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Article Spies - Fyora

by water_park1993


Also by birdinggal

Scene: Faerieland. Nine o'clock in the morning. Two Neopian Times reporters - armed with notebooks and pencils - are headed for Queen Fyora's palace in Faerieland, with the intent to spy on her. (Yes, they might be a bit crazy. Or at least the girl is. Just ask anyone.)

The reporters (Christos and Birdy) near the city gates, and then enter the city, which rests upon a giant lavender (or if you prefer, pink) cloud.

Birdy: *is practically skipping* Isn't this exciting, Christos? I can't believe we're actually going to spy on Queen Fyora! *squeals*

Christos: And I can't believe I let you talk me into this, especially after last time... And don't say that so loud! Do you want the Defenders of Neopia to come after us?

Birdy: *sighs* I guess not. *mumbles* Even if they do have shiny badges... *kicks at the fluffy ground*

Christos: Furthermore, do you even realize how much trouble we'll get in if we get caught? We'll probably be thrown in the Meepit-infested dungeons, where we'll be fed nothing but gruel. And we'll be forced to stop writing for the Times, seeing how being locked in maximum security cells makes it hard to get to the Catacombs and submit things. And-- are you even listening to me?!

Birdy, it appeared, was not; for she had run a few paces ahead, and picked up a shiny, silver orb-like thing, which gleamed in the sunlight.

Birdy: ChristosChristosChristos! *waves the shiny orb-like thing in the air* Look what I found! *bounces in place* It's a SHINY! *delighted squeal*

Christos: Yes, I can see it's shiny. But what is it?

Birdy: *grinning* Who cares? It's SHINY!

Christos: Yes, yes; I believe we've already established that. *takes the orb from Birdy - much to her displeasure - and starts examining it* Hey, this button just started flashing!

Birdy: *gasps* Push it, push it! *pushes the button before Christos can react*

The orb, which as it turns out was really a Virtupets-brand communication device, started crackling with static; then a disembodied voice (unless you count the orb as a "body") began speaking.

Disembodied Voice: To whoever may find this, we need your-- *static* --help. Our town is suffering from a-- *more static, which lasts a few moments* --the mountains. Come quickly. Bring--

At this point, the recording became unintelligible, and only static could be heard.

Christos: Huh. That's weird. What do you think it means, Birdy?

Christos looked over at Birdy, who he saw was now hugging herself; her eyes were abnormally large and accompanied by a worried, frightened expression on her face.

Birdy (barely above a whisper): The shiny talked...

Christos: I... I've heard that. What did it say? Something about 'help'?

Birdy: *forgetting her fears* Yay, exciting stuff!

Christos: *sighs and shakes his head at Birdy's cluelessness* Being the most logical one here, I suggest we take it to Fyora to see it, since... it's an orb in the middle of Faerieland! And orbs, as you know, can be quite dangerous.

Birdy: *frowns* Well... Okay, I agree. But only if you let me hold the shiny!

And so our friends start moving towards a massive purple castle, in order to give them orb to Fyora (and then spy on her).

Christos: *points at the huge castle* I think we've arrived. Let's go in, now that there is no queue.

Birdy: *still holding the shiny tightly* Fyora doesn't seem to be here; let's go to that room that says "Private Entrance only".

Christos: Are you sure it's a good idea? Remember last time, when we climbed that tree at Illusen's...

Birdy: Oh, don't be so scared. Let's get going - if we want to even try to spy on Fyora, we need to be ready for anything and everything!

Christos: *rubs head as if he's getting a headache* I think I am going to regret this... First, leave the orb on that table. I doubt we need it anymore.

Birdy grudgingly complied to Christos' suggestion, and sadly placed the orb on the aforementioned table.

Birdy: Shh, we're really close to the door now, so let's have a quick glance inside.

Our two friends glanced inside the open Private-entrance-only door, only to see Fyora, looking different from her usual, regal appearance. She didn't have a clean dress; how could she?!

Christos: Why is Fyora's dress so dirty?

Birdy: And why is her hair so untidy?

Meanwhile, a small blue Pteri was combing Fyora's hair as she sat in front of a large mirror.

Pteri: Your majesty, you really need to stop playing in the garden. What will happen if someone finds out that your biggest passion is adventures, rather than ruling Faerieland?

Birdy: *is left to stare*

Christos: N-Now that was a scoop for our article! Fyora prefers to be playing around rather than ruling-

Birdy: *in a loud voice* Wow, I never knew! And she doesn't even seem the adventurous type. Isn't that interesting, Christos?

Fyora: *jumps to her feet and whirls around* Who dares to be in this room? Whoever it is, you have ten seconds to disappear, or I will "help" you.

Christos: Oh great. Now Fyora has spotted us! What should we do?

Birdy: While I am not the smartest of the pants, I suggest we run away!

Christos: I think it's the first time I agree with you. RUN!

And so our friends made a quick U-turn and ran away, passing right next to the table where the shiny orb was lying, causing it to fall on the ground and speak again.

Disembodied Voice: --at high noon. Signed, Sheriff Ellie of Goldrun.

Fyora: Sheriff Ellie? Sheriff Ellie the spotted Kau? Why, that's my old friend from when I was taking my lasso throwing lessons!

Birdy: *stops running* You even had lasso throwing lessons? Wow, this just gets more and more interesting.

Pteri: Enough you've learnt today. Here, have this Slippery Floor Potion. *gets a light blue flask and throws it on the floor*

Christos: Ooh, it gets sliiiiiperyyyyy...!

Birdy: Whee, sliding is fun! *giggles*

Now our friends were sliding out of the castle and falling onto the pink, puffy cloud.

Christos: *gets to his feet and tries to wipe some of the slippery floor goop off himself* Well, that ended better than our previous spy business. At least we slid, AND learnt something.

Birdy: Exactly, nothing like being hit with shiny purple flames!

Christos: So would you say we're done spying for today?

Birdy: I don't know... Aren't you curious to see what our good friend Jhudora's up to today?

Christos: *shoots Birdy a dry, unamused look*

Birdy: ... What?

Christos: No.

Birdy: No?

Christos: *nods* No.

Birdy: Aw...

And so ends our friends' second adventure. Where will they go next? Who will be their next victim--I mean, subject of evaluation? Find out soon, when the fearless reporters return in another exciting adventure!

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