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Choosing Your Gallery Theme

by loysco



Do you have trouble picking your gallery theme? Then this is the place for you! In this article, I am going to explain the different types of gallery themes, and hopefully, help you find the theme that fits you best.

Colour Themed:

If you love a particular colour, why not open a gallery devoted to it? Some galleries are stricter than others. For example, if you collect red items, you can choose to collect all items that have red colour in them, or you can choose to collect only items with the word “red” in their names. And of course, you can pick more than one colour. If you are a fan of the split paint brush colour, you can collect orange items, purple items AND split items. For ambitious collectors, a rainbow-coloured gallery would work too!

Species Themed:

This is pretty straightforward – collecting items about a specific species. This is not just limited to pet species. Some common petpets or even petpetpets, such as babaa or mootix, are popular choices. If you want to collect petpet items, you can include both the petpet in different colours and other items designed after the petpet.

Character Themed:

These galleries are based on characters, most often Neopian characters. Supporters of Dr Sloth will certainly devote their galleries to the all-powerful Dr Sloth; fans of Fyora will honour her by collecting Fyora items... Most famous Neopian characters have quite a lot of items about them.

Seasonal Themed:

This theme is divided into three categories – Real life festivals, Neopets events and Seasons. Real Life Festivals are festivals such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween. Neopets events are daily, weekly, monthly, or (most often) yearly events on Neopets, for example the Lenny Conundrum, Altador Cup and Daily Dare. Seasons are quite obviously the four seasons of the year – spring, summer, autumn and winter. If you start a gallery these themes, be prepared for high maintenance costs – every time this period comes, you will have a new batch of items to collect. Also, the festival and season themes are very broad – most items released at those times will fit these themes.

Game Themed:

Some people who love a particular game will dedicate their galleries to them. The size of the gallery varies a lot depending on which game you choose. Some games, especially the newer games, have none or only a few items about it. But if you choose your game carefully, you can collect quite a lot of items. Try to pick games that include general Neopian items and pets. For example, the game Extreme Herder includes a blue kacheek, Balthazar, and several petpets. By collecting items related to them, you can create a pretty and sizeable gallery.

Location Themed:

These themes are based on the various locations in Neopia. Lost Desert, Kreludor, Tyrannia etc are very popular themes. For example, if your theme is Lost Desert, you can collect things sold in the shops of Lost Desert, items related to the Lost Desert Plot, and everything that you find related to deserts. These themes are pretty broad and fun.

Item Type Themed:

From what I have seen in Neopia, this is probably the most common type of theme. Items types can range from books to neggs to paintbrushes. Some items are easier to collect than others. For example, if you want to collect neggs, you can simply find things with the word “negg” in their names. Again, you will have to decide how specific you want to be. Do you only want neggs that are worth negg points at the neggery? Do you include toys with neggs in their images? Make sure you decide on all these before you start collecting. Some item types are more difficult to collect, for instance things made of wood, because other than those containing the word “wood”, you have to find things such as furniture which may be made of wood – you’ll have to look at each individual image to find out!

Feeling Themed:

These themes are based on a particular feeling, for example sadness, joy or peace. These themes are very flexible and you can do a lot with them. One item that makes you feel happy can make another person feel gloomy. With these themes, you can create your own unique gallery.

Activity Themed:

If you love doing something, for example writing or singing, then this theme is for you! Activity themes include things that you need and what you produce while doing a particular activity. For example, if your theme is writing, you can collect pens, paper, tables, chairs, and even books! The possibilities here are endless.

Mass Collections:

Mass collections are when you try to collect as many as you can of a specific item. Collections can be as large as thousands of items. The trick here is to pick a cheap and easy to obtain item. Most often, people choose items that can be obtained from “dailies”. There is a large supply but low demand for these items, so their prices will be low. A few examples are dung, a kind of jelly, or bottles of sand. Most people would soon run out of funds if they decided to mass collect Pirate Paint Brushes!


And of course, there are galleries that cannot be put into a category. Some galleries are unique and special. Your gallery can simply be themed “Things that I like” or “Random Items”. After all, your gallery is a collection of things that you love and enjoy collecting!


Spend a little time going over the different themes, think about what you like, do a little research, and you can choose a theme that suits you best. Then, create a list of items you need and you’re ready to start collecting! You will find it an enjoyable and satisfying experience. Remember, it’s perfectly normal and okay to change your mind halfway (or even after you complete your gallery) – you can simply sell all your items and start all over again with your new theme!

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