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Round and Round

by vendince


It was a beautiful morning in the month of Hunting. The sun was warm and the sky was so clear you could even see the moon. In a small and very lively house in Meridell lived a family of five - Sue, the owner, Johnny, the bookworm JubJub, Vivian, the beauty Cybunny, LuckyStrike, the fighting Shoyru, and last but not least Miraculin, the always energetic Kougra.

     “Let’s do something fun today!” said Miraculin at the breakfast table as she started eating another negg. Miraculin was painted baby, which the whole family agreed suited her perfectly. That would result in Miraculin objecting loudly and run screaming to Sue.

     “Like what?” asked Johnny without taking his eyes from his book.

      “Something fun!” repeated Miraculin.

     “That’s not really a constructive answer!” said Johnny. Johnny was Sue’s first neopet and he shared her passion for reading. Johnny and Sue had decided together to paint him skunk, to match his love for adventure and pirate stories. “We could always go to the library. I need the next book in the Altador trilogy.” Johnny was almost done his current book, and he was looking forwards to the next one. He had heard great things about it.

     “No! That’s not fun!” protested both Miraculin and Vivian.

     “How about going to the Battledome then?” suggested LuckyStrike, even though he knew his sisters would object loudly. LuckyStrike had been painted fire recently. He had spent forever trying to decide what he wanted. He wanted something that would make him cool and stand out at the Battledome. His sisters would joke and tell him to go for disco!

     “NO!” screamed the girls at him. LuckyStrike was the only one in the family who enjoyed a good fight. Vivian would run screaming to Sue if she got any dirt on her royal clothes and Johnny thought it was a waste of time. LuckyStrike would joke about Vivian being vain, because she was painted royal. Miraculin didn’t have the patience to learn the techniques to get any good at fighting and if she wasn’t instantly best at something, she didn’t see the point with it.

     “I have a suggestion, I think you will all enjoy,” said Sue. She put the Neopian Times down on table and pointed to a page.

     It said:




     “WOW!” said all of them in amazement. They could not take their eyes of the merry go round picture that covered almost half the page. It looked enchanting and wonderful. Sue was right. They all wanted to go.

     “Let’s go! Let’s go there right away!” Miraculin could not sit still. She was too excited. She wanted to ride it all day long. It was going to be a blast! Everyone looked eagerly at Sue until she nodded, approving.

     They finished breakfast straight away and everyone helped clean off the table without any complaining. They couldn’t wait to go to the place where the fun never ended. Miraculin could feel her head spinning already.

     Without warning, Miraculin could feel the kitchen walls moving round and round and round. It didn’t stop. It was like she was on the merry go round. Only it was in their kitchen. She could feel her body crashing to the ground without being able to stop it and her siblings looking at her in horror.

     When she woke up, she was lying in her bed. She tried to sit up, but the room started to come alive, so she lay down again. The whole house was so quiet. They went without me, she thought. It’s not fair that they are having fun, and I’m here. She felt sad and alone. She closed her eyes and tried to forget about Roo Island and the world famous merry go round. She sighed. It was impossible not to think about the merry go round.

     “Hi! How are you feeling?” Sue sat down on Miraculin’s bed and started checking out her ears.

     “Better. What are you doing?” asked Miraculin.

     “It seems like you got an allergic reaction from eating too many neggs,” replied Sue. “The doctor gave you a neggitus injection so you’ll be fine, but you should stay in bed the rest of the day.” Miraculin must have slept, because she didn’t remember the doctor or the injection, but she was glad she didn’t remember the injection.

     “Where are the others?” asked Miraculin.

     “I sent them out, so you could get some rest,” Sue replied.

     “So they’re having fun and I’m here.” Miraculin sighed.

     “Sorry, sweetie. That’s life.” Sue tucked the blanket around Miraculin and Sue got up to leave. “Try and get some rest now.” Sue turned off the light and closed the door.

     Miraculin lay staring at the ceiling. Her siblings were having a blast without her. They probably took the merry go round a million times. What if they did it so many times that they got bored of it and didn’t want to go back with her? That would be terrible. It wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t want to go with her. Maybe they even got to meet King Roo. She had never met anyone famous before. It wasn’t fair. Vivian had already met King Skarl and made him laugh. Miraculin tried desperately to stop thinking about Roo Island, but she couldn’t.

     In the evening, Sue declared Miraculin well enough to come downstairs as long as Miraculin promised to lie on the couch and not run around. That wasn’t a hard promise, Miraculin thought. She didn’t feel like running around. The rest of her siblings were already sitting around and chatting, when she entered the living room.

     “Did you have fun today?” she asked Johnny, who was sitting closest to the door.

     “Yes.” He pointed at his new book and smiled. “I got the last copy. It’s brilliant. You should read it. I think you would really like it. ”

     “I didn’t mean the book, silly,” Miraculin replied. She didn’t care much for books. “I meant at Roo Island.”

     “What are you talking about?” Vivian asked. “Did you hit your head, when you fainted in the kitchen this morning?”

     “If you trained like me,” LuckyStrike said, “then you wouldn’t get your head messed up over something like hitting the floor.” He stood up and did his ready for battle face. Vivian laughed at him and shook her head.

     “We’ve postponed the trip to Roo Island to next weekend, since you got sick,” Sue said.

     “You did?” Miraculin almost jumped up, but stopped when the living room started moving again.

     “Of course we did,” Vivian said and smiled.

     “It wouldn’t be fun without you being hyper and all over the place,” Johnny added and LuckyStrike laughed.

     It turned out that Johnny spent the whole day at the library reading, LuckyStrike had gone to the Battledome to practice some new fantastic technique he read about in some magazine, and Vivian had gotten her hair done and had gone to the mall with a friend. Miraculin was so happy that they had decided to postpone the trip.

     The weekend after, they did go to Roo Island and it was more amazing than Miraculin had ever imagined in her mind. They didn’t see King Roo or the count, but it was a great weekend anyway. They saw and did lots of fun stuff. Miraculin had the best family in the world, she thought and smiled for herself. They were completely different, but she wouldn’t want it any other way.

     “Are you sure you don’t want to go on the merry go round?” Vivian asked for the fifth time.

     Miraculin shook her head. “No thank you. I’ve had enough spinning world for a while.”

The End

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