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Spooky Food - Overrated or Underappreciated?

by lilac_springs


I sometimes restock at the Spooky Food Shop myself, but for the most part I am mystified as to why anybody would pay a million neopoints for cuisine comprised mostly of poor, dead petpets and who-knows-what-else. For the most part, many of the foods at the Spooky Food Shops are sold at extremely marked-up prices in comparison to user-owned shops. But, you know, the owner of the Spooky Food Shop isn't all bad. If you know what to look for, the food he sells can be quite profitable. And besides sitting comfortably out on the porch of your Haunted Woods Mansion, sucking on your newly bought Cherry Faerie Bubbles with the rest of your neofamily, there's no telling what your pleasant next-door neighbor the Esophagor will ask for (or do to you, for that matter) next. Better stay safe and suck on Pickled Eyeballs instead. I mean, hey, what's the difference?

The question remains, though, is spooky food worth the price? Before you get haggle-happy over overpriced octornapies, let's familiarize ourselves with the more luxurious (or disgusting, take your pick) spooky foods to be found in Neopia, going from kinda expensive to bank-breaking to jaw-droppingly pricey (I-could-buy-ten-Paintbrushes-with-that-much-NP).

NOTE: Prices are subject to change. If you're interested in purchasing these items, make sure you check with the Shop Wizard or Super Shop Wizard to get an accurate price. These are only estimates.

1. Undead Carrot - r70 "Too limp to crunch".

Approximate price: 5,000 NP

THOUGHTS: Health food gone wrong? We're not sure either. It does look like it could make pretty good carrot soup. Or not...

WORTH THE PRICE?: Neh... your call. As you'll see by scrolling down, it isn't too pricey... it's the not the cheapest one out there either.

2. Vanilla Ice Cream Apple Lantern - r70 "Truly the most menacing looking dessert you'll ever find."

Approximate price: 10,000 NP

THOUGHTS: Hey, for Spooky Food it actually looks appetizing! It's at a moderate price, and maybe your pet will actually like it.

WORTH THE PRICE?: For most Neopians, the Vanilla Ice Cream Apple Lantern isn't too much of a stretch. Go ahead and try it if you like.

3. Ghost Burger - r80 "Odd, when you try to bite down on this burger, your teeth just pass right through it."

Approximate price: 30,000 NP

THOUGHTS: Interesting, but is it actually edible? Is it a mirage? (Or a nightmare?)

WORTH THE PRICE?: This would look really spiffy sitting in your gallery (Ooh, lookie, a glowing blue ghostie burger!!).

4. Haunted Pumpkin Bar - r85 "Now what would haunt a pumpkin bar?"

Approximate price: 80,000 NP

THOUGHTS: Eek. What would? That is one scary looking candy bar. And kinda pricey(ish) too.

WORTH THE PRICE?: If haunted candy bars are your thing, feel free. Otherwise... I wouldn't feel too safe eating this. But it's just a pumpkin bar right? Just another ordinary pumpkin bar...

5. Ghastly Stew - r86 "This soup contains no vitamins or nutrients of any kind."

Approximate price: 89,999 NP

THOUGHTS: Eww, it looks disgusting. And are those little legs coming out of the bottom of the soup bowl worms?

WORTH THE PRICE?: For the Spooky Foods/Evil Things collector, yes, ghost-infested soups are a must have! But considering it's not even gourmet food, Ghastly Stew isn't worth the price.

6. Bat Kebab - r96 "A crunchy barbecued bat on a pure oak wood stick for that extra flavour."

Approximate price: 150,000 NP

THOUGHTS: Hm, the fact that this is gourmet food is... o.O startling. I mean, isn't it kind of barbaric?

WORTH THE PRICE?: It's a reasonably priced gourmet food. Go for it if you want it. ;)

7. Rest in Peace of Chicken - r94 "This is the one meal that will come back to haunt you."

Approximate price: 260,000 NP

THOUGHTS: Hah, another strange spooky gourmet food.

WORTH THE PRICE?: Not the most expensive gourmet food you've ever seen before... but for eating purposes, not recommended. You want to be haunted by a holographic fried chicken apparition?

8. Grundo Toe Lint - r98 "Mmmmm, taste that toe lint, its tangy and cheesy and goes so well with Grundo toes."

Approximate price: 600,000 NP

THOUGHTS: Eek. Why is Large Grundo Toe with Side Order only 8,000 NP, a fraction of the price of Grundo Toe Lint? Is it really that hard for Grundos to accumulate lint on their toes? >.<

WORTH THE PRICE?: It's gourmet food. Kind of pricey compared to a lot of other gourmet food, but not the most bank-breaking one out there. Isn't it illegal to cut off Grundo toes/lint and sell it for loads of NP though?

9. Apple Lantern - r99 "Possibly the most menacing looking apple you will ever find!"

Approximate price: 790,000 NP

THOUGHTS: Interestingly enough, covering an Apple Lantern with Vanilla Ice Cream (see Vanilla Ice Cream Apple Lantern) drops its value by approximately 790,000 NP!

WORTH THE PRICE?: Again, eating it = Gourmet Club membership. A *bit* pricey though, right? Hah. Gotta love that jack-o-lantern smile.

10. Cadaverous Cola - r99 "With 13 sugar-free souls in every can."

Approximate price: 1,300,000 NP

THOUGHTS: Much more extravagant (and creepy!) than your average Neocola.

WORTH THE PRICE?: Again, it's gourmet food. Not the priciest one out there, but expensive enough.

11. Brains a la Tree - r110 "Mmmm... delectable."

Approximate price: 6,000,000 NP

THOUGHTS: Hey, you can win this from the Brain Tree! (or you can buy it for 6 million NP - ) Looks delicious. I mean... really, really, good. I am *not* being sarcastic in any matter, way, shape, or form. Seriously! XD BUT GASPINESS! It's not gourmet food. O_O

WORTH THE PRICE?: If getting back at the Brain Tree (or his cousins) is your kind of thing...

In my opinion it's hardly worth it, since it's not gourmet food.

12. Quiggle Pie - r99 "Oops, this Quiggle isn't his usual happy self..."

Approximate price: 8,000,000 NP

*THE PRICIEST SPOOKY FOOD ON NEOPETS* -(but prices *do* fluctuate)

THOUGHTS: Just when you thought things couldn't get more pricey than Brains a la Tree... Blech. If a Quiggle ever eats this...*shudders at the terrible, terrible idea of cannibalism*

WORTH THE PRICE?: Among all the gourmet food in Neopia, it's probably not the priciest, but it is one of the cruelest and is just plain gross. Buy if you like, but I'm telling you! DON'T FEED IT TO A QUIGGLE. Thank you.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of Spooky Food in Neopia. Most would say that the majority of it is plain disgusting and overpriced, but the list of spooky gourmet food is actually quite daunting (from most expensive to least expensive):

Quiggle Pie

Meerca Pie

Jelly Spider Eyeball

Runny Snot (?!)

Coco Pumpkin

Snorkle Pudding

Spooky Ghostbeef

Crunchy Snotball

Wing of Korbat

Jelly Finger

Cadaverous Cola

Mouldy Cheese

Apple Lantern

Halloween Candy Cane

Parts on a Pizza

Droolik Surprise

Pink Spooky Floss

Ghost Puff

Grundo Toe Lint

The Stuff (no kidding!)

Pink Spooky Popcorn

Pink Spooky Ice Cream

Coffee of the Dead

Chocolate Coated Eye

Rest in Peace of Chicken

Raspberry Ghostkerchief Jelly

Bat Kebab

Blumaroo Tail Extravaganza

Spooky Handwich

Hair Stuffed Maggot

Twice-Baked Spiked Potato

Chilled Eyes With Clam Sauce (Cheapest spooky gourmet food at only 40,000NP!)

Well, you decided, folks.

Spooky Food - Overrated or Underappreciated?

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