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Secrets of the Space Necklace: Part Six

by downrightdude


"Quick," Chloe hissed, "put the music box back!"

     Tina nodded quickly as she placed both music boxes back into the box. She then passed the box to Chloe, who placed it on the top closet shelf. Everyone sighed as Chloe closed the closet door.

     "Let's get out of here," Chloe suggested. Her siblings nodded as they left the room. Even if they weren't going to get caught, the foursome couldn't help but shiver a bit. It seemed that the more they found answers, the more questions started to form.

     "At least we know why our mom wanted the music box," Tina said as they walked down the stairs. "But I can't believe there was that purple one in her closet."

     "Why did Mom say I had her music box, when she had that purple one in her closet?" Chloe wondered. It didn't make any sense to any of them. Their mother was acting very fishy, and Chloe knew she had to get to the bottom of it.

     The next day was very boring. It was raining hard outside, so nobody could go outside to play. Clara was taking an afternoon nap on a living room sofa. Vincent was napping as well .Tina was busy drawing a picture of herself as a princess. Chloe sighed as she stared out of the window. The gloomy weather reminded her of the last time they were at Miss Van Sparkleton's mansion. The wealthy Bruce's disappearance hadn't even been featured in the Neopian Times, which was very shocking to Chloe. If she was so well-known, then why hadn't anyone reported her missing? Chloe sighed again as she tried to piece everything together.

     Chloe then got up when she heard her mother calling for her. She wanted Chloe to go to the Food Shop quickly to fetch some groceries for dinner. Chloe nodded as she grabbed the necessary Neopoints, slipped on her rain slicker and rainbow rain boots, and ran out of the door with her Ona Umbrella in her hand. Chloe quickly opened her umbrella and held it over her, so she wouldn't get too damp from the rain. As she walked past Miss Van Sparkleton's mansion, Chloe couldn't help but stare at it a little bit. It was odd that the empty mansion had a light in the parlour window. But when she saw a dark silhouette approaching the window, Chloe fled. She had a feeling that Miss Van Sparkleton had returned, but she was too busy to see her. She also didn't feel right about visiting her after the whole 'tea incident.'

     After she went to the Food Shop and bought the necessary groceries, Chloe ran as fast as she could back home. She didn't have time to jump on any puddles along the way. She only wanted to be back home, where it was safe and warm. Chloe didn't even dare herself to look at the mysterious mansion this time. Instead, she ran quickly past it, fearing someone would see her. As soon as she approached the front steps of their house, Chloe sighed deeply. She admitted to herself that she didn't feel safe outside anymore. But when she opened the door, she saw a pink envelope on the ground.

     I thought Valentines Day was months ago, Chloe thought as she picked up the envelope. Who could this be from? Could it be from...?

     "What's that?" Clara shouted. Chloe was startled at Clara's shriek, but was glad it wasn't a stranger.

     "A letter," Chloe said softly. The envelope was sealed with a rose-shaped sticker, which was pink and white. Chloe then looked up at her siblings, who looked at her as if to say, "Hurry up and open it!"

     Chloe hesitated as she turned the envelope over, only to see it didn't have a return address. She then took a deep breath before she opened the seal and pulled out a pink piece of paper. The writing on it was in purple ink, and was written in very fancy writing. Chloe trembled as she read the letter out loud to her siblings. It said: Dear Cleo,

     You don't know me, but I know you. Get it? Good. Here's the drill: I am just dying to know what you know. Most Neopets don't know this, but I can smell a scandal a town away! I feel a Neopian Times-worthy scandal is happening, and I want you to tell me what you know so I can know what you know as well. Good? Good. Meet me at the crack of midnight tonight. Not tomorrow's tonight, today's tonight. Okay? Okay. You may come alone, or come with your little pals. I love meeting new Neopians. Anywho, back to the main cheese, which involves this 'scandal.' Now I feel it is huge. It's bigger than big! It's as big as a... well, you get it. Meet me tonight, by Usukiland. That's right, Usukiland. Okay? Okay. I wish to meet you then, Cleo.

     See you then.


     C.K. Parker

     P.S. If you can also bring a bagel with you, that will be super! I am just itching for a bagel....

     Everyone gasped as Chloe finished the reading. Chloe was shocked. Not by being called 'Cleo,' but by who had written it: C.K. Parker! It was the same name that was written on her tea invitation weeks ago. Maybe C.K. knew what happened to Miss Van Sparkleton? Maybe she could explain about the music boxes? It didn't matter what she knew. Chloe just knew she had to be there!

     Later that night Chloe woke up. She then grabbed her lavender sweater and headed out the door. Fearing something bad would happen, she had her siblings follow her. They were all scared as they walked together to Usukiland. It was almost midnight, and the foursome were cold and scared. When they approached Usukiland, it was midnight.

     "Happy New Year," Clara shouted. Her siblings groaned. They were all surprised Clara could even be awake this late.

     "Clara," Chloe whispered softly. "Do you want us to--" She then gasped. There, waiting was a mysterious figure. The figure was just standing there, as if it were a statue rather than a living thing.

     "Good, you're here, Cleo," the stranger said quickly.

     "Chloe," Chloe corrected. "My name is Chloe."

     "That's not the point," the stranger insisted. "The point is that you're here! I bet you have lots of questions to ask me. Well, I do too." She then reached into her pocket and pulled out a shocking treasure: the Space Necklace!

     "You stole the necklace!" Chloe shouted. The stranger nodded.

      "Yep," she said, "and it wasn't easy. But believe me when I say--"

     "Are you C.K.?" Tina asked suddenly.

     "Yes," the stranger answered, her voice starting to lose its perk. "But that doesn't matter. Do you guys know who lives in that big mansion?"

     "Yes," Chloe said as she gazed at the stolen necklace. "Her name is Miss Van Sparkleton."

     "She's from Meridell!" Clara said happily.

     C.K. looked at them in disbelief. "Miss who?" she asked.

     Chloe repeated the name to her, but it still didn't sink into C.K.

     "She's a pink Bruce," Chloe added.

     "Nope," C.K. argued. "That can't be. I know that mansion by heart, kid, and there is NO way some 'Miss Van whoever she is' is living there."

     "But it's true," Chloe insisted. "She's a wealthy Bruce. She owns that mansion, and she invited us to tea before she disappeared."

     C.K. sighed as she shook her head. Chloe could see that C.K. was a purple Grundo.

     "Nope, there you go again!" C.K argued. "I may not have been here for a while, but I do know who lives there!" She then showed everyone the necklace that was still in her hand. "I was looking for this necklace for years," C.K. explained. "It was a hard journey, but I have finally found it! I thought she lost this necklace, like how she left her music box behind."

     "So, you were the thief from last week," Tina gasped. "But why would you leave that music box in the mansion?"

     "As a sign," C.K. explained. "A sign that I had returned from far away; only me, her, and our closest friend have these special music boxes. Although our friend's music box was destroyed, mine and hers were in perfect shape, although I gave mine to--"

     "Our mother," said Chloe, realisation dawning on her. "You know our mother, don't you?"

     C.K. nodded. "Yep," she admitted. "We were close pals a while back. She had a red music box, while I had a purple one. When hers broke, I gave her mine. It was a token of our friendship. She thanked me when she headed home. But then we met--" She then formed a fist with her right hand.

     "Something wrong?" Vincent asked.

     C.K. shook her head as she glared back at the foursome. "I am returning to that mansion tomorrow," she confirmed. She then placed the necklace in her pocket.

     "But why?" Tina asked. "Miss Van--"

     "I don't care about her," C.K. admitted as she walked away. "I know who really lives at that house. I know who really owns that house."

     She then took a deep breath as she said, "She is my sister. The necklace belongs to her. That Miss Van Strangerface is nothing but an impostor..."

To be continued...

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