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An Interview With the DORKS of Kreludor

by masonsbackyay


Dark. Cold. Quiet. Three adjectives that describe Neopia’s moon, Kreludor. But what many people don’t expect is that this desolate place is the home of one of the most exciting Yooyuball teams today. I luckily received a chance to interview all five of the members of Team Kreludor. Let’s start with Captain and Left Defender, Derlyn Fonnet.

Me: Derlyn, how do you feel about this year’s Altador Cup so far?

Derlyn: Well, first of all I’d like to say how glad we are to be here today. But to answer your question, this Cup has been extremely exciting and fairly nerve-racking. There have been tons of upsets and great games, and I personally am just glad to be able to be a part of it all.

Me: Uh-huh, and how do you feel your team is doing so far?

Derlyn: You know, we have been doing pretty well this whole Cup. It seems like we and Lost Desert switch places every match. Honestly, though, we try to not think about what place we are in. After all, it doesn’t matter if you’re in first during the Cup, it matters if you're first at the END of the Cup. That seemed to be our fatal mistake last year. We were so confident going into the finals in first place, we ended up underestimating our opponents and came in fourth.

Me: Right, and can you explain last night’s match against the Haunted Woods where you lost? Many people expected you to demolish them like you did in the first round robin.

Derlyn: What can I say? The Haunted Woods played great last night, and we underestimated them. They are an amazing team, but just had a tough schedule in the beginning of the first round robin.

Me: Well, thanks very much, Derlyn! We will now speak to the offensive stars of Kreludor, the forwards: Qlydae Wegg and Zenor Kevix. Guys, you two are the most phenomenal forwards of the Altador Cup that I have ever seen. Speed, power, accuracy, you have it all. How did two of the most flawless forwards get placed on the same team?

Qlydae: Well, you know, we HAVE been friends ever since we arrived at the Kreludor tryouts. And besides, we haven’t always been “phenomenal” as you say. We’ve put some major effort into becoming what we are today.

Zenor: Derlyn wanted two forwards that meshed together perfectly. We got along immediately, as if we’ve been friends forever. With Qlydae’s powerful arm, and my accuracy skills, we became the perfect pair. Derlyn made sure to snatch us up as fast as possible and offer us contracts, because apparently Mystery Island, Meridell, Virtupets, and Tyrannia all wanted us as well.

Me: Well, you do seem to be the perfect forwards for Kreludor. Now, Qlydae, as I look at the Top Goal Scorers list today, I see your name in the fifth spot. You are averaging a whopping 7.1684 goals per game! That is truly spectacular. May I ask you who, in your opinion, was the hardest goalie to score on?

Qlydae: Oh! That’s easy. Definitely Maraqua’s goalie, Tonie Plessix. He was so large that just him standing in the goal made it half the size! I ended up having to throw the Yooyuball as hard as I could, hoping that it would get out of his hands somehow. Of course, he is a professional goalie, so that didn’t work out as I had hoped. That’s probably why we lost the match, because Zenor and I scored half the normal amount of goals that we usually score.

Me: I see, and Zenor? Your opinion?

Zenor: Well, I think the hardest goalie to score on was Clutch Billaban of Roo Island. You see, I don’t rely on power as Qlydae does. I am all for accuracy, and Clutch was so fast, he was able to block all of my shots easily. Thankfully, we were able to win that match because of Qlydae’s arm, as Clutch isn’t exactly the biggest or strongest goalie ever...

Me: Right, I understand. Now, it’s perfectly fine with me if you don’t want to answer this next question, but I’m going to ask it anyways. How do you two communicate with each other on the field? I’ve seen you perform very complicated plays before, yet you never say a word!

Qlydae: We use.. Grundo Mind Reading! Just kidding. I don’t think we should answer this because some of our future opponents might read this article and then they would know our secrets.

Zenor: Yeah, I agree with Qlydae. All I’m going to say is that we’ve been playing together for years, so after a while we have signals. Subtle, of course, but they’re still signals.

Me: Interesting... Well, thank you very much, boys. We are now going to move on to the Right Defender of Kreludor, Coco Metrone. Now Coco, when you joined Team Kreludor in the third Altador Cup, you had some huge shoes to fill. Star defender Vignacio had just left for unknown reasons. Many fans were upset, as Vignacio was fearless and an excellent defender. How did you manage to keep your cool?

Coco: Well, I know Derlyn had hired me for a reason, and I was determined to show all of Team Kreludor’s fans that I was an exceptional defender, even if I was just a rookie at the time. I ignored all of the bashing that I received, and eventually the fans began to like me. Now I’m known and respected as a great defender. At least, I HOPE I’m known...

Me: Of course you are! You mentioned bashing from angry fans. What type of bashing was it?

Coco: Well... If I ever messed up during a game, I would hear some fans yelling at me. It was no big deal, really.

Me: Uh-huh. Well, I’m going to ask you a similar question as I asked Qlydae and Zenor. Who, in your opinion, is the most difficult forward to guard?

Coco: Well.. There’s two. Fiorina of Meridell, and Osielle Lidel of Terror Mountain. Fiorina may look pretty and dainty, but she is vicious on the field. Lightning quick and aggressive is a defender’s worst nightmare. Osielle Lidel is ridiculously fast as well, plus he can fly! It is very difficult to guard someone when they’re eight feet in the air...

Me: I can see how that could be hard for you. But you and Derlyn make a fantastic duo of defenders. Thanks, Coco. Last, but certainly not least, we will speak to Jurin T, the goalie of Team Kreludor. Jurin, you came with Coco in the third Altador Cup, replacing another old Kreludor favorite, Xila Kitae. How do you think you did when it came to filling all of the fans’ expectations?

Jurin: Uh.. Well, I’m not sure. I never watched Xila play, so I’m not sure how good she was. I’ve heard Derlyn, Qlydae, and Zenor speaking highly of her before, though.

Me: You never watched Xila play?

Jurin: No, in fact, I wasn’t ever into the Altador Cup until I became a member of Kreludor. I was just playing catch with my friend and his petpet, which was a Yooyu. We were just outside of Brightvale when a scout came by and asked me if I had any Yooyuball experience. When I said no, he called Derlyn and told her about my catching skills. Now here I am!

Me: Wow. Well, I never knew that was how you became a member of the team! Now many people have complained before how it is unfair for you to be a goalie because... Well, because you have six limbs, while others have four, or even two! What do you say to these comments?

Jurin: Usually I just ignore them. It’s perfectly fine that I’m a goalie. I mean, for Adam’s sake! Virtupets has a robot for a goalie! Besides, I don’t have the best hands in the world, so really I’m just as equal as everyone else!

Me: Haha. I kind of agree with you! Anyways, thanks for your time. I do have one more question for the whole team, just for a bit of fun information. What would you do if you couldn’t play Yooyuball anymore?

Derlyn: Yooyuball is my life. I don’t even want to think about that right now, hehehe...

Qlydae: Dude. Zenor and I would start a rock band and play at the Tyrannian Concert Hall!

Zenor: I thought that had been our plan all along! Come see us on Tuesdays once we retire!

Coco: I’d like to become a coach for future Neopets that aspire to become a defender.

Jurin: Two words: Ugga Drop.

Me: Hahaha, I see. Well, it was great to have you here today, guys. Good luck to you all in the future. I wish you all the best!

KRELUDOR FOR THE CUP! Oh, and yeah, good luck to the other teams too.

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