet is happy when its owner is happy.

Things you may want to consider NOT doing, though: Paint your pet zombie or grey, removing its petpet or anything else that is close to your pet.

3. Make something creative for your pet’s birthday and put it on your petpage. Several ideas are: Poems, stories, jokes, drawings, paintings, sculptures or writing a song! Pets appreciate something that is created with lots of love, just like we do! Here's an example of a poem I wrote for my pet, Khissey, when it was his birthday!

Once upon a time there was a pet named Khissey

There he was, a green Hissi!

Lost and abandoned his owner saved him from the pound

And on his profile his age was to be found

Some time has passed and they grew close

He got painted from his tail up to his nose

For his birthday he got a paint brush

Speckled he was, but on his cheeks was a blush

Happy birthday, Khissey!

Did you figure out I am not a poet? I'd better stick to my other talents like... like... Nevermind!

4. Throw your pet a birthday party! Tell all your neofriends that your pet will add another to its age soon, and ask them all to send the pet presents.

Most liked presents: Cheese, Meepits, NC Gift Boxes and Birthday Grams

5. Take your pet for a day out adventuring! This can be anywhere in Neopia.

Preferred destinations are: Kiko Lake and Faerieland or maybe Jelly World, where you can eat unlimited jelly and bounce on jellies and... oh, was that a dream? You are certain? Ok, sorry, moving on.

6. Make your pet famous! Ever thought about entering your pet into the Beauty Contest or into the Customization Spotlight? If you didn't, well, you did just now. It is not too hard to get in, just sit down and get drawing or look into your closet for an hour or two, then submit your entry! Good luck!

7. Train your pet! Making your pet stronger in anything will make it feel much better. They have always said that doing exercise makes you physically feel much better; this goes for pets as well! Especially pets that love to fight in the Battledome will like this treatment, but of course every pet likes to show off with the stats on his profile page!

8. Read lots of books to your pet. Most pets love to read, so that will totally make their day.

Recommended birthday related books: 10th Birthday Book, 10th Birthday Illusen Birthday Book and 10th Birthday Book of Usuki Celebrations. If you wish something more affordable, you may want to look into: 109 Cupcake Recipes. Maybe once your pet will know more than you do.

“Hey Khissey, you don’t happen to know the secret to the Wishing Well Avatar, do you?”

Khissey: *whistle*

...It is not always a good thing that they know more than you. Especially when they are as stubborn as my Hissi.

9. Play games that you normally wouldn’t! Exploring all of Neopets’s games will cheer both you and your pet up, since you get more NP, as well as more experience and most of all... More fun! With the extra NP you may be able to repeat any of the other steps, because they all require at least some money!

10. Have the Wishing Well grant an item for your pet. Everyone loves such surprises, don't they? You should wish for the Wishing Well to grant your pet's wish; hopefully then something happens for once. Don’t fear to donate those neopoints! The more you try, the quicker you will have the avatar as well... At least if that's how you get it? Maybe? Why won't you give any information away. *sad*

11. All of the above! Or, if you would like a new suggestion, what about taking your pet to a concert? You will get an nice new souvenir, as well as a shiny new avatar! Tickets can be bought at the Ticket booth in Tyrannia. Depending on the band, you may want to bring some earplugs too!

I hope this guide may help you out what to do on your pet’s special day! Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to hunt down that avatar! Perhaps donating all of my neopoints will help me get that avatar, Khissey?

Khissey shakes his head wildly.

Oh well, maybe you will tell me on my birthday! Maybe... No? Aw...

Happy celebrations, make sure to spoil your pet on its special day!

First Submission ! :D

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