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A Glimpse into the Hidden Tower

by neom_777


The time has come round again, for the avid supporters of the Faerie Queen Fyora to rejoice and celebrate her glorious reign. To help you appreciate this grand day of celebration, I will take you through some of the weird and wonderful items located in the Hidden Tower in Faerieland. If you can find the invisible tower, you can buy these items to help provide funds for Faerieland (What? Funding for burritos? Don’t be ridiculous, that’s what quests are for!). Ahem, moving on.


If you haven’t been lucky (or unlucky) enough to have Boochi zap your active pet into a baby, this 600,000 NP paint brush can do the job. This is a non-labbable colour. As an easy-to-sell item, it can be used as a form of currency on the trading post. If you are buying a Hidden Tower item simply for the avatar, this item is still fairly cheap while enabling you not to lose any money reselling it.


For 1,400,000 NP, you can turn your pet into a minion of Darigan Citadel! ...One wonders why Queen Fyora would want you to do this.


Aww, isn’t it cute? Believe it or not, this isn’t just a cuddly plushie for your collection. This magical toy can block all water icons when used in the Battledome. And at 544,500 NP, it is one of the cheapest full icon blockers around.


A never ending supply of food?! I can feed all my neopets for absolutely nothing! ...just like at the omelette... and the desert shrine... and the toy box... and the lunar temple... and the fishing vortex... and that giant jell-


...what I’m saying is, although it's cool to not have to run around Neopia for food, you can get free food really easily if you know where to look. And before you can even savour this juicy fruit, you’ll have to fork over 990,000 NP. That’s more than what you would pay to house four pets in the Cockroach Towers for over 100 years! Not that you would ever house your pets in such a dingy place, of course. *cough*


This item has a very specific purpose. It prevents the use of Jhudora's Crystal Ball and the Everlasting Crystal Apple. Since you would not know whether your opponent has one of these items, unless you are pedantic about keeping your weapon set a secret, save your weapon slot, and 3,500,000 NP, for something else.


2,000,000 NP for a doll?! Don’t be fooled, though. This pretty doll is an avatar item. All you have to do is let your pet play with it, and the avatar is yours. Just don’t let the Pant Devil play with it, okay?


The price tag of 7,500,000 NP might seem a bit steep, but its high defense makes up for it. This item can defend against all water attacks, five fire icons, three wind icons, three earth icons and five physical icons! However, you will have to include a second blocker to make up for the vulnerability against dark icons.


This 7,500,000 NP petpet inspired bomb does a minimum of ten fire icons, ten earth icons and one physical icon, and a maximum of nine additional physical icons. You are only permitted one of these bombs in your Battledome set.


Ghostkerchiefs seem to inspire strong and expensive Battledome items. Another pricey shield at 8,000,000 NP, this item blocks all dark items, three wind icons, three light icons, five earth icons and five physical icons. If you have the money to spare, combining the Ghostkershield with the faerie tabard will give you a strong defence; however, this may give you less room for weapons, freezers and healers.


For fifteen icons, 12,500,000 NP is a high price. The special feature of this dust is that the icon type is random. This makes it hard for an opponent to block, since they don’t know what to expect. Of course, neither do you and you could end up constantly using an icon that your opponent can reflect or is fully resistant to.


Hubrid Nox’s sword is taking a stand for Chias everywhere! For only 4,500,000 NP, you can do ten dark icons and ten physical icons of damage to a Lupe. Of course, if the neopet you’re battling isn’t a Lupe, you only do two dark icons and five physical icons of damage.


By using this magical orb, you can see all your opponents’ weapons. Might be useful if you like stealing weapons; however, it is costly at 3,000,000 NP.


One of the most powerful water weapons available, it does a minimum damage of 12 water icons and five physical icons, with an additional water icon damage of up to seven icons. For only 9,000,000 NP, you can blast through a Ghostkershield. It is suggested that you combine this with a dark icon weapon, since Faerie Tabard can block this weapon.


....related to Tarla’s Tour of Mystery perhaps? Or not. While these little marbles only do three physical icons of damage, which seems pretty stingy for 8,000,000 NP, this is also a freezer with a 100 percent success rate.


At 16,000,000 NP, this is currently the most expensive item stocked in the Hidden Tower. This is probably due to the vast amount of icon damage this sword can cause. It does a minimum damage of five light, five physical and seven air icons, with a maximum of seven additional air icons. Air icons are difficult to block, so if you have the money, it could be a powerful weapon.


Not only is this 4,700,000 NP hat stylish, it blocks all earth and light icons as well as five fire icons. This means it is strong against attack peas. However, since it can tear easy, it is semi fragile.


Wow, so pretty-


...ahem, at 3,400,000 NP, this bomb is the said to be the middle ground between the Honey Potion and the Ghostkerbomb. You are limited to one per battle. Minimum damage is four dark, four fire, four wind and four light. You can also get one additional icon of damage of either dark, fire, wind or light.


This defence item randomly reflects 60 to 80 percent of all fire, earth, water, light, wind or dark icons. It would be interesting to pit this item against the Glittery Faerie Dust, but at 3,653,000 NP, it’s a bit too much to spend on a novelty experiment.


Note it says ‘reject’ not ‘broken’. Many Neopians buy this doll at 600,000 NP, believing they can repair the item to gain the Faerie Queen Doll. Sorry, but Queen Fyora is smarter than that. Of course, you could buy it to include a gallery.


One of two colours that are affected by the gender of your pet. It is also a colour unavailable via the lab-ray. For 1,750,000 NP, you can transform your pet into a prince or princess.


For 750,000 NP you can turn your opponent’s petpet into a slorg. Though it is unlikely you will be very popular afterwards.


At 110,000 NP, this guy is the cheapest item in the Hidden Tower. As such, they are often bought for those simply after the Avatar. Be warned though. Since this item is simply, well, a toy, its resell value is about a 100,000 NP less than the buying price.


Since skardsen is an anagram for darkness, one can guess what icon damage this 11,000,000 NP weapon can do. With a minimum attack of 15 dark icons and two physical icons and an additional boost of up to seven physical icons, it’s no wonder this is one of the more popular weapons.

Well, that’s all we have time for today. If you’re still curious, why not search out the Hidden Tower and have a look around yourself!

Happy Fyora Day, everyone!

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