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The Beginners Guide to Owning a Petpet

by phoennyxx


Everyone loves petpets! They are sweet, adorable and very loving. It's no lie that every neopet would love to have their very own pet to take care of. But a few questions emerge from this desire. Which pet is the right one? What if my petpet doesn't like me? What do I need to keep my petpet comfortable?

If you are wondering any of these questions, or similar questions, this is the perfect article for you. I will be going over how to prepare for a petpet, what to feed it, and how to treat it kindly. But before you even consider getting a petpet, there are a few things you need to consider.

1. Is my pet allergic?

If your pet is allergic to dander or fish, it would be a good idea to get a petpet of the reptile variety. This way you can avoid a large amount of trouble.

2. Is there enough time for a petpet?

Sometimes life can become hectic; your neopet has a job and you are off questing. If someone won't be home to keep an eye on your petpet, reconsider getting one.

3. How much will it cost?

Not everyone is blessed with a large amount of neopoints. For some it can take a lot of work. Petpets are expensive creatures and if you don't have the funds to afford vet bills, petpet food or accessories, maybe your pet would be better off with a plushie.

4. Which species is right for me?

Every neopet has different tastes. You might even have to take a short trial course with different types of petpets. It also helps to see many species before making a choice.

Take your time and bring your neopet with you before your choose a petpet.

If any of those worry you, think about your options. You could feed Kadoaties, or work at a petpet shop rather than buying your own.


Next we will look at the different sorts of supplies one needs to keep their petpet happy. The basics are:

  • A bed
  • A tub
  • Food and water dishes (enough said)
  • Toys
  • A cage or kennel (maybe)

In regards to a bed, I would recommend something plush and comfortable. And if your neopet wants it to match his or her new petpet, you can buy something like a Mootix pillow or a Mozito basket. That can also help to discern whose bed is whose if your neopets have more than one petpet.

The tub is an easier matter. A simple, white, porcelain tub will suffice for any pet. There are a variety of designer options though. If you love to be flashy and be noticed, get a rainbow tub or a glow in the dark model. Both are easy to use and effective for all petpet needs. You might be asking if a tub is necessary. Yes, it is; you don't want your petpet to get fleas, do you?

There are a variety of toys for petpets, from scratching posts to rubber balls. If your neopet has a pet with claws who loves to scratch, be sure to get a scratching post. It could save furniture and save money in the long run.

Cages and kennels are a controversial topic amongst petpet owners. Some say it is cruel to lock them up in a cage, others say that it is necessary for some pets. In my opinion, it is everyone's own choice If my neopet had a Drackonack, I would want my neopet to keep him in a cage. There's no telling what a vicious (but cute) Drackonack might do.

Deciding which petpet to get:

Now on to the decision of getting a petpet. Which petpet is right for your neopet? Some neopets are picky as well. My Kougra is very happy with a Tapira but he refused to play with a Tomamu. Ask your pet before surprising them with a petpet. It could save both of you tears and hurt feelings. Besides, if your neopet refuses to play with the petpet you brought, that could leave the petpet in a sticky situation with no home.

My personal favorite petpets are Tomamus, Mallards, Eizzils, Darblats, Werhonds, Nuks and Setis. Especially the Eizzils. If you love cute, furry petpets, get an Eizzil.

Bringing your petpet home:

When you bring your petpet home, make sure its carrier is comfortable and that it has plenty of food and water on the trip. Some are known to get dehydrated very quickly and need constant water to keep them on their toes.

Once you are safe and sound in your neohome, I would suggest letting your petpet out of the carrier and letting it explore for a while. They could be incredibly curious and meek, depending on the petpet. Let them do their thing. You`ll find that they will be acting strange for a little while. Eventually they will become comfortable in their new surroundings and be themselves.

The first night can be quite hectic and hard to handle. Some petpets WILL cry on their first night. I would suggest bringing your neopet to sleep beside the petpets bed to calm them down. A few of them have a hard time getting used to their new home, as mentioned before. This is where the bonding period begins. However, try to prevent them from sharing a bed because this can result in a separation problem. When a petpet develops too strong of an attachment to their owner, they can become upset when said owner leaves them for a short time.


Train your petpet as soon as you can. They can develop some undesirable behaviours early on and after a while these cannot be remedied. There are a few good books on the subject and they are usually easy to use.

The home training sessions should start off short. Young petpets cannot be trained too hard at the beginning. Some of the basic behaviours and tricks are:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Not to chew/scratch the furniture
  • Speak
  • Roll Over
  • Not to jump on guests
  • Not to bark at guests

Some of the behaviours mentioned above can be modified to fit your neopet's lifestyle and petpet.

If training a petpet is too much for your neopet to handle, there is a variety of popular trainers around Neopia. They will train your pet professionally, for a price. Sometimes the cost is quite expensive and it can be hard to afford. For the beginning of your petpet owning experiences, your neopet should be doing most of the training.


A petpet can be a great experience for your neopet. They can become great friends for many months and provide a large amount of entertainment and fun. If you are considering purchasing a petpet for your neopet, take the first questions into consideration. Is a petpet right for your neopet? If the answer is yes, your neopet could have an excellent friend and an excellent experience.

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