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Happiness Faerie: Is She Really Happy?

by rougegirl99


We all have heard the tale, of the ‘Happiness Faerie’. We have all heard rumors. “Is there a Happiness Faerie?”

Yes my friends, the winged seraph that resembles someone I can not put a finger on, is real. And while I might have some whom protest and say that, indeed this angel is not real. But in all of our eyes she is.

Now I am going to have some who argue with me, and before I start I am getting this out of the way. Is the Happiness Faerie a male or female? Well it’s quite simple actually, she wears a black velvet dress and likes flowers and smiley-faces. And while some of you disagree, I to my own standards, believe it a female.

But here is where the real subject comes up, Is she really happy? Well here is one that is not so simple. Put it into this prospective, someone who sends joy into special peoples lives and fills their hearts with glee. Not to forget of course the wonderful feeling we tingle with after the few that have seen her have. Almost like your warm and fuzzy.

Again, I take time to say, but everyone has their flaws. Illusen, who is wonder-us and beautiful, is short tempered and gets angry if she doesn’t get what she wants. Same with Jhudora, besides the wonder-us and beautiful part. ( No offence meant to the very powerful dark faerie.) But what about the topic of this existence, The Happiness Faerie?

Chartreuse skin, odd resemblance to someone, outdated wardrobe. Yet we still love her! What flaw does she have? Happiness, it is a great thing, there is nothing wrong with it. Except it fades away, like all things. But to some, have yet to even receive the warmth of the feeling. So many ask, Where is the love?

The love? It’s always been here. “But where are the random events? The places to witness the phenomenon?” Right here, in your heart. Even if the faerie of all of our dreams visits little and is rumored to be planning something to take over all of us, she is with us. ( Ha, ha, like that would happen)

Seriously, if she visited everyone then what would she do? Plan revenge? Send out evil minions? Exactly my point, to those who complain, if she visited everyone she would have nothing to do!

“Am I needy enough for a visit by her?” Do you ask yourself that from time to time? Well, save some energy and stop thinking about it! If you are worthy, you will have a smile coming your way, and you will be, Happy.

Oh!, But the irony!, I still have yet to answer the question. Even if your happy and the world is happy, is she happy? I know I’d wish to leave this question and the story untold, but what do you think?

Someone who spreads joy, grins cheekily, has minions and fans, would she be happy? Would YOU be happy? To make things easier for the simple minded I have the Happiness Faerie with me today. She will answer some questions for you all.

Rouge- So, As we are all dying to know, are you happy?

Happiness Faerie- …Hm? Oh right me huh…Yes! Quite content…

Rouge- OK then, What is your real name?

Happiness Faerie- That’s Classified.

Rouge- Come’on!

Happiness Faerie- I’ll give you a hint. S

Rouge- S?

Happiness Faerie- S. L. O.

Rouge- Slot--?

Happiness Faerie- NO! NOT THAT NAME! NEVER! It’s uh, Slothamanda.

Rouge- Very Unique..

Happiness Faerie- Yes, yes it is.

Rouge- Do you have a skin disease?

Slothamanda- Why do you ask that mortal?

Rouge- Because, your complexion is very, well green. Not to sound crude.

Slothamanda- It is?!?

Rouge- ..Yes. -hands Slothamanda a mirror-

Slothamanda- WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!?!

Rouge- Next Question! Where do you buy your clothes!?

Slothamanda- Actually it’s tailored to fit me specially.

Rouge- Wow! Well do you have anything else to say?

Slothamanda- Yes. To all you who are aware of that hunk Sloth, he likes long walks on the beach, fuzzy Snowbunnies, and laser guns. He also prefers blondes. Thank you.

Rouge- ..Thanks?

Hopefully that interview helped you all understand some more about the amazingly indifferent, Happiness Faerie, A.K.A Mrs. Slothamanda.

I have some reporters who ask, Why Rouge? Why? But it’s simple, everyone needs a hero, or heroine, someone to look up to. Someone to set your dreams on being as successful as. Being a supporter and believer of Slothamanda, I am happy to say, she is my mentor.

Proudly, I would like to say, I love you happiness Faerie, and I write this poem to you.


By: Rougegirl99

Slothamanda, Slothamanda,

It’s so unique,

Just like you,

And I hope you,

Never Change,

Because I love you,

Like you are,

And I know,

People doubt,

But some believe,

And will always love you,

Like me.

I am apologetic if my poem is not good enough for all you ‘soon to be millionaire’ writers, but it comes from the heart. While I have some who laugh, and point, and make fun of me, a simple reporter. I laugh and point. Because I have something special. Someone to look up to.

Today through your day, I want you all to remember, the joy and simplicity a single person can bring, just by being called Slothamanda. Because, it’s fun to say.

Always Reporting, Always Appreciating, Always Loving,




Note: Do not try this at home, Slothamanda seems to be short-tempered about how she looks and what others think of her. (And I think has a thing for Sloth.) Feelings were hurt in this and things said, but all in all, no real harm done. It’s not like it was Sloth and now he is going to plan revenge on us, that would be silly.

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