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Random Themes: Fun and Exciting for All Users!

by valikthebuilder


Also by akikins

Ever since the Neopets Team began recording news about the site publicly on the 10th of January, Y2, many Neopians have turned to the New Features page for updates about new content, exciting Neocash and Neopoint item releases, and the site in general. Now, more than 10 years later, the New Features page is still Neopia’s primary informative news source!

To keep things fresh, a random theme is featured in the news every now and again, which makes it an even more exciting read. Some of the themed days that have been chosen to appear in the New Features are wacky and outrageous, but they are always sure to please and amuse Neopians everywhere. Read on to learn more about the random theme days have been chosen so far – they never fail to excite and entertain!

Recent years have brought us many awesome random themes, along with new items and features to match! The most recent random theme, at this point in time, was chosen on the 23rd of June when the Neopets Team decided to dedicate the day to a yummy source of protein – Bacon! The fun theme was hinted at the day before, when a bacon-themed caption competition was released on the 22nd of June. The next day, two new items were released, Bacon Tape and Extra Crispy Bacon Gum. Yummy? Two new bacon-themed shopkeepers were also released, so that you can pay homage to your favourite fatty food in your very own shop! New colors were also released for Ownows and Snorkles, but rest assured that no porky petpets were harmed in the making of this special themed day!

Prior to Bacon Day, the 19th of May brought us Gwalla Day. Gwallas are an adorable wintery petpet. Just take one look into those big blue eyes and you’ll understand why they deserve their own day! Yellow, cloud, island and starry were the exciting new colors released for Gwalla fans everywhere, and their newly matching cloud, island and starry pets rejoiced. Some adorable new Gwalla buddy icons were also released, so if you’re a fan of the cute little guys, you should check them out as soon as you have finished reading this article. However, you should definitely finish reading this article first!

The very first random theme of Year 12 was Snoogy Day on the 20th of January. Despite constantly looking sad and tired, Snoogies everywhere were very pleased to have a whole day dedicated to them. A plethora of new colors were released for these cuddly little robot petpets to be painted in. Perhaps it cheered them up to know that they could now be painted red, cloud, yellow, blue, purple and pink! If not, then it certainly did cheer up Neopians who are loyal Snoogy fans and who were patiently waiting for some new colors for their beloved petpets. Also released were two fantastic items, a Snoogy Hair Clip and Snoogy Shampoo. These are perfect if your pet is a Snoogy fan and loves to be primped and preened. Two adorable Snoogy shopkeepers were also released, as well as a funny new caption competition featuring, you guessed it, Snoogies!

Although year 12 has brought us many fun randomly themed days, year 11 also had its moments. The very first random theme chosen for year 11 was on the 20th of May. This day was dedicated to none other than the brilliant banana! In my opinion, this random theme has been the most tantalizing in recent times, unless your name is Florg and you would rather feast on petpets than fruit! Two fun new banana themed toys were released for pets all across Neopia to play with, the Banana Vehicle and the Mynci Banana Action Figure. In addition to these toys, a fun new wearable trinket was released for Neopets who just really enjoy their bananas, the Banana Stand. Two awesome banana-related buddy icons were also released, as well as a tiled background featuring... Bananas! Also released were two baked goods, the Loaf of Banana Bread and Banana Cookies, which can be found at the Bakery. To add to the influx of new Banana-related site content, two new school items were released. These were the Banana Notepad and the Banana Pen. Use them together for best results. All in all, the Banana Bonanza was quite a mouthful!

Just seven days after the Banana Bonanza came Towel Day, a day celebrating every avid beachgoer’s most cherished possession. On this delightful day, a wearable item called the Fuzzy White Towel was released. For sale at the Grooming Parlour, the news page urged all users to pick up one of these very useful tools. Two other new towel-related items were released in the Grooming Parlour as well and despite not being wearable, they are just as awesome! These two items are the Hot Towel and the Menthol-Scented Towel. If your pet ever wants to learn more about towels but just doesn’t know where to look, let them know about the two new books that were released on Towel Day, Little-known Towel Facts and Decorative Towel Folding. Better yet, surprise them with these fascinating reads by picking them up at the Book Shop today! In addition to the amusing items, two towel-themed fun images were released on this day, as well as a humorous towel-themed caption competition. The winning entries were truly a riot!

My personal favourite randomly themed day was featured on the 2nd of September of year 11. The theme was signs, and there were plenty of awesome goodies to go around. Two new cakes that played on the tension between Lupes and Chias were released at the Bakery, the Anti-Chia Cake and the Anti-Lupe Cake. Better they eat cake than each other, I say! There were also two new fun images released featuring signs. One of these was rather spooky and seemed like it came straight from Neovia, while the other was elegant and exotic and would make any citizen of Shenkuu proud. A wearable warning sign was also released and can be found at the Gift Shop, but I would rather not dwell on the topic. I would tell you what the sign warns about, but I am glancing about warily as I type, and am sure that it would be better to just move along. Two friendlier, yet not wearable signs were released which can also be found at the Gift Shop, the Ixi Crossing Sign and the No Babaa Eating Area Sign. Finally, two great new shopkeepers holding signs were released for everybody to use in their shops or galleries. This day was flawless by de-sign!

Hopefully, this brief account of some of the most recent randomly themed days has been as interesting and informative as the New Features page itself. Although it is peppered with plenty of puns, the message is loud and clear: The Neopets Team has done a great job of spicing up our daily news and of keeping us entertained, day after day, year after year. With all of the new and exciting site content that is released randomly, it is certain that many users wait in anticipation for the New Features to be released every day! We will never know for certain when the next randomly themed day will stumble upon us, or what the next theme will be, but we can be sure that it will be a laugh with plenty of fun new stuff for us users to enjoy. With that in mind, I will end this article with some great advice for any user: Read the New Features every day!

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