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The Kadoatie-Feeding Troika

by crazy_holly_ii


I can’t think of an appropriate opening sentence for this article, so I’m just going to hop to it: This article is about the three most popular methods of feeding Kadoaties at the Kadoatery! Woohoo!

Right. So.

There are three common ways to feed Kadoaties – inventory feeding, wiz feeding, and SDB feeding. I’ll explain each one in detail to help you decide which method is the best for you.

But first, a little note (or two): Not all Kadoatie foods are unbuyables, and you can feed even if you don’t have the fastest computer on the planet! I myself have fed 1 NP items to Kadoaties and I suffer from connection problems just like everyone else, and I still manage to feed.

No excuses, then. Mmk? Mmk.

Also, be aware that Kadoaties won’t eat everything. A few users have compiled lists of foods that the picky petpets will eat, though, so just check the games board for a Kadoatery thread to find them.

Onward we go!

Inventory Feeding

Inventory feeding, or invent feeding as it is often shortened to, is the most straight-forward way to feed those Kadoaties, and definitely the method I recommend you use if you’re just starting out and/or if you have a slower connection.

This method involves having a group of Kadoatie foods in your inventory. Then, when the Kadoaties get hungry, all you have to do is click on a Kadoatie asking for an item you have.

You may get beaten to the Kadoatie, but all you had to do was refresh the page. Simple, huh?

A good invent (group of Kad foods) is typically 30-45 foods, each of which have something in common with the others. It can be difficult to settle on an invent, so here are a few tips to help:

1. Do you have a favourite food? If so, try basing your invent off of that. I love mint, so my first invent consisted of mint items – there are only 22 mint items that the Kadoaties will eat, though, so I added lemint items to the mix for a total of about 30 items in my invent. If you love milkshakes, try buying up shake items that the Kadoaties eat.

2. Try making one large invent out of several small groups of foods. It helps if these smaller groups have something in common somehow – whether they be in the same food group, eaten for the same meal, or have a key phrase in common, etc.

An example would be breakfast items: pancake and waffle, toast, or egg and bacon would all be good inventories to have.

Another example would be a spelling thing. Say you want to include doughnutfruit items in your invent. There are only eight of these items that the Kadoaties will eat, though – not quite enough for a decent invent. Instead of choosing pineapples to complete your invent, try typical doughnut items. Then, when the Kadoaties get hungry, you can hit CTRL + F to open your browser’s “find” bar and type in “doughnut” to bring up doughnut and doughnutfruit items.

3. Stay away from some of the really commonly fed items – pizzas, chia pops, hot dogs, and packed lunches/lunch boxes are the most widespread. There is bigger competition to feed these items, so if you choose to invent any of these items, you may find yourself frequently frustrated. A more original invent will increase your chances to feed.

Make sure that you do not have more than 50 items in your inventory while feeding! If you have more than 50 Kadoatie foods in your inventory during feeding, this is called overstuffing and you may find yourself warned or frozen. Having 49 items out while you’re feeding is the smartest option (in case you want to wiz an item, get a quest, etc.).

Wiz Feeding

Feeding via the Shop Wizard or Super Shop Wizard is another popular method. This works as a standalone technique, but I personally love it as a complement to invent feeding.

To wiz feed, you need your shop wiz and some money. When the Kadoatery refreshes, you pick an item and quickly copy and paste the name into your wiz. Buy the first one that comes up, and then quickly head back to the Kadoatery and click on the Kadoatie that wants the item.

As you may have gathered, it helps to have a faster connection to wiz feed. There is also a considerably increased chance of missing the Kadoatie you’re trying to feed (as opposed to invent feeding), as there is a good chance that someone will feed your item while you’re looking it up.

To help combat this:

1. Have your shop wiz and the Kadoatery open in two separate windows or tabs. If you have the Kadoatery open, copy an item name, and then go to the shop wiz with that same window or tab, I can almost guarantee you will have missed the Kadoatie by the time you paste the item name and get back. Having both out in separate windows or tabs saves time, and therefore increases your chances to feed the Kadoatie you’re aiming for.

2. Triple-click on the item you’re aiming for to quickly highlight it, and use CTRL + C to copy and CTRL + P to paste. Don’t right-click to copy and paste – it wastes precious seconds that may be crucial to your feed.

3. Refresh the Kadoatery after it resets to get all the really quick feeds out of the way.

Wiz feeding is a gamble, but if you have a fast enough connection and want to give it a try, then go for it! After all, if you don’t feed the item you bought, you can sell it yourself to get your money back.

As wiz feeds are such a chance, this makes a good buddy to invent feeding – if no Kadoaties are asking for an invent item you have, the wiz gives you another chance at this particular group.

SDB Feeding

SDB feeding involves having lots and lots of Kadoatie foods in your safety deposit box, ready for hungry Kadoaties. For this method, you stock up on a huge bunch of foods, stuff them in your SDB, and wait for a Kadoatie to be hungry for something you have. Copy the item name, rush to your SDB, paste the item name, and withdraw the item. Then dally on back to the Kadoatery and click on the Kadoatie you wish to feed.

I find this method very time-consuming, but if you and your computer are quick enough this can be a real gem. It’s similar to wiz feeding in some aspects, and indeed, my first two tips for this feeding technique are the same as those first two for wiz feeding:

1. Have the Kadoatery and your SDB open in two separate windows or tabs. If you have just one tab or window open with the Kadoatery, copy an item name, visit your SDB, paste the item name, and withdraw the item, you’re going to be toast by the time you get back to the Kadoatery.

2. Triple-click on the item you’re aiming for to quickly highlight it, and use CTRL + C to copy and CTRL + P to paste.

3. Buy a lot of foods. Your SDB has unlimited space, after all – take advantage of it! You can treat this as a super large inventory, and buy all 107 faerie items, or stock up on cakes, cheesecakes, and cupcakes, or possibly even include cheeses in the mix. Your items don’t have to have anything in common, but as with invent feeding, I find it helps me feed more quickly.

Another similarity to wiz feeding is the need for speed. If you have slow reflexes, are on dial-up, or whatever, I’d suggest you skip this and try invent feeding instead.

You don’t need millions upon millions of Neopoints to feed this way, but it’s certainly not the poor man’s feeding method.

Money is a valid issue for all feeding methods, actually – some Kadoatie foods are pricey, unbuyable even, but nobody said you had to buy those. Stick with what you’re comfortable with. If you don’t want to spend more than 15k on a single food, then so be it. Don’t spend more than that, but don’t let the prices of some foods deter you from feeding altogether.

If, after choosing a method and the possible foods that come with that method, you still can’t feed, relax. Feeding Kadoaties is not an exact science – there is luck involved. You can increase your chances, but you can never discount the fact that other players may manage to feed before you or that you’re never online when the Kadoaties ask for your invent.

Just keep trying, and change up your invent if you feel the need to. You’ll feed a Kadoatie someday, and after that it will become easier. :)

Good luck in your quest to feed!

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