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Zombie Survival 101

by marina5_55


Have you ever contemplated the end of Neopia? If not, it's about time you did. It was inevitable that something would go down eventually, so it didn't surprise me in the least when zombie pets started to roam the streets. They may be cute now, but it is only a matter of time before they get hungry. Then they won't seem so cute while they're gnawing on your head.

So what do you do when the zombies raise up to feed on the brains of the living, because you know they will. Are you prepared to fight off hordes of the undead? There are a total of 263,738,169 neopets living in the world to this date and it's constantly growing. If, for example, ninety percent of these were to turn into zombies, would you be prepared? Do you have an escape plan? Do you know anything about fighting or healing? Where would you go and with whom? These are all very important questions to ask in an apocalypse. So to save all of you time and possibly your lives, I'll be giving you a step by step plan for how to go about surviving your next zombie apocalypse.

1. Friends

You may be a big tough pet, but if you're alone, you will be eaten. When the zombies attack, you need to first find someone to fight with. The best place to look is to your friends. This is the most obvious and logical choice. If your friends are zombies, it's time for you to make a difficult decision. You can either take them out because they're zombies, or you can try to help them. As mean as it may sound, the best bet is to leave them. They may have been your best friend, but they're not anymore and trying to help will just get you eaten. If your friends are not handy or are infected, find anyone you can. In the end, it doesn't matter if they look nicer than you or worse. All that matters is surviving.

You'll want to start a leadership chain next. Someone needs to make tough decisions. This could be you. If not, elect someone tough, smart, and open to other ideas. Being a stick in the mud will just get you kicked from the team. While traveling, you should stay in small packs and travel only by day. Larger groups are safer, but they can attract more zombies and it's difficult to tell if someone is infected in a larger group. Once you find a safe location, making larger groups will benefit you more.

2. Location location location

Do you live in a city, in a lake, or out in the middle of nowhere? Surprisingly, this has some bearing on what will happen to you. If you live in the middle of nowhere, there will no doubt be fewer zombies. Unless you live in the Haunted Woods. If you live alone, there will be fewer people to help you, though. It will also be less likely for you to get rescued. If you live in a city, it will be more dangerous but also easier to survive. You can hole up in the local grocery store and have enough food to last a lifetime. You should also consider what type of house you live in. If it's made of cardboard, it won't last long. I'd suggest using brick. Another plan is to make the inside walls chocolate. This covers two problems in one.

You should also consider the land you live in. I'm not saying move, but if you're serious about surviving, you may want to consider this. The Haunted Woods is the worst place to be when the zombies attack. The place is already infested with monsters and you really don't need any more to contend with. Another dangerous place would be Krawk Island or Shenkuu. Both are islands with nowhere to go if you don't have a boat. It is much too easy for rescue missions to ignore islands they see no reason to go to. The Space Station is another dangerous place. There is no chance anyone would save you there. A space station is just too perfect a place for a horror movie.

The best locations would probably be Terror Mountain and Maraqua. Both have some advantages in location. Both are large enough to be spotted easily. Both also have things that can work to your advantage. In Maraqua, the chance of zombies is little. After all, it is under water. They may be able to swim, but you can defiantly outrun a swimming zombie more easily than a running one. On Terror Mountain, the snow is thick. The ground is also frozen, so any zombies rising from the grave will have a difficult time doing so. Zombies will be much slower in the freezing snow and harsh environments. If you're not willing to move from your precious home, make sure you know the location like the back of your hand. At least have a map. One thing you have that the zombies don't is a brain; use it.

3. Protection

No, you cannot fight off zombies with your fists. It doesn't matter if you have a huge group or a safe house. If you can't fight zombies, you'll be eaten the second you step outside. There are many ways you can prepare for the end of the world. The first of this many Neopians are already prepared for. Training. You can use the Krawk Island training school or the Mystery Island school. Both depend on if you enjoy Codestones or Dubloons. It all depends on what you want to improve. It would be best to have a bit of strength and speed to fight off and outrun any zombies. If you have a lot of time and neopoints, you can improve everything. It's all up to you.

If you want, you can also use weapons. Long range is better. The further you are from a zombie, the less likely you are to be eaten. It's important to remember you also need to be able to carry the thing. You're doing no one any favors by dragging a huge weapon after you. All it does is leave you wide open and slows you and your team down even more.

Another type of protection is for the more crafty pets. Setting traps will slow down any zombies. These are better left until you have a main base of operations. Traps can be pits, sticky syrup or dummies. Avoid smoke screens and things of that nature because zombies use less eyesight and more smell and hearing when hunting for brains.

Special moves gained by faeries are another thing you should look into. Fire attacks mess them up majorly. You should also have at least one pet who can use healing moves. This will keep everyone alive and well.

One of the most important parts of protection would be the safe house, which can be anything, but there are a few more suited to the task than others. One thing to look out for is location. Make sure it is in a place you can easily escape from if necessary and easy to see for rescuers. It should be big enough to hold quite a few people with enough privacy for all. It should also have a lot of food for everyone. There need to be tough walls to keep the zombies out and not too many entrances. The more entrances, the more places zombies can break through. The best place is in fair sized food stores. Try to avoid fast food places, as they can make you fat. Your house is also a good place if the team is small. You know all the exits and entrances. Malls are the worst, because zombies are probably already inside. There are also a lot of entrances and places to hide for the zombies. Keep your hideout small and well supplied. You can always make food runs to the nearest store if you want.

4. Provisions

What you will need while surviving. You need food, water, weapons, and clothes. The first you can get anywhere. The best bet is canned goods or things that never expire. That's right, time to crack out the omelettes. Health food is also important. Try not to carry junk food around. For water you can carry it bottled. This can get heavy, but avoid drinking from streams or lakes, because who knows what the zombies did to them. Pressurized water can be very useful if you know how to control it. Weapons you bring should be small and light. It's easier to run than fight every zombie you see. Try not to carry weapons that run out of juice. They can abandon you at very bad times. Also, keep the weapons long range or far from the body. You don't want the zombies too close. Clothes should be tight fitting to avoid being caught on something, like a hand. They should also be covering. The more you have, the harder time zombies will have biting through the cloth. Remember, this is an apocalypse. No one cares what you wear, just if you survive. Make the clothes tight and stretchy to move around easily in. More pockets are better, or at least straps to carry things in.

5. Getting saved

The whole point of finding friends, weapons and a place to hide is so you can be saved. You'll need to come out of hiding to do this. Unless you're fine with living on the run for the rest of your life, I suggest you choose a location that will be easy to see or find. If you have paint on hand, write an SOS. At night you should find spotlights or make a fire to attract attention. The key to this is never give up. Even if you're alone, you should try to get attention. The only time you fail is when you quit. Rescuers may pass you hundreds of times, but if you can get their attention once, you'll be safe. You should also set up a time line for every member in your group. For an hour or two each day, a member should be on the lookout for help, even at night while the others sleep. As repetitive and boring as this sounds, teamwork will get you out alive and well.

This has been my walkthrough for surviving the zombie apocalypse. Hopefully, when the zombies do come, you will all be ready. Surviving may be a difficult task, but if you prepare now you will have a much easier time. Zombie-proof your house, keep in touch with friends, be well trained, and have a plan. All of these should get you through alive. Good luck surviving and happy hunting.

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