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Top 10 Repurposed Items

by matresses


Has the Neopian economy got you down? Is inflation deflating your bank account? Then my friends, this is the article for you. You don’t have to break your budget just to afford the essentials. Why not make them yourself using a number of everyday items you already have sitting around? This new movement of repurposing or “upcycling” old items is taking steam as so many of us struggle to maintain our neolifestyles. This list will introduce you to the Top 10 Repurposed Items, complete with simple do-it-yourself instructions. Happy crafting!

10. Neoschool Supplies

You can’t very well express your genius appropriately without a handy writing implement, can you? That’s why our pick for the best repurposed school supply is the Ketchup Bottle Pen. All you need to create this tool is one full ketchup bottle. Be wary of fellow classmates on Cheddar Fries day in the school cafeteria, however. Your term paper could turn into nothing more than a tasty condiment.

Honorable mention: Mustard Bottle Glue. It’s as easy to make as the Ketchup Bottle Pen, but not very sticky.

9. Fun With Socks

A sock can be so much more than just a sock. If you need something to hold your spare neopoints, try making a cute little Sock Pouch. Simply snip the end off your sturdiest pair of warm woolens and add a drawstring. Stylish and useful!

Honorable mention: Grundo Sloth Sock Puppet. For those days when you just can’t manage to Splat-a-Sloth, take out your frustration on a model of your very own. Simply sew on a couple of button eyes and grab the biggest stick you can find.

8. Gone to the Doglefoxes

We can’t leave out Koi’s best friend, can we? Petpets of all kinds can appreciate a good upcycled item. The Coconut Petpet Bath Tub is a rustic, useful addition to any neohome. Obtain half of one hollowed coconut (ask the Tombola Guy for a spare) and prop it up on some small wooden stabilizers for safety. As an added bonus, your petpet will smell like a warm Mystery Island breeze.

Honorable mention: Cardboard Scratching Board. Nothing could be simpler, if a little less easy on the eyes.

7. Neohome Notions

If you’re anything like Sophie, you should have dozens of spare cauldrons littering your neokitchen. Why not repurpose one into an elegant Cauldron Table? Simply glue a round sheet of glass to the top of your cauldron (Mustard Glue not recommended) and enjoy your new conversation piece. Be sure to empty out the stew first!

Honorable mention: Seaweed Hammock. A relaxing nap on a bed of cold, slimy seaweed may be just what the doctor ordered.

6. Neogarden Novelties

If those pesky Golden Pteris keep raining neopoints down upon your prize cabbages, a sturdy homemade Scareblu will keep them at bay. Gather up your most tattered clothing items and instead of shipping them off to the Secondhand Store, put them on a stuffed Blumaroo (live Blumaroo not recommended unless you offer to pay in turnips).

Honorable mention: Giant Jaw Bone. Attractive to look at, but may cause serious back pain if sat upon for too long.

5. Make Sweet, Sweet Music

Sometimes, you just have to shake it. When the urge strikes, you’ll most definitely want to make a Pipe Drum to keep the beat. With just a few pieces of plastic piping, the Blue Kacheek Group will be calling you any day now to join the band. Results guaranteed.

Honorable mention: Paper Plate Shaker. This may not get you into the band, but it will sure get you kicked out of the audience.

4. Productive Playtime

Can you believe it? Your wealthy neighbor just bought a whole Maractite Battledome set and just THREW OUT THE BOX. The box is the best part! Everyone knows this. With this box, you can create an amazing Old Box Fort by turning it upside down and cutting out a peephole. Then you and your friends can start your very own Lend Us a Bony Grarrl Club club.

Honorable mention: Potato Yo-Yo. Now we can all play with our food.

3. Always Accessorize

No outfit is ever complete without the appropriate accessories. If you want to look truly fearsome, a handmade Tooth Necklace is the way to go. Though you may have to invest in a few Caramel Mynci Apples and Toffee Classics first, by the fifth bite you should have enough teeth to finish your necklace.

Honorable mention: Shell Hairbow. With this pretty bow, you can listen to the ocean all day long.

2. Dress to Impress

If you want to make a true fashion statement, gather scraps of the gaudiest fabric you can find and sew them together into a lovely pair of Patched Trousers. Every time you walk down the street, someone will ask, “Wow. So uh, you made those yourself, didn’t you?” Choose to take this as a compliment. Puff out your chest, throw your head back, and exclaim, “Why yes, I did!” For added fun, make a pair for each of your neofriends on their birthdays. They’ll be speechless with gratitude.

Honorable mention: Folded Paper Hat. Really, we’ve all read Issue 3 enough. While we wait desperately for Issue 4 to release, it’s time to upgrade your old copy into a fetching chapeau, though you really should avoid the rain.

1. A Fighting Chance

Like so many others, you may think that you need to spend a fortune to be competitive in the Battledome. That may be so, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give the Inflatable Balthazar a few good licks with some homemade weapons of your own. The Omelette Shield will protect you from that big squeaky monster should he ever happen to fall over on top of you. Dig around under your bed for the oldest, hardest piece of omelette you can find, attach a strap, and you’re done!

Honorable mention: Pottery Shard Dagger. If nothing else, this is great at popping balloons. And Inflatable Balthazars.

With these useful tips, I hope all of you “less fortunate” Neopians can get out there and be the best upcylers you can be!

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