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54 Famous Neopians of the Ages

by dudeizhere470


Welcome to my article. My name is Bobo, and I am your host around here today. I want to tell you about some little known facts about the Famous Neopians of the Ages! *dramatic music* It's going to be simple! All of the Neopet species will be listed alphabetically along with a famous neopet of that species! Here we go! Welcome to...

54 Famous Neopians of the Ages! *dramatic music*


Roberta: A brave hero of Meridell, Faerieland and Altador who once boldly locked up the Darkest Faerie. However, she refuses to tell us where the Darkest Faerie is now... Maybe Fyora knows!


Farvin III: Not nearly as famous as Lisha or the Court Dancer, but important enough. He is part of the Gormball Tournament almost every year, and has heightened reflexes because of his four extra ears... That's right! Farvin III is an... ALIEN!


King Roo: Probably the most famous Blumaroo in all of Neopia, this guy is obsessed with dice! A mysterious figure wearing a cloak (typical) came in and handed the king a pair of dice one day and taught him the rules of Dice-a-roo. He loved it so much that he practically made the town a tourist attraction. You should head over to Roo Island and take a ride on the Merry-go-round!


Armin the Small: Quite an unlikely hero, but Armin the Small was one of- if not the first- Bori to be seen in Neopia. He assisted Hannah in the peace and protection of all Bori. In the end, he took a slingshot and a single rock, and with a swing, shattered the Bringer who was encompassed completely in ice. That ensured all safety of the Bori in the future.


Boochi: A 17 year old baby. Yes, you heard me right. Boochi is a strange fellow who goes around Neopia zapping neopets into toddlers. Some owners are very excited when Boochi comes along. Others are more than upset. Be careful around Boochi... Sometimes he misses with that ray gun of his... Sometimes he...


Yes, we all love Buzz, but let's face it... They aren't that famous in Neopia! The poor little fellows are hardly known when it comes to being famous. They prefer to offer their services to others! Just look at that hard worker in Jelly Processing Plant! He does all that for that big ol' Skeith! What a nice guy! ;)


Dr. Frank Sloth: Okay, so he might not be a Chia... Or a Neopet... Or a Petpet... He might not be anything (which is hard to believe) but he ordered me to put him in this article. However much I tried to tell him no, he, of course, stuck his legion of Grundo minions on me. So, well... Here's his life story in a nutshell. A horri- I mean, a completely amazing Neopian whose ultimate goal is to conquer all of Neopia and to end world hunger. Although he had once almost succeeded, a few... well, brave Neopians stopped him. Thank goodness they di- I mean... It's too bad. We would all love to have Sloth run our planet...


The Hungry Chomby: Okay, so Chombies aren't so famous either. However, there is one I found in the "Restricted Archives". He doesn't have a name, but they called him a "Hungry Chomby". Apparently, he save all of Jel-------

We're sorry. We have decided that this segment of the article should be removed.


Cylara: At last, another Hero. Miraculously, she was the one (along with the help of Gorix) who put a stop to Dr. Frank Sloth's evil plans. She was in a search for her parents when she was dragged into the Mayhem of the Resistance, but after some help from a Token of the Space Faerie (say that ten times fast!), she managed to trap him within, ceasing his "diabolical" plans. To be honest, I could have done bet- Oh... I mean... It was ingenious!


Valrigard: One witty Draik, I'll give him that much. This guy escaped from Meridell's prisons themselves! He outwitted several guards, robbed the Armoury, and broke out! They called him "Valrigard the Traitor", but he kept claiming he was no traitor. Only he knows if he really did commit the crime or not.


Pacha: A Tyrannian Elephante. I would like to tell you more about him, but that's a little difficult. No one can understand him... All I know is that he is a Veterinarian who cares for Petpets with all his might.


Branston: What a stuck up guy. One of the most pompous Neopians in all of Neopia, it's no wonder he can be found playing the game Cheat. He loves to throw parties and show off his dance moves, and as he claims: "Neopoints and good looks aren't everything, but fortunately they're all I've got..."


Underwater Chef: Quite a busy man. This Flotsam spends all his time cooking for the great island watcher, Mumbo Pango. He is such an incredible worker, it's no wonder he shouts at Neopians who come just to help. This Mumbo Pango has quite a voracious appetite. My recommendation: Go and help this busy fellow out! NOW!


Kanrik: Whether he's a good guy or a bad guy could easily be up for debate, but he's done things that could indicate both. Currently the leader of the Thieves Guild, he was the one who accidentally freed the Bringer of Night. He was dumped and left for dead, but Hannah came along and saved the day. The strange thing about that is that he had ditched her for dead herself not to long before. They teamed up, and with the help of Armin the Small, they defeated the Bringer.


The Wise Old Gnorbu: Just as his name suggests. He is old and he is wise. Hence, Wise Old Gnorbu. Living in the tips of the mountains in Shenkuu, he proposes a challenge to anyone who will accept. If you can guess the correct location of Kreludor's shadow, he will reward you. You should give him a visit! He'd appreciate it!


Rosie: Some would call this Grarrl a villain, but she was actually quite kind. It was mostly her smile that gave the general population the creeps. She gave out prizes to any who were brave enough to venture into her lair- I mean... Her haven and collect their prizes.


Gargarox Isafuhlarg: What a crazy name, but what's even more crazy is the food he can concoct. His meals are that of LEGEND! Gargarox is once again a famous Neopian chef, but he doesn't need your help. This mutated Grundo just wants to try new things! Another hobby of his is playing that splashing game of Gormball!


Geraptiku Monster: Okay, we've all seen it. Common nicknames would be "Mr. Rawr-I'm-going-to-eat-you", "Ghosty", "Snake dude" and "Ralph". No one knows how it got there or if it really will eat your neopet, but no one wants to stay around to find out! Just make sure you make the right turn when trying to find that treasure or you might have a nasty run in with this guy.


Tarla: I didn't even have to think twice to pick this famous Neopian. She has a knack for popping into random places and handing out free gifts. Most of us are sure to remember the hard time she gave us on her tour, and some argue the prizes weren't that great, but we all know we're grateful for this Neopian. She continues to run the famous Shop of Mystery!


???: If you've ever played Tug-of-War, you'll know exactly who this is... Or... Not. No one technically knows who he is or where he came from, and they'll also admit he's quite a formidable opponent. He may not be that famous, but he's good enough!


Shop Wizard: We all have to give two thumbs up for this guy. He's spent many a-day working for the comfort of Neopians around the world. He'll help you out in an instant if you need to get an item stat, but the faeries told him specifically NOT to help Neopians doing a quest for them. He'll still be there in times of assistance! All you have to do is ask!


Eliv Thade: Even his name is a riddle. This crazy spirit died trying to solve a puzzle a servant had shown him. Even in the afterlife he's tormented by something he couldn't solve. Anyone who dares enter his home is up for a dangerous challenge from this specter.


Kauvara: A famous potions brewer. Some would even go as far as to call her a witch. She is the one who introduced the famous morphing potion to Neopia. Now it's even easier to get a hold of the Neopet of your dreams! She even has her own avatar if you use one! ;)


Once again, you have to feel pity towards those good ol' legless friends of ours. There aren't that many famous ones out there aside from the ones that play in the Altador Cup. Don't think they aren't important, however. Just like the Blumaroos, they have a land of their own. Kiko Lake is property of... Well, it should be obvious! They even supply glass boat tours and refreshing drinks! (Miniature umbrellas provided upon request.)


King Kelpbeard: The beloved king of Maraqua. This man has made several changes to the land in all of their years. Being bombarded by pirates and their city destroyed, he made several orders to help defend the city. They have left and now he is quite the hero! THREE CHEERS FOR KING KELPBEARD!!!


Kevin: An amateur, if anything. This little Korbat stepped in for Dr. Sloth in Gormball when he had a few, ah... Let's just say important matters to deal with. Just like Farvin III, he will stop at nothing to win the game! Although he's still just a kid, he's learning the tools of the trade quickly!


Commander Gormos: Despite his past or frightening appearance, this guy can be found in the Gallery of Heroes. He had a strong connection to Cylara and Gorix, and he had the nerves to betray Dr. Slo- Someone. Letting them loose, he knew he wouldn't be suspected of betrayal. Little did he know...


Dorak: Ye may know this Krawk and his obsession with thar dubloons. Ye may also know that he's been stranded in that der rowboat for some time. He's been struck by deadly mines, causing several problems upon his der boat. Ye best go to the game room and help this bloke out! Aye, matey?


Jacques: Yes, he is indeed another pirate, and a good one at that. This brave Kyrii is the first mate on the Black Pawkeet, and is quite a loyal and honorable member. You may not want to cross paths with this guy, but if you get the nerves to befriend him, he'll fight by your side until they win. This is one unpredictable neopet!


Finneus: The wise Lenny of the Altadorian Archives. This guy has dedicated his life towards years of research, and has even, with the help of unlikely heroes, saved Altador itself. It's good to have someone so dedicated around!


Balthazar: This Lupe is no more than a villain, but a traumatic event in his past made him this way. Just as a small pup, he was hungry and alone, when he found faeries in the clearing. He sat around and asked for food, but the Faeries just laughed and scorned him, throwing rocks at him. He retreated back into the forest and survived on his own. Now he's a famous bounty hunter who catches faeries in bottles and sells them for hefty sums. If you get your hands on one and free her, she may just reward you!


Roxton Colchester: Just recently made quite famous, he (along with the assistance of two others) discovered the newest land... Moltara. He is probably on some island beach right now, but he certainly knows how to have an adventure! This Lutari has spent some time adventuring through the lands, and he knows how to get in the face of danger. If it wasn't for Clara... *Gulp*


Meuka: What happened to him? What caused that to happen in the first place? Why does he drip? So many questions that only he knows. This guy is quite gross when it comes to appearance and behavior, and he loves to eat. The more he eats, the bigger he gets and the more mucus he secretes. Stay clear of this guy, he has a nasty habit of changing normal meals into a disturbing BBQ...


Judge Hog: The defender of peace! The bringer of justice! The head of the Defenders of Neopia! This strong Neopian has dedicated his life to making sure that every last villain is dealt with humanely, and nothing will stop him from stopping their crimes. Wow, that was confusing!


Hubert: Mmmm! Delicious hot dogs! That's what this Neopian is famous for. He doesn't like to keep them between the choice of Polish or Beef, he lets you have at least a hundred to choose from. Like worms? Try some with his worm hot dogs! Like peppers? I admit, I don't know if that's out there, but it sounds interesting! You should go and give some a try!


Ryshu: One of the very best pupils of the Techo Master, he had spent several years undergoing vigorous training. He loves to write haiku in the sand and to take walks on the beach, but he would drop whatever he's doing to protect his land. Quite loyal, he is now currently and instructor at the Mystery Island Training School, teaching young Neopets what he was once taught himself.


Shenkuu Warrior: Not that famous, but she's worthy of being in this article. This warrior is also a princess, and she has a nasty knack for not only climbing up mountains, but hurtling herself up them. If she can't make it up the mountain, she forfeits all rights to be a warrior...


Peopatra: She can't turn down a soul. Any petpet she saw on the street who was sick or alone, she'd take it home and feed it, take care of it. Peopatra is quite a hero in the eyes of many, and it wouldn't surprise me if the PPL was considering to give her a reward of some sort. Aside from that, she finally managed to get enough Neopoints to open a shop of her own, the Petpet Stall. If you're looking for a friend for your pet, you should go and make a nice visit to Peopatra.


MSPP: Okay, so this isn't a single neopet... More like a legion of fluffy, walking, creepy... Well... Plushies. MSPP stands for the phrase Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie, which I admit, I can hardly say. Several Poogles have been zapped to this colour, and several more are on their way. What's even more mind boggling, however, is if the MSPP really is...



The Black Pteri: "Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore!"

Quoth the raven, "Nevermore." This beastly bird is quite a mystery. If you ever meet it, you'll be challenged to a duel in the Battledome. Something several Neopians (you didn't hear this from me, but I heard there's an avatar) should try to do is defeat this over-sized bird. Who knows, you might get lucky.


Quinton: This lively Quiggle runs that favored health food shop in Neopia. Although not many people may like to visit his shop *cough*, he still makes many great Neopians healthy! In fact, I doubt there's not a single Neopian on this list that hasn't tried his food. (With the possible exception of Meuka.) You tell the youngin's that if they don't eat their dessert, Quinton the Health Food Shop Keeper will come for them!


These Neopets, just like a few others, don't seem to be as appreciated as they deserve. There are a few that play for Altador Cup teams, and of course, the beloved Anshu, but I don't know a whole lot about them... ;) *wink wink* Let's hope some more Rukis make a stand in the future! We need another Hero!


The Mad Ray Scientist: If you like being a guy or a girl, don't visit this guy. His lab ray is so wild and unpredictable, Neopets everywhere have changed colour and changed species. Some have felt improvements, like from the Blue color to the possible Sponge, but others have had the complete opposite. If you like your neopet as it is, don't even go close to this guy. Not unless you want a pair of... *gulp* eyelashes...


Yes Boy Ice-Cream: Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Either "That's a weird name!" or "That's not a single person!" On the contrary, they are a group, a band, actually, consisting of all Shoyrus! I thought that was important enough to put them in there! They play in the grand concert halls on the 12th, 19th, and the 26th of each month.


King Skarl: This guy is quite the effective leader, but he has times when he may be a bit... well... moody. This guy has been hypnotized by an Aisha, causing him to go into a trance. After snapping out of it (with the help of Lisha), he managed to get the kingdom out of war. Long live King Skarl!


The Techo Master: This wise Techo loves to collect codestones for his legendary "Codestone Garden" and will accept that as payment for his vigorous training. With the help of several others, Ryshu being one of them, he guarantees an extra point of stat each time you give HIM what he wants. The training is cheap, too! Enjoy your training!


General Dacon: The leader of the Sakhmet army, he is used to dealing with thieves who sneak through the city. He is quite an effective leader, and thank goodness for that!


Senator Palpus: Although he may appear overweight, he was once in that grand old army! After receiving several medals and awards, he decided retirement was for him. Once he had done that, he thought that opening Sakhmet to the world would be a grand idea, but several others disagreed. I'll leave it to you to figure out what happened! ;)


Nightsteed: What a creature. The Nightsteed was a faithful partner of Jazan and is believed (not confirmed) that it was once a blue Uni. No one knows what happened to it, but young Unis can dress up as this ghoulish figure on Halloween! You should buy them a Halloween Paint Brush; they would certainly appreciate it!


Garin: Yes, indeed. A PIRATE! Arghh! Sorry, I couldn't resist. I've always wanted to say that. Anyways, Garin is a young Usul who became a pirate at the young age of 15. Becoming the captain of the Black Pawkeet, he spent his days robbing unsuspecting travelers and traders. Until, one day, he had to save Maraqua. He even had the chance to meet a Maraquan Aisha by the name of Isca. What a fortunate thing to happen! To bad he robbed her of a Maractite dagger shortly after their meeting...


Magax: Arch enemy? Hubrid Nox. These two have had it out for ages, and their rivalry is no secret. Although he once did some dark things in his past, he has made some vows that has given him some magical powers. One of these powers is summoning an axe called the Darklight Axe. He has changed his ways in hope that the Faeries will forgive him of what he had done.


Lilian Fairweather: A strange figure if ever there was one. Okay, that didn't make sense, but I had to say it. This Xweetok was one to find an unknown Island on Neopia, and with the help of Werther and Roxton, they found a land with temples and over-sized petpetpets. Although some didn't believe her at first, all their stories matched, therefore they accepted it. They only brought back one piece of evidence, however... an unidentified fruit...


The Janitor: Mr. Grumpy-Face-Mc-Pants-Pants here has a serious issue with neopets pushing his buttons. However, if you can grease it, something magical will open up.


Edna: DISCLAIMER: If you're a Meerca, don't read this. You'll have nightmares, I promise.

A witch who dwells in a creepy tower in the midst of the Haunted Woods. She once turned five Meercas into one delicious Meerca pie. All they were trying to do was help! Probably trying to get the avatar, too! That's a risk of approaching. You could get an avatar, or you could get turned into a pie. I'm sure she's gotten a little better with her magic, but...

Well, that covers all of the Neopets found in Neopia. Although a few Neopets (such as the Buzz) are hardly acknowledged for their hard work, they can be in the future. All you need to do is support these Neopets in bringing out their inner selves and allow them to come open! Let them share with the world what they can do! Now, this isn't just Buzzes, but everyone! Now, take this Article as INSPIRATION! Show Neopia what you can do! All of these Neopians worked hard to be seen as what they are... heroes...

Or villains...


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