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The Secret Club

by shade_the_great


The sun shone down on Terror Mountain, as it usually did. It was a gorgeous day, but due to the sun’s inability to raise the outrageously low temperatures, few dared to venture outside.

      On this particular spring morning, one small Neohome near the very top of Terror Mountain had many vehicles parked on the street in front of it. Icicles dangled from both the house and the vehicles. Inside the house, a variety of adult Neopets chatted in the kitchen. They were babbling about many inane things, such as the weather (which was almost always the same), where everyone thought Tarla might be, and if Elephantes should ever wear dresses.

      Upstairs, however, is where the real story begins:

      “I solemwy swear to keep dis cwub a secwet,” four Baby Neopets huddled together under a sheet-tent chanted in unison. They grinned at each other, and high-fives were shared.

      Although various ages, they were the best of friends. They had all met at Pre-Neoschool, and as the school year drew to a close, the youngest two, Advy and Ellizea, had gotten the idea to form a secret club. Neither had wanted to be without her best friends for the summer, and after Karyii and Daryeo enthusiastically agreed with their brilliant idea, their mothers had set up a playdate.

      As time passed, the Babies worked hard on their secret club. They made signs (reading ‘sekrat klub stay away!!!’) and even attracted new members after a while. Advy and Ellizea worked side by side as leaders to make the club as amazing as they possibly could.

      The sheet-tent began to grow crowded after a time, and the club as a whole made the decision to close its door to new members. The original four still remained, but now there were twenty total Babies. They were all not only close friends, but also inseparable, meeting as often as their mothers would allow.

      “Wet da meeting come to order!” Advy cried, trying to break through the excited chatter. Everyone had attended, even though summer had flown past and school was back in session. In fact, it was the first meeting of the school year.

      “QUIET!” she screamed again.

      It took a while, but slowly the club fell silent. Nineteen pairs of eyes watched Advy intently, and she grinned. The Bruce loved to be surrounded by friends, but she loved to be the center of attention even more.

      “Okay, evwyone,” she began to say, “wet’s-”

      “Advy?” Ellizea’s voice stopped her from continuing, and Advy looked over at her with slight annoyance in her expression. It was her turn to talk. She ALWAYS got to start the meetings.

      “Yes, Elwy?” she asked. Ellizea motioned for Advy to sit down, and although she was very confused, she did. Ellizea stood.

      “Evwyone,” she said, then paused to take a breath. All the members watched her expectantly. Although she was a club leader and founder, she was rather shy and didn’t often speak in front of the group. She took another breath. “I need to weave the cwub.”

      “WHAT!” All at once, the club exploded into enraged screaming. Everyone was protesting all at once, and Advy and Ellizea watched the chaos unfold from the front of the sheet-tent.

      “Elwizea... what are you doing?” Advy asked nervously. She was scared; afraid to lose an amazing friend.

      Instead of answering her directly, Ellizea called for attention again. Reluctantly, the noise level settled to a dull roar.

      “I NEED to weave,” she repeated. “I haven’t been awound a wot wately. Advy could wead much better by herself...”

      It began to get loud again. Ellizea abandoned all hope of reason and ducked out of the sheet-tent. After looking for a moment at the angry group, Advy ducked out after her.

      “Elwizea!” Advy was on the verge of crying. “You can’t-!”

      Ignoring Advy, the selfish Baby Uni ran out of the bedroom and slammed the door behind her. Advy stared, completely shell-shocked. She had no idea what to do, so she just slumped down on the ground and stared at the door, waiting for it to open again.

      “Advy.” Two identically nasty voices came from behind her, and she turned around as the owners of the voices exited the sheet-tent.

      Sophil and Serey were twin Baby Aishas. Both were obnoxious and very good at getting their own way. Still, Sophil was the greater of the evils.

      “You made Elwizea weave!” she growled, glaring at Advy. “It’s YOUR fault!”

      Serey fidgeted nervously and nodded in agreement.

      “What!” Advy cried. “No, I didn’t!”

      “Did so!” Sophil retorted. “You should go away too. No one wants you here.”

      Advy looked at the twins, smirking back at her with identical smug looks on their faces, and she knew what she had to say.

      “Oh- go to Moltara, Sophil!”

      Sophil’s face went as white as the sheet-tent. Her mouth hung open as she gaped for words, then she finally burst into tears and ran back to the club.

      “You’re mean, Advy!” Serey yelled before running after her sister. After a moment’s consideration, Advy too reentered the sheet-tent.

      The Babies had split themselves up into groups and were muttering to each other. When Ady walked in, most fell silent to glare at her, then began whispering again. She frowned. These were her friends. But just as Sophil had, they blamed her for Ellizea’s betrayal.

      She stepped up to the front of the sheet-tent and waited. Within seconds, all eyes were back on her.

      “Um,” she said, and cleared her throat. “Um...”

      “What do you WANT, Advy?” Sophil yelled impatiently.

      That was enough for Advy.

      “I’m weaving da cwub,” she said. A few people cheered, particularly the group comforting Sophil, and Advy’s heart sank. She’d expected them to react to her leaving the same way they’d reacted to Ellizea’s, but no.

      “Oh, I’m SO glwad she’ll be gone!” the biggest suckup in the club, Garzt, gushed to Sophil, who smirked.

      “Wait!” a lone voice cried out. Heads turned as Daryeo pushed her way up to the front.

      “Advy, you can’t weave too!” She looked upset. “Pwease! Stay!”

      “Why?” Advy asked challengingly. “Wif me gone, YOU can be da weader.”

      Daryeo blinked. She’d always wanted to lead the club. “I can...?”

      Advy nodded.

      “YES!” Daryeo cried before addressing the others cheerfully. “Wet’s go, evwyone! Advy isn’t in da cwub anymore, so we can’t have it in her woom anymore. It can be at MY house!”

      She ran out of the sheet-tent gleefully, and the other club members followed without hesitation. Advy heard her bedroom door slam shut for the second time that day, and a tear trickled from her eye.


      She gasped and turned around quickly. Where she’d believed no friend would ever be again stood a small group of Babies. The Baby Elephante, Savvara, smiled at her encouragingly, and slowly, Advy smiled back.

      “What... what are you guys doing here?” she asked.

      “We didn’t want to weave you,” Keari answered.

      “But my other fwiends...” Advy trailed off. Savvara was shaking her head.

      “Don’t you see, Advy? Dey aren’t your TWUE fwiends. We are. And we’ll never weave.”

      Breaking into a large grin, Advy group-hugged her friends. Together, they would form a new club. And it would be bigger and better than Daryeo’s ever could be.

The End

I worked pretty hard on this. :) It's the first full-length Neo story I've ever written. I hope you like it!

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