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What to do in the Month of Swimming

by tiptoeboo


So, it's July again- the month of hot sun, long nights and... swimming in Neopia? Yes, July is the Month of Swimming, so you need to start getting ready! Here are the top seven things you need to know about and do in the Month of Swimming:

1. First things first, if your pet doesn’t know how to swim, make them learn now! If you don’t, they will miss out on so much fun and be slightly embarrassed when all your friends are having fun splashing around in the coast off Mystery Island. There are a lot of helpful guides out there at the moment at very cheap prices: for example, I would recommend Flotsam Swimming Lessons at just over 1000 NP on the shop wizard. However, it is not only beginners that could do with some swimming help - Advanced Swimming is a great book for all those good swimmers wishing to touch up their skills and maybe learn some new and funky tricks to impress all their friends with. It is slightly more pricy but definitely worth it for the looks on their friends’ faces!

2. Secondly, get something for your pet to wear! This is an absolute necessity as everyone who has been in the sea with normal clothes knows! It is also horrible walking around for the rest of the day dripping wet, so you need some decent swimming gear for this unique and very special month. There are several single species wearables out there: for Acaras, the Acara Swim Mask and Acara Swim Fins, for Quiggles, the Quiggle Swim Trunks are bang on trend at the moment, and for the fashion conscious Tonu, the Yellow Tonu Swimsuit and accessories look great. Not only do you need something for swimming, but something for all the parties would be good too. I would recommend the Squid Hat; it’s perfect for making a statement, or the silver and golden dubloon necklaces; they look amazing on both boys and girls and with the right outfit can give your pet the WOW! factor, a hugely brilliant way to make your pet stand out from the crowd. And finally, it is impossible to go swimming on land, so the right background is a must have. Here are some that I really like: Underwater Shipwreck Background is good for adventurous pets; for other pets, the Underwater Net Background gives them the dangerous edge, and a classical swimming background would be the plain Underwater Background; the colours complement any cool pet! There are also some items in the NC Mall which look great: for example, the Pretty Tropical Lagoon Background for beginners and the Lifeguard Station for the more heroic Neopet.

3. On the theme of clothes, it is very important to be careful in the sun – you wouldn’t want your pet to end up a cross painted red. I hear sunburn is even more painful for neopets than it is for humans! This is why you should get some sun screen to plaster your pet with before they go out in the sun (30 proof Kacheek Sun Screen is a good option) to keep them happy and lively through July. A sun hat would also be a good idea to stop their head overheating; you wouldn’t want them to lose any intelligence points! A few very fashionable ones are the Pretty Pink Flower Hat for the more girly girl (or boy!), the Blue Fishing Hat and the Daring Adventurer Hat – a lovely choice for all those daring explorers out there!

4. Why doesn’t your pet try a new hobby this month? Since they have learned to swim, there are so many new places they can visit; for example, the Underwater Fishing in Maraqua. This could be a welcome break from all the physical demands of the Month of Swimming, and also your pet could catch something for dinner, saving you a bit on food costs and possibly tasting very good! I’ve heard that homemade Breadfish Pops are delicious. ;D

5. Another place you could go with your pet to help them practise swimming (and if you don’t particularly fancy the idea of Breadfish Pops) is Kelp, the eclectic and gourmet restaurant of Maraqua. Cuisine there is absolutely fantastic, with many options varying from the healthy Mixed Green Salad to the Octopi Soufflé. Why not treat yourself and your pet? You might even earn yourself a special prize if you get to keep the leftovers! A definite bonus for all those avid avatar collectors out there!

6. On the topic of avatars, maybe it’s time for a change of avatar and font? A new month could be a completely new beginning for you and with so many secret avatars to chose from there is no lack of options. ‘Kacheek Swim’ really gives off the Month of Swimming vibe with animated bubbles and aqueous colours, whilst ‘A Day at the Beach’ is good for those party animals – it really makes me wish I was on Mystery Island sleeping with my pets in the sun! There are many others out there which could suit the month just as well, or maybe better, so there is no excuse not to get the July feeling!

7. Finally, why don’t you go the whole hog and go on holiday for the month? Maraqua or Krawk Island are both very nice destinations, but my personal favourite is Mystery Island. There is so much to do here: you could chill at the Beach for a few hours, while away a day playing Volleyball with the Myncies, or even explore the Lost City of Geraptiku (be careful, though; neopets have been known to enter the Deserted Tomb and never return). You could also enrol at the Mystery Island Training School, maybe to try the Battledome for the first time or you could try and find some bargains at the Trading Post. The Month of Swimming doesn’t only have to be about swimming! It is a time to have fun!

I hope that you enjoyed reading my guide and enjoy the Month of Swimming hugely; I know I will!

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