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The Curious Traveler's Guide to Neopia: Kiko Lake

by kayray729


Neopia is a rich land filled with various places to explore. Some of these places are highly appreciated. Most Neopians are at least familiar with the shops of Neopia Central and perhaps the clouds of Faerieland, where many go in search of quests and the council of the faeries. However, some lands in Neopia are highly underrated, with even the most popular of locations housing hidden gems, secrets, and all sorts of treats for the more curious pet.

Kiko Lake is one destination that is often overlooked. However, with temperatures in Neopia currently soaring to boiling hot levels, it’s a fantastic place to take one’s pets for a day or even week long trip. While other tourists head to Mystery Island and other popular and therefore noisy locations, why not take a trip to Kiko Lake for quiet days of sunbathing and swimming in peace?

With so many residing in Neopia Central, Kiko Lake is just a hop and a skip away for most pets and their owners. Once there, pets can lie on the beach and catch some rays or jump into the crystal clear waters of the lake for a swim—or even hire a pedal boat. Along the shore, vacationers can observe the fascinating architecture of Kiko Lake’s residents. Houses and other buildings here are built to resemble Kikos, fitting the lake’s name as well as matching a majority of its residents. More talented swimmers and pets who are able to breathe underwater will enjoy diving down below to observe even more buildings in the distinctively quirky Kiko style.

However, not only pets who enjoy going for a long swim can enjoy the underwater architecture of Kiko Lake! Even those unfamiliar with this travel destination have likely heard about Kiko Lake’s famous Glass Bottomed Boats. From ten in the morning until the sun sets, fairly late this time of year, boat tours run every hour, where a knowledgeable tour guide points out coral and seaweed gardens as well as important locations in the town below. Unlike some tours, the use of cameras is allowed. The tour is relatively small, with sixteen passengers and a guide at the most on the boat, making it easy for pets to meet others as well as have their questions heard. This highly informative tour will provide interesting sights and stories for all as well as information for any pet who wishes to swim below to explore the town.

Kiko Lake village is not only a place to live, but a place to observe beautiful gardens and to shop. The gardens here rival any throughout the rest of Neopia, containing colorful seaweeds and corals that their owners carefully tend to. The village is incredibly tiny, and its residents take pride in keeping it clean, beautiful, and approachable. And, unlike in some tourist locations, locals love having visitors walk, or swim, rather, through their town! Any resident will say that they adore seeing tourists admire their homes and shop in their stores. The High Street is filled with quaint shops selling wares individual to this location. However, those unable or unwilling to swim so far are able to enjoy the shopping scene at Kiko Lake as well!

Two charming stores, also in the traditional style of architecture, line the shore and sell products to enjoy on the beach or even in your own home. Kiko Lake Treats sells various foods that a pet with a sweet tooth is sure to enjoy! On my visit, I spoke to the owner of the shop, a charming Kiko chef who told me that all candies are made on site and that all ingredients are local. If you are looking for lunch, stop in for some clam chowder in a bread bowl, one of the shop’s specials, and take it out to the nearby dock. If you are simply searching for Kiko Lake’s finest sweets, Kiko Lake Treats sells a variety of Kiko and beach themed candies as well as old favorites.

Kiko Lake Carpentry is a must-stop for anyone looking to bring a piece of Kiko Lake home with them. This shop leads to the dock where many visitors enjoy relaxing with a bite to eat. It is important to note that Kiko Lake not only has distinctive architecture but furniture as well, set in an eclectic style to reflect the coral, seashells, and other interesting sites of the lake. At Kiko Lake Carpentry, one can purchase a wriggling seaweed plant for the garden outside their Neohome or an amber coral coffee table for their living room. It is a fantastic place to find a distinctive piece of furniture to catch the eyes of your guests, or to find items for a sea-themed room!

Before you leave the lake, make sure you find out about its rich history from a local either along the shore or down on High Street. Rich in history, very few non-natives know about the culture of Kiko Lake. Some basic details include that the lake was formed within the caldera of a volcano that has been dormant for centuries. Kikos living in the various seas of Neopia decided to move here as Neopia Central became more heavily populated. Since then, however, residents of Kiko Lake have begun to think of the place as completely separate from Neopia Central rather than close by, something vacationers looking for a getaway that is close to home should be able to appreciate. These are just small details in the intricate background and way of life that make Kiko Lake the relaxed and fun hidden gem it is today.

When your visit to Kiko Lake is over, you will likely not want to leave. So dip your toes, hooves, or flippers in the water for one last time, thank your guide for their tour, and then head home. Kiko Lake is a short distance from Neopia Central, so you can always come back next year—or next week.

Currently, I am headed to the Kingdom of Brightvale, where I look forward to finding all sorts of hidden fun. Until next time!

Happy traveling!

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